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Austin has long been famous for its amazing music scene and seriously good food (the surprisingly good barbecue had me at hello). It’s Austin’s unique creative texture that gives the city it’s alluring charm, and events like SXSW and ACL are just built in bonus points. Austin is brimming with inventive restaurant concepts from adventurous foodies, cool coffee spots, cocktail havens, and beloved food trucks that never compensate their Texas-bred soul.  Here are some of my favorite local haunts, brought to you by a bona fide insider. Suffice to say, Austin rocks.




This progressive southern eatery delivers classic southern food with a modern twist–think your grandma’s deviled eggs, but with smoked trout roe and fermented cabbage. Yum. The restaurant prides itself on exciting, unexpected flavors both in their food and their barrel-aged cocktails. The farmhouse chic decor lends to a friendly, cozy atmosphere, and its open kitchen gives everyone something to talk about. If you go, you’re going to want to order the biscuits. Locals say they are to die for.


(Photo via Good Taste TV)

Jack Allen’s

Jack Allen’s fare is locally sourced and Texan in spirit, each dish revealing the rich history and evolution of the state’s cuisine. Come for the complimentary pimento cheese, and stay for the yummy guacamole (made with pumpkin seeds and cojita cheese.) The seasonal cocktails are simply divine, and, hallelujah! they have a menu of gluten-free options.




(Photo via Austin 360 Eats)


At Juniper, the north of Italy meets the center of Texas. Be ready for sharing–the old-school yet inventive, classic cuisine is served tapas-style. The beautiful modern decor, spotted with rustic elements, creates an unique atmosphere, and its ambience is said to be on-point. Don’t forget to stay for dessert. The restaurant’s Milk and Honey dessert is pleasing both to the eyes and your tastebuds.  



(Photo via


The Eberly is the hot new spot to eat and to see. An old print shop has transformed into a beautifully designed restaurant with a study, rooftop bar, and the famous Cedar Tavern bar. (Originally based in New York, the Cedar Bar was dismantled and flown to Austin, where they rebuilt it in 2006– pretty cool, right?) The Eberly aims to “keep Austin weird,” and is committed to preserving Austin’s soul. The creative clientele help add to the Gatsby-like atmosphere, and the bar is a place to be seen– some would say its people watching is even better than the food.


(Photo via

Torchys Tacos

Torchy’s Tacos are damn good. Once a food trailer and a vespa, Torchy’s has become brick-and-mortar across Texas–their first location being in Austin. The taco joint, who boasts tacos with names like Scallywag and the Democrat, is the epitome of Texan street food. Don’t be deterred by the long lines–they move pretty quickly. And of course, of course they have a secret “sacred” menu, so be sure to mingle with the locals to get the low-down.


(Photo via Austin Easter)

Walton’s Fancy and Staple

Even though it moved to Austin’s Market District in 2009, this deli has been serving up sandwiches and treats since 1969. Your Instagram feed will love its cute and girly decor, and you’ll totally adore the shop’s succulent plants and antique trinkets. (Celebrity secret: Sandra Bullock is part-owner.) Locals say to go for brunch and order the iced lavender latte–you won’t be disappointed.


(Photo via Austin Culture Map)


Sway is so cool it doesn’t even have a sign. To eat at this Thai fusion eatery, look for the neon pink lotus on the corner of S. 1st and Elizabeth and walk in– the restaurant does not take reservations. The modern and sophisticated space is punctuated by spicy food and communal tables. Everyone talks about the Son-in-Law, a rice bowl with savory braised pork and soft-boiled egg, so be sure to order it off the menu. We’ve also been told not to leave the restaurant until you get the Thai tea affogato for dessert. Delicious!


(Photo via Austin Culture Map)

The Grove Wine Bar

The Grove Wine Bar is your new neighborhood destination– come in the morning for a latte and leave at night after a cabernet. The restaurant has great food, but even better wine. When you visit, you’ll want to get the menu wine pairings or one of the famous wine flights. Surprisingly affordable, the Wine Bar is the perfect location for date night. Once you step outside, you can’t help but feel romantic as you sit on the patio under large, flowy trees and magical twinkle lights. Divine.



(Photo via Garage Texas Instagram)

Garage Bar

Look out for this cocktail bar– it’s not easy to miss. True to its name, the speakeasy-esque establishment is actually resides inside a parking garage. Kind of cool, eh? The enigmatic bar is known for its exuberant bartenders who love to shake, shake, shake. Order the Indian Paintbrush when you are there. Known as the official drink of Austin, this cocktail, made with vodka, grapefruit, and rosemary, will knock your socks off.



This downtown joint is known to be local and “chill.” Grand and quirky, this place has live DJs and a happy hour every night. In addition to its knowledgeable bartenders and quality cocktails (try the Down the Rabbit Hole!, the carrot based martini!), the bar has an upstairs mezcal room known as the Mexcalería Tobalá. Kick back with a nice mezcal while chomping on bites by Thai-kun, the Whisler’s resident food truck.


(Photo via Nerd Trips)


Inside the Driskill Hotel, the Driskill bar is renown for its original architecture (dating back to 1886) and its vintage furnishings. Truly Texan, the walls are full of leather and longhorn heads, and its accents are replete with dark wood and brass. Stop to people watch and you may just see a ball gown or two. Don’t forget to visit the hotel lobby–or snack on some truffle popcorn–while you are there.


(Photo via Space Sift)


Everywhere you look–moustaches galore! This old-school bar lives up to its name. In addition to its local beer selection and crafted cocktails, this place is known for FUN. Get in on a game of Giant Jenga, or head to the rooftop bar to try out the infamous see-saw. The staff is friendly and ready to help. Stop by the photobooth to make sure you remember the night forever.

Coffee Shops


(Photo via Daily Coffee News)

Cuvée Coffee

Okay, so this coffee shop has no wifi. What? But believe us, you’ll love your laptop free experience. Though the shop sells its coffee online, you have to come in for the signature nitro coffee, cutely named Black & Blue. The space is spacious yet minimal with an outdoor patio and some of the city’s best local beer.


(Photo via Hyhoi)

Seventh Flag Coffee

“Our Country of Friends” is this S. 1st Street establishment’s motto. The coffee shop, stationed inside an old home, boasts a welcoming, positive, and educational environment. Amazing coffee with amazing service, the locals say. This place hosts communal tables and a lot of outlets–perfect for working away from home. The coffee is good, but you should also try the avocado toast.


Jo’s Coffee

The first thing you’ll notice about this coffee shop is the iconic graffiti outside its walls. “I love you so much” the tourist attraction reads. And when you step inside, you will feel the love. Jo’s has three locations, but each is involved with its annual chili cook-off and pet parade. You have to try the Iced Turbo when you’re in town. Crushed ice, mocha, hazelnut, what’s more to like? Of course you can get the Belgian Bomber which cuts the sweetness with cold brew coffee. But why not go all the way?


(Photo via Meadow at Dusk)

Tom’s Coffee Shop

TOM’s brand is synonymous with goodness, and its coffee shop fares no differently. The coffee shop, tucked inside the TOM’s shoe store, has a cozy, rustic feel with a cool, laid-back community vibe. The coffee, of course, is sustainably sourced and brewed from organic coffee beans. Better yet, each cup sold gives back 20 liters of water for those in need.



(Photo via Valentines)


At Valentine’s, you’ll find an impeccably curated selection of clothing, shoes, accessories, and home decor. Basically, at Valentine’s, you’ll find everything. Carrying labels such as J BRAND and Vince, the store is a contemporary women’s boutique with an upscale vibe. Head to the website and tune into their blog that will undoubtedly keep you up-to-date on your fashion game.



Established in 1979, By George has kept up with new and old fashion throughout the years, and locals call the shop a perfect place to stop by after brunch. Each piece is well worth the price, and everything is organized by look, not designer. The shop offers beer and carbonated wine to keep its customers happy, and there’s enough of a men’s section to keep boyfriends satisfied.


(Photo via Bell and Bird)

Bell and Bird

What can be said of Bell and Bird? Two lovely ladies, Gertrude Bell and Isabella Bird, have teamed up to bring the best 18th and 19th century jewelry to town. The store is lovely and uncommon, and reeks of custom jewelry. When you go, talk to Cyrus, he’s the expert on antique jewelry. Don’t forget to follow the store on Instagram to keep up with new acquisitions and stock.


(Photo via Sunroom)


Located in the South Congress hotel, Sunroom combines west coast aesthetic with urban sensibility. The store is chock full of new designers and has an array of options for any budget. Better yet, it has complimentary valet! Watch out, here we come.

Feather Your Nest

Feather Your Nest is Austin’s solution to a mom-and-pop’s????. Around for more than 20 years, the store grew from small beginnings to a standard of excellence. They deliver amazing service as well as investments for years to come. Shop here and you’ll dress your home from start to finish.


South Congress Books

Book People

Book lovers unite! This bookstore is the ULTIMATE for book fans. Three stories of vast bookshelves, each improving upon the next, what can we say? Around since 1970, Book People has been voted Best Bookstore for over 15 years. You’ll find staff recommendations aplenty, and if you look close enough, you’ll snag yourself a signed copy of your favorite bestseller. We don’t know about you, but we could stay at this destination bookstore for days.



(Photo via Barre 3)

Barre 3

Barre 3’s creators Sade and Chris Lincoln’s mission is to make the world a happier, healthier place. At Barre 3, you’ll get a low impact workout that creates lean-toned muscles. The Austin location has free parking (yes!) and showers. The classes fill up fast, so plan in advanced. This workout will leave you sore, but in a good way!


(Photo via Biz Journals)

SoulCycle Domain

There’s a Soul Cycle in Austin? Thank goodness! This popular cardio party has a cult-like following, and why wouldn’t it? Hunker down on your cycling bike while being surrounded by candlelight and high-energy music. Be sure to take a class by Joe–his energy is contagious!


(Photo via SpinCity)

Core Yoga Monarch

At Core Yoga Monarch, be prepared to work every muscle and every emotion. With workouts known to change lives, Core Power is yoga cranked up to 11. Core Power is comfortable for any level, and no one will leave without sweating. But be careful, parking can be tricky during rush hours.


(Photo via Culture Map)


Ride is all about FUN. The cycling joint has great amenities such as hair ties (so important), shoes for rent, and mints. Time flies by at Ride, and everyone gets one-on-one attention. Take a class by JD. His classes are high-energy, inspiring, and authentic.


(Photo via Culture Map)

City Surf

City Surf, the place where concrete meets sand, is a must-go. This is the place to hop on a simulated surf board and leave the hustle of the city behind. With the motto #nobaddays, City Surf’s workouts are rooted in having fun and being different. While the main class is a hardcore workout, its yoga-inspired Buddha Board class goes at a slower pace. (If you do try Buddha Board, take the class with Zuzu.) Good news– City Surf is on Classpass.

(Photo via Splash)


Kor180 offers both pilates and cycling classes at two locations in Austin. You can choose from the Ryde cycling class or the Reformer machine pilates class, and each class is so intimate, everybody knows your name. (Cue Cheers music.) With motivational mantras covering the wall, Kor180 is a workout sanctuary. When you go, take a class with owner Maja. As Maja says, how you work in here is how you live out there.

Running Lake Austin Trail

Lake Austin is a nice getaway from the city where you can watch families boat and waterski or visit the famous landmark Pennybacker Bridge. The lake has a 10-mile trail that goes along the water’s edge, from which you can see both nature and skyscrapers. The Lake is known for its vibrant mix of people, so if you can multitask, be sure to people watch while you run. If you go, don’t forget to bring lots of water and sunscreen!













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  • Safa

    You could mention SanJac Saloon in the list of Bars *wink wink *

  • Tirza Olah

    Oh my God. I have never been in Austin. I’m pretty sure that this is more beautiful in real life. By the way I love your blog so much! Good Luck 🙂

  • Carrie

    Coming to Austin for a visit and making a list of all the places to see while there. Thanks Gen for the help!! Looking forward to it!!

  • Tara

    Thanks for this handy little list! My husband and I are heading over to the US from Australia (our first visit!) next March. We’re driving around Texas for about 10 days (one of those days will be spent waiting in line at Franklin Barbecue – my husband is all about BBQ!) and it will be nice to not look like a total tourist (though I’m sure our accent will give us away) while we’re in Austin.
    Congrats on the new blog, it’s looking fantastic! x

  • Jaime

    Thanks so much for sharing this info! My husband & I are planning a road trip that will take us through Austin. This gave me some great ideas about stops to make. (Particularly the shopping)

  • Charli Crothers

    Such a good read and extremely helpful. My family is considering moving somewhere close to Austin and if we do, it is wonderful to have this list of great places to refer to.

  • Lela

    My son is considering UT-Austin. I have friends who have lived there and love it but, I do worry about him heading off into the unknown. What are good parts of the city to live?

    • Taneshia Nicole

      Hi there, Lela.

      Not sure if you’ve gotten an answer to this yet but here’ my two cents:

      It’s awesome that your son is considerting UT. It’s a great schoo.l An amazing job opportunity at the university is what brought me here. I’m relatively new so I couldn’t give as much advise as a native or long time resident, but I will say that overall Austin is relatively low on crime compared to more popular destinations such as L.A., Chicago, Atlanta, etc. I currently reside in NW Austin and it’s about as safe as you can get (pricey but not as bad as downtown Austin). If you ask any of the locals, they’ll tell you any area is safe but I only have experience with the NW and South parts of town. I don’t think I’ve gone anywhere in the city where I felt an actual fear for my life. I will say however that the few times I’ve been in East Austin I’ve seen some interesting things and there is a a debate on whether locals consider it the bad part of time. My best advice is for you as a parent to help your son research the city and the best areas to stay and above, please stop by and visit before making the decision. It really makes life a breeze when you taken the time to visit and get a feel for the place.

      Hopefully this helps a bit.

  • Charli Crothers

    I would like to start off by saying, congrats on your launch. As a young mother of two, I find your post extremely helpful and inspiring.
    This post is especially helpful. We have been considering packing up our family and moving just outside of Austin, from Michigan, for more job opportunities. So it is nice to have a post to look at for advice on places to visit or become a part of.
    Thank you and I am looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

    xo, Charli

  • Elena

    I’m a big foodie too! One of my goals is to travel to Austin to do the food tour! I live in Boise idaho and we are getting better places that are unique to idaho! And lots of brewery’s and winery’s. Come visit us when your in sun valley 🙂

  • Mariana Ceballos

    I have never been to Austin, but reading this post makes me want to hop on a plane immediately! Visiting Book People is officially on my bucket list!

  • Beth Lovell

    I lived here in Austin from 1988-1994. I loved it. Got tired of working all the time, (Seton Hospital), I moved to Seguin where my parents lived. Met a guy from San Antonio who was in Air Force and we married in 1996 and still here in San Antonio! Hate it! 21 yrs. Wanted to go back home in 1995 then met him! My brother lives in Austin and his family, two boys age 4 and 6 months. I think you all go to same place where he has his boat at, I think on Lake Austin. Cant remember. Austin has so many parents that do not immunized and all the crazy diets. Not the Austin I lived in.
    Hope to see you around. My brother has his own business, Robert and Sass Taylor. Live off Capital of Texas Hwy. Never seen any of these places and now I have somewhere we to go!!

  • Betty

    With all this stuff in Austin it sounds fun. I’ve never been. I want to go bad. One day maybe. Love this blog. Thank you.

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    I can’t wait to visit Austin one day!! I will definitely keep these places on my radar when visiting! Love your blogs so far!!

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    Thanks for the list of coffee shops! I have lived here a few years and am always hunting for a cute shop with good coffee ❤️

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    Is there by chance something for the rock climbing enthusiasts? I love a good wall and with all the stuff you have in exorcise, wondered if Austin had one or two?

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    Thanks so much for sharing your blog it is really interesting and very detailed, I really enjoyed it

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    Do you have any advice for people who are moving to Austin? I am a recent college grad and am seriously looking at jobs in Austin. Looking for anyone with good tips!

  • Amelia

    Hey miss gen im really happy you posted this. My bubba and I are taking a little romantic vacay to Austin in the end of November and this list was such a huge help. Im so stoked for the Austin avocado toast. Much love from Orlando

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    My best friend and I are doing a cross country road trip, -!: one of our stops is Austin. Seems like you have a similar style to restaurants and bars, so this will be a super helpful guide on some places to check out! Thanks for the awesome tips!

  • Emma

    I’m moving to Austin from New York next month (because that’s what you do when you graduate college, right?) and I’ve been trying to figure it the cool, yummy places to go. This post is awesome! My apartment is right by Torchy’s Tacos — oh boy! Keep writing, this blog is great.

  • Stacy

    We love Torchy’s on Congress! After we eat we like to walk that street and find all the local art work. People watching there is the best!


    Hi Gen obrigado pelas dicas !! Irei visitar Austin em breve e vc me ajudou muito . Bjs Karina

  • Kelly Silva

    I love to eat brunch at the Moonshine. It’s a great way to start any Sunday off. Right now I’m also hooked on the Lucky Robot and Home Slice Pizza. Austin has so many great places to eat.

  • Victoria

    Wish I could have got a hold of this sooner! On of my friend/co-worker just took a trip down to Austin. Last week for the 4th! Guess I know what I will be sending her a link of next time she takes a trip down there. Wonderful blog my the why Gen !! ❤️

  • Nadin

    Wondeful article! Thank you so much for sharing. I hope one day I can see it with my own eyes. So many lovely places.

  • Lisa B.

    Hey there Gen! I live on the outskirts of Austin and commute to the city daily. I have not been downtown in a LONG time. It has been refreshing to see all of your photos of places to hang out or visit. Maybe… one of these days I will dive right in. Make it an amazing day!

  • Heather

    A couple of other gems in this fair city we call home: Blue Dahlia, east Austin, Tony’s Jamaican food truck (east Austin) and Hoover’s (off Aiport and Manor) with some damn good southern soul food. I would be remiss if I also didn’t mention my favorite bar Drink.Well. Ridiculously good craft cocktails. Good for the tummy and easy on the wallet!

  • Antoinette

    OH one day I will visit Austin, it’s on my bucketlist, looks so awesome!

  • Victoria

    Have you ever been to the restaurant in the domain called “Flower Child”? It is absolutely amazing. The environment is so wonderful and refreshing and it’s focused on eating healthy things! There’s a huge menu filled with salads, greens, meats and anything you can think of that will make you feel full yet is the perfect portion size and tastes AMAZING!!! You need to take your kids there!! The whole entire feel is so vintage and it is now one of my favorite restaurants in austin

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    I know this is an older post but my husband and I just finished booking out family trip to Austin. This list was so helpful and I can not wait to experience Austin with my family!

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    Hi Gen!
    I’m so glad you shared this one. I recently just moved to Texas, and am supposed to be going to Austin in a few weeks, so I’m so glad I saw this. I wrote down places from your list that I definitely have to try, so thanks! ? There’s also a major one that is at the top of my list there, that you didn’t mention. (Family Business Beer) ?

  • Mel

    Rudy’s BBQ. Went to Austin over 15 years ago and I still crave it!!! Best cream corn I’ve ever had!

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