Mercury Retrograde: Susan Miller’s Tips on How to Deal

Even when I don’t know Mercury is in retrograde, I know Mercury is in retrograde: My keys go missing, I can’t find the one document I need, a supposedly well-laid plan with the kids suddenly falls apart. It’s as if the universe is playing tricks on me, and in some ways, it is. Astrologically speaking, what happens is that a couple of times a year, Mercury speeds past Earth (its

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Sextrology: Superstar Astrologist Susan Miller on Love and Relationships

When things are feeling out of sorts, you’d think your phone would be the last place you’d find some much-needed grounding. But when I feel like I need a little guidance, I open up astrologist Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone app and check out my horoscope. (Full disclosure I read it everyday!) Susan’s readings have an uncanny way of being spot-on. Whenever I’m reading my Capricorn horoscope, I think to myself,

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