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What Makes My Family Smile

Motherhood evokes all sorts of smiles: There’s the pure amusement at the latest silly thing your kid’s done, belly laughs from tickle fights, even the occasional smile through tears when you’re so proud of your children and the little people they’re becoming. My kids make me smile all the time, but the biggest one I can remember of late was when my younger son, Shep, gave me a painting he’d

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Daily Wardrobe Fix with My Amazon Echo Look

Thank you Amazon Fashion and Echo Look for sponsoring this post. I have two stylists. Their names are Tom and Shep. Even though they can’t tell the difference between designer clothes and my PJ’s, the two do a pretty good job. All I need is a quick thumbs up or thumbs down, and I’m ready to go. Who am I kidding? They’re awful critics. They love me most in my

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