Skincare secrets to live by: A Q&A with Dr. Barney Kenet

Ok, I resisted the 10-year challenge as long as I could. Here you go… Us in 2009 And us in 2019 Ahh, how fresh-faced and well-rested we looked before having three kids. If we only knew then what we know now…we would have savored sleeping in so much more! If we’ve learned one thing over the past 10 years, it’s that being a parent certainly does keep you humble. When

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Easy Sheet Masks for Mama “Me Time”

Life is pretty hectic lately.  Our family has been on the road and in an out of airplanes, which for me means sad, dry, tired skin. As I’ve said before, I look for products that are naturally based. From household items to skincare, I think differently about what I buy with three kids under 6 touching everything I use around the house (sometimes that includes my beauty products). So when

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The Skincare Must-Have for Your Christmas List

Skincare is important to me. Clean skin is non-negotiable, but so is time management. With three kids under six, I don’t have an hour to spend in front of the mirror applying creams and serums when I’m yelling at my tribe to brush their teeth. I use a good face cleanser and moisturizer, but, let’s face it, sometimes “clean skin” means grabbing a makeup wipe and crashing right into bed.

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