April Quarantine Playlist

We are coming up on a month of sheltering in place at home, and—I’m not going to lie—things are tough. My brain is pulled in eight different directions all day long, and few things make me feel like myself. Along with nature (virtual and in real life), music has been providing some solace. Since we’re all in this together, I wanted to share my April quarantine playlist. (Fingers crossed there isn’t one of these next month!)  

Give it a listen, and then let me know in the comments what you’re listening to on your long, tough days. I’d love to know!


April Quarantine Playlist

“TIme to Get Ill” by Beastie Boys

“Lake of Fire” by Nirvana: The Nirvana unplugged album makes me feel so much nostalgia. There’s something so dark about Nirvana at times and yet so comforting. I suppose in times like these their songs validate my feelings of despair and frustration. I can “go there” with my emotions and have a moment.

“Can’t Be Happy All The Time” by Tones and I

“Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by The Police: I mean, for obvious reasons. lol

“Break My Baby” by Kaleo  

“The Bones” by Maren Morris, with Hozier: I wanted to shift to happier sounds and vibes.  Needed to get out the sorrow and move into happier vibes.

“Great Unknown,” from The Motion Picture The Call of the Wild, by X Ambassadors

“Rescue Me” by OneRepublic 

“Babe” by Emeli Sandé: This is a great song that I can’t stop singing. I love the beat and the chorus:

Babe, it’s okay, it’s okay now

Let it out, let it love, let it rain down

Hold me now, hold me down, hold me always

Babe, babe, babe

Now babe, say my name, it’s okay now

Say it loud, shout it out, down the hallway

Love me now, love me now, love me always

Babe, babe, babe

“Upside Down” by Jack Johnson

“Good News” by Ocean Park Standoff: Because right now we need some “good news baby cause all the worlds gone crazy.” 

“Know Your Worth” by Khalid, Disclosure 

“Save Your Tears” by The Weekend 

“Send Me On My Way” by Rusted Root: There is something about this song that, no matter the situation, always puts a smile on my face. That’s why I’m ending on a positive note. 

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  • Paige Currie

    Love it

  • Suna TEMEL

    Hi Gen❤Firstly thank you so much for your cheerful and supportive posts.You always cheer up me and you&your husband(my light guiding me in this life💫) always brighten my day.Stay safe and take care of yourself❤What a nice coincidence this is!! I have been listening Rescue Me,Send Me On My Way🎶🎵🎼.As you mentioned “Send me on my way” is different song.My heart fills with peace and joy when i listen to this song.Maybe the rhythm,the lyrics effect us but i feel so energetic🎀Love you so much.💌

  • Carly

    Here’s my go-to quarantine playlist! https://open.spotify.com/playlist/42Ibdztm7kPGXI1iFT9VhE
    It’s created by the band Sofi Tukker and they do live sets every day at 1 pm EST that I LOVE to workout to! Such fun energy!!!

  • michaela kilbride

    Thanks for this gen. Some excellent music on your list. I have been going out once per day to get groceries and medication etc. In the uk we are not allowed out otherwise. Wish I could chill in the spring heat inmy back garden but its gross. Having a hard time motivating my arse to get it together and blitz it so I have some outside to go too. I know you will appreciate that. Nothing like fresh warm spring sun. The one time I go out in my car and blast my tunes – I love Sia, Rhianna, Jess Glyne, Rita Ora and so on. Take care gen, love to you and yours xx

  • Raghda

    You got interesting playlist, i will give it a shot
    This is mine ,
    Titanium (feat. Sia)

    Dusk Till Dawn (Radio Edit) [feat. Sia]
    Audio (feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth)
    Carry on Wayward Son
    Brother (feat. Gavin DeGraw)
    Imagine Dragons
    Whatever It Takes
    Imagine Dragons
    Way Down We Go
    Imagine Dragons
    Imagine Dragons
    Hold On
    Chord Overstreet
    Katy Perry
    Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha
    Thunderclouds (feat. Sia, Diplo & Labrinth)
    Waterfall (feat. P!nk & Sia)
    Bad Liar – Stripped
    Imagine Dragons
    Imagine Dragons
    The Mystic Falls Supernaturals
    Rag’n’Bone Man
    Imagine Dragons
    Bird Set Free
    Make Me Wanna Die
    The Pretty Reckless
    Nothing Else Matters (Live)
    Nothing Else Matters
    Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars
    Goodbye Stranger
    The Gambler
    Kenny Rogers
    On & On
    Elastic Heart
    A Message

    • Sara

      I have a playlist on Spotify called Driver Picks the Music…mostly the classics-AC/DC, Bob Seger, Heart, Bonnie Rait, Pearl Jam, Johnny Cash’s American Recordings, also recently added Puss n Boots cover of ‘Angel Dream’ and just last night I added the late great John Prine’s ‘When I get to Heaven’ off his last record. Has 190 some songs on it!

  • Maayan Cohen

    Music really is a life saver right now. I’m listening to panic at the disco, again and again and every time I find a new layer. I’m also playing an instrument and it such a great way to clean your mind

  • NickyG

    Hi Gen! Some great tracks to add to my playlist, thank you! My favourite band are from your side of the ocean, Lovely The Band. Find them on Spotify, hope you love them as much as I do!

  • Caterina Barrasso

    I generally listen to everything but I’ll always be a diehard metal fan. This particular album by Ice Nine Kills, which are from my city, even better, is all about horror movies and guessing the movie as it plays was interesting. But this album has been keeping me sane through this. I love this band with all my heart and I always will. I wish I could meet Spencer Charnas in person but I can’t.

  • Caterina Barrasso


    Sorry forgot to post the album lol

  • Elanor Rimassa

    We have a few matches on our playlists: I pulled out Nirvana Unplugged the other day for the same reason you described. It is one of those raw “hurts so good” albums. I also have recently discovered XAmbassadors and have them on a lot. Renegade is song number one in my run playlist. I find I have been digging deep and old lately and went to The Police and Paul Simon and of course John Prine, I am sad he is gone. I have been trying to listen to a complete album every day because the album is a lost artform in these days of streaming. The last few days have been Joe Strummer “Streetcore”, Bob Mould “Workbook”, George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass”, Jensen and Steve’s RadioCompany “Volume 1” Alexander’s “Alexander”, Kudos to the commenter who has “Dusk till Dawn” in their playlist, I love that one also. I also go to Latin Playboys and Los Lobos. Music has been key to sanity these days, as has been my back yard and the running trail. And Whiskey. Lots of expensive whiskey. I have a bottle of Laphroaig which I hated when I got it, but it has really grown on me. It tastes like angst and sadness. I call it the “punk rock whiskey” and the bottle is almost gone. The other day I got in my car and drove around for a while listening to music because I just needed the subwoofer. Hold on, stay strong (with requisite peroids of weakness, they are also necessary,) and love to you.

  • Jessie Woosley

    Radio Company!!! Jensen and Steve have both upbeat AND relaxing tunes. Also my sister has got me into the KPop band BTS! I’m hooked, you should check them out. Their music videos are visually stunning and their choreography makes me wanna learn their moves 😊❤

  • Alice

    In our flat, we have an ever growing playlist on the wall for ‘Now that’s what I call music, covid 19’. It’s our way to make light out of the dark. So far our play list includes
    Isolation by Joy Division
    Stay Away by Nirvana
    Fever by Peggy Lee
    Another Night in by Strangelove
    It’s the end of the world by REM
    Armagideon Time by The Clash
    Don’t Stand So Close to Me by The Police
    Plus some less tasteful ones

  • Kerri Reed

    Hi Gen,

    I love your playlist!! It’s so positive and uplifting!!🙂 I have been without human contact for two months now. My dog Figaro has grown weary of bingeing Supernatural!

    I feel completely insignificant. My depression is worse.

    When I first found out about the Supernatural family, and the Always Keep Fighting campaign it gave me a sense of comfort.

    Not having a family to call my own, I latched onto the fandom.

    Then I was told there is no address to send fan mail to anyone. The actors are all inaccessible to any kind of contact unless you have a lot of money.

    So, I admire from afar.🙂

    I am a stage actress in Los Angeles, and it is here I went to theatre school. But I also got my Masters degree in English Literature and love books like you!

    If I survive this ordeal I would like to meet you guys someday. I pray the rosary for you and your family every week.

    Thanks Gen!🙂

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