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Creating a Tablecloth of Gratitude

No matter how planned the day is, Thanksgiving always feels so frantic. This year, I wanted to create a personal touch that could be a conversation starter and sweet contribution to our Thanksgiving and allow our family some time to reflect on the year. Since I love home decor and tablescapes centered around fall and family, I had the idea to make a gratitude tablecloth. It’s easy to lose sight

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Decorate Your Christmas Tree Like a Pro

Ever wonder how magazines and department stores decorate a picture-perfect tree? I turned to my dear friend and designer extraordinaire, Virginia Davidson, for answers. Her impeccable taste has never steered me wrong. And I love that she proves that you can still have a gorgeous tree without ditching all the sentimental, sometimes kitschy, things that make Christmas trees so special in the first place. Because while sparkling glass ornaments are

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