Hi I’m Genevieve (or just Gen to those that know me best).  I’m a daughter, sister, mother, and wife. I’m also a traveler, reader, artist, activist, actress and lover of life and adventure. A California girl from birth, but a mountain girl at heart. My life has certainly been a wild ride, but with each unexpected turn I’ve been lucky enough to surround myself with people that mentor, encourage, and inspire me.  

Ready for the cliff notes version? I was born in the Bay Area, grew up in a sunny valley of Idaho (which I consider my hometown), then spent time in Carmel before moving to New York City to attend NYU. Life then brought me to Los Angeles where my career began, but quickly shifted to Albuquerque (yup that one is hard to spell) when I was cast in a tv show, Wildfire. After a few more moves, I finally found home in Austin, Texas where I now  live with my three kids (Tom, Shep and Odette), husband Jared (yes, that guy from Supernatural among other things), eight chickens, and a dog named Arlo.

I travel and read often, and have been able to encounter wonderful people and cool things. Sometimes it’s a dry shampoo that’s good on a big hiking trip (like that time Jared and I hiked Machu Picchu), a good book that’s helpful for parenting, a pair of great shoes that I think are special, or things that make life a little bit sweeter.  Somedays, I might share a few stories about life and other adventures that I hope you find inspiring.  When it comes to being a mom, or a wife, or simply a human being…we’re all doing the best we can.  No mom or person has it “all figured out,” (I certainly don’t!) so let’s encourage and root for one another as we learn along the way.

I’ll be sharing and checking in weekly, so make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you’re the first to know when new posts are live! You can also follow me on Instagram at @NowandGen. Thank you so much for being here, I look forward to hanging out together. Feel free to drop a comment or two, because this blog was created as a place for us to connect and inspire one another.


With Love,

P.S.- Here I am in my favorite tree with some of my favorite humans (while some of my other favorite humans nap)…

Jared_Genevieve_Padalecki_andson_home Here with Shep and Bella the bunny…Genevieve_Padalecki_Farm_home_Son

Here’s Tom with three of our eight chickens…

1_jared_Genevieve_Padalecki_Home_Farm_Son Genevieve_Padalecki_Home_Farm_Son_Chickens

I’ve finally found home in Austin, Texas where I now live. I am a huge foodie, and you’ll find me looking for new restaurants (with delicious cocktails) every chance I get…

Genevieve_Padalecki_Austin_Fashion Genevieve_Padalecki_Austin_Fashion_2


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