My Go-To Skin Routine with Elemis (Plus Giveaway Inside!)


Being the mom of three means that my time is precious. It ALSO means that time for myself is almost non-existent.  During the summer months, life gets pretty crazy with the kids being out of school and going full throttle into their summer freedom. So at the moment, my self care and beauty routine has to fit into my busy life and be uncomplicated which is why I love ELEMIS.


ELEMIS products make my self care and beauty routine easy to stay on top of. They’re straightforward, deliver immediate results yet still feel like a moment of me-time, and can work with even the busiest of schedules.

When I can squeeze in a few minutes for my self-care, that means using products that are high quality and manageable.  I try to find products that are easy to use, low maintenance and don’t compromise their quality – when i don’t have time for makeup my skin needs to look great.  In addition, they also need to be natural as possible and safe, especially since I’m still breastfeeding my daughter Odette. Finding beauty products that aren’t loaded with phthalates, parabens and chemicals can be very limiting.  Are any of you facing these #NewMomProblems like I am?

In my quest to find a more natural skincare solution, I came across ELEMIS. My first encounter with ELEMIS was on a British Airways flight (Jared and I fly to London once a year for his work). I became instantly acquainted with the brand in attempts to hydrate from 12 hours of flying in recycled oxygen that isn’t always skin-friendly.


I’ve gotten my beauty routine down pat, so I wanted to share the 24/7 Super Skin Collection that I’m using right now:

  1. Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm: After a full day of running around with the kids, I feel like my skin needs a little more TLC. This formula is natural and rich, leaving my skin feeling so clean and so hydrated with a fresh glow afterwards.


  1. Pro-Collagen Marine Cream: A good moisturizer is a must for any 5 minute makeup routine – I love this one for being so hydrating (and it smells delicious).


  1. Peptide⁴ Night Recovery Cream-Oil: I get most of my “me time” at night, so I like to layer this on and let it soak into my skin while I dive into a good book or work on my blog. My skin drinks this right up – and looks refreshed after a good night’s sleep!


And it’s not just for women, I just got some creams for Jared (guys need an easy skin care routine too).

I’m so excited to team up with ELEMIS for the launch of Now and Gen. To celebrate, we’re making sure EVERY Now and Gen reader is a winner!  Enter now to win a $1000 gift card to shop at ELEMIS.com plus we’ve got 10 full size sets of the 24/7 Super Skin Collection to give away and everyone who signs up will receive a sample of the best-selling Pro-Collagen Marine Cream. Can’t wait to see who wins!







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  • Paige

    I wish I could enter this but my super sensitive skin is already protesting it lol. Congrats on the blog launch, it’s gorgeous!

    • Shelley

      Elemis products are the only thing my sensitive skin can handle. They are botanical-based and very gentle.

    • Panagiota

      I read your text…Unfortunately my face skin tends to acne..its a little bit oily…the last 3 years this thing keeps torturing me and i think i m never get rid out of it..
      I found a formula cream from AVENE (CLENANCE)and day by day its getting a little better. That’s my problem ???

    • MaryAnn

      I just ordered the Pro-Collagen Cleaning Balm and the night cream, plus another little set and I can not wait to use it! I’ve been using BareMinerals for a while now and still love it, it’s a bit cheaper but I need to try something different after just recently moving from California to East Texas this summer. My skin is a hot mess! It’s so hot and humid here, I’m sweating all day long it’s not doing my skin any favors. Thank you for sharing and I’ll let you know how I like it.

      • MaryAnn

        Sorry I’m new at this, I think I replyed under the wrong comment so please excuse me 🙂

  • Gloria

    You look lovely! (And so does this bathroom!) You should consider doing a home section with pictures of your lovely home! xo

  • Jill Schultz

    Your site is beautiful. Looking forward to your posts.

  • Kelly

    Love the blog!! I’ve been a fan for a long time! Definitely subscribing!

  • Jamie Andrews

    This is so fantastic! Congrats Gen on this awesome new adventure! Can’t wait to see where it goes for you!

  • Bethany

    Is this good for sensitive skin?
    I find it hard to find a skin routine as my skin is super sensitive, I’d love to try this

  • Lauren

    It wont let me click the link to the website so that I cam enter. I would love a chance at winning

  • Jessica

    I’ve seen you once at a convention on your way to meet Jared. Your skin is gorgeous!! If this is what it takes I’m on board!!

  • Marion

    Your skin looks amazing!

  • Christian Paugh

    I would love to try this I suffer from extremely bad bad acne..oily skin and pot marks

  • Michelle

    Haha I think you can see Jared in the background on one of the photos. BTW huge fan.

  • Tiffany Gallehugh

    So excited! I love Elemis! How do I enter? By commenting?

  • Angela Mendell

    Love your Instagram! Such a beautiful family and look forward to trying this!

  • Sophie

    I love the layout and the pictures. But of course also very informative. Love it ❤️

  • Tris Harris

    Congrats on the blog Gen!! I can’t wait to have a relaxing read ??

  • Paula

    I truly agree when you say time is almost non existent for us moms when we have children. I just had my fourth child a month ago and it’s hard to find any time for myself at all. This products look amazing!

  • Lucia G Jones

    This Blog is beautiful and full of amazing content. Well done and Congrats! A big fan of all your work Gen! Hope you have an amazing day. Sending Love from Wales, U.K ?

  • Eszter

    I love this blog! Congrats❤

  • Rachel

    Love the blog! I can’t wait to dive into all the articles.
    However, I feel like I am totally blind! I do not see a place to enter the giveaway.

    • Rachel

      The link must not have been working earlier. It is now and I entered! Can’t wait! Thank you!

  • Adrienne Rogerson

    So excited to find your blog. Always on the lookout for good quality beauty products that my skin likes! Hope I win ?

  • Delilah

    Just signed up! I look forward to reading your blog posts. Congrats on this major milestone!

  • Savannah Aleksic

    Congrats on the blog launch! It’s gorgeous! These products also sound amazing!

  • Corinna Willard

    Although I may not be experiencing motherhood, the life of a busy college student definitely involves limited ‘me time’! Thanks for sharing! Definitely entering the giveaway 🙂

  • Corinna

    Although I may not be experiencing motherhood, the life of a busy college student definitely involves limited ‘me time’! Thanks for sharing! Definitely entering the giveaway 🙂

  • Bonne

    Your link does not work. Otherwise I would love to enter. Have a great day!

  • Kaylee M

    So is this good for skin that always breaks out and gets easily irritated? Everything I try to for a skin care routine makes my face hate me for days! Congrats on the launch! Can’t wait to read you’re thoughts.

  • Jamie Irvine

    I love a good skin cleanse (when I remember to fit it in between work/family/life, are these products for sale in Australia? I’ll have a look…

  • Adrienne Reible

    Entered the giveaway! Hope I’m lucky because I absolutely love how luminous your skin is. As I’m aging I’m always looking for new things to help keep my skin looking its best.

  • Jennifer

    I can’t wait to try it!

  • Jane Hightower

    Can’t find the link to enter…

  • Star

    This gets me so excited ?

  • Haley

    I’m a makeup artist and absolutely adore Elemis! It’s super hydrating and great fro sensitive or acne prone skin!! There’s literally a product for ev ur skin type and concern!! Well done, Gen- great pick!

  • Hope

    Very nice Gen, do they have this product for combination skin. I am 52 years young and still have issues with blackheads and some breakouts. Thank you. I really look forward to reading your blog.

  • Tosha

    Thanks for posting this Gen. I’d love to see your daily beauty regiment in the future. You always look so naturally beautiful and I’d love to get some tips from you.

  • Carly

    I agree with Tosha! I’d love to see your daily beauty regiment!

  • Carla soares

    A Gen está falando tão bem deste produto e pelo que vejo é ótimo pro rosto pra prevenir sinais e hidratar firmar…eu gostaria de ganhar amostra pra estar experimentando os produtos e divulgando aqui no Brazil…..

  • Diane Pease

    I bought this set and have been using it for a week. I have seen a difference! My skin is softer and looks better. I just turned 50, so I have been looking for a skin care line that gives results. Thank you!

  • Jessie

    I have to agree with the comments already posted. Your skin is always beautiful and glowing. I’m sure it has something to do with those three kiddos and that husband of yours. I can’t wait to read more posts. All the best and congratulations on the blog launch! xx

  • Jessica

    I have entered and so hope I win, I am also a busy mom, student, and business owner. I need a skin care regement that I can stick to!!

  • Kimberly

    Do they have an exfoiliating line? After my kids I was left with a pregnancy mask! Was told a good exfoliating product will help with that!!! I look like a raccoon 24/7 ? Haha ☺️

  • Victoria Forsythe

    Seriously an amazing blog. I find it crazy you haven’t done this before you are just like a pro❤

  • Victoria Forsythe

    I’m slightly confused at what the ” website ” box is for when posting a comment though ?❤

  • Marcella

    Congratulations on your new blog Gen! It’s amazing!!! Hugs from Brazil❤️

  • Carly

    Update: I JUST found your “beauty bag” tab lol, thank you for including!

  • Megan

    Thank you so much for sharing your beauty secret with us! I’ve been looking into new natural products that actually work. ☺️

  • Leticia

    Gen congrats on your blog! You are amazing!!

  • Leah

    Thanks for letting us know about this product! Definitely time to shop through their store!
    Can’t wait to read your other posts!

  • Hannah Stookey

    I’m really curious about this line. I’ve used Algenist, Exuviance, Mario Badescu and others, and while I’ve liked their products, they don’t always work how I’d like.

  • Madison

    I am SO EXCITED to read your blog. I found you though Supernatural (which I just started watching this year,) but quickly fell in love with what I’ve read about your love story! I feel like we share similar values, especially when it comes to mindfulness, skin care, and food, so I have definitely subscribed to your blog and can’t wait to see it unfold. I know it’s going to be great!

  • Cortney

    Thanks! Trying to figure out a skin routine for myself by not sure where to start!

  • Bene

    I found nowandgen.com today and I’m sooo happy about it. I’d love to see more routine posts ❤
    Love always.

  • mary bryant

    My routine is very simple…but I’m always looking for something new!

    • mary bryant

      Oh…..and sunscreen! Keep that face looking beautiful into your fifties. After a certain age they’re not freckles…they’re sun spots, which = damage.

  • Rebecca

    Thanks for sharing this!! I have been looking for a quick and easy way to take care of my skin. This might just do the trick!

  • Valerie

    I need to look at some of the things Elemis sells. I work outside in the brutal Phoenix sun and it dries my skin out something terrible. Downside with my skin is I have combination skin on my face so what I use either dries it all out or makes my forehead more oily.

  • Paige Jenkins

    I’m always interested in hearing someone’s skincare routine because it is something that I struggle with for sure! Especially because, like you, I don’t have find a lot of time on my hands for that either! I have also been looking for some more natural skincare products and Elemis sounds really great and I hope to try it in the near future. Thanks for sharing!

  • Cheryl

    HI Gen. I’m so bummed that I’m all the way in New Zealand so can’t enter the competition! Congrats on the blog 🙂

  • Maria

    Not sure how to enter so I’m going to try ELEMIS.com. I love your blog Gen. Looking forward to more, also if we have questions do you have an email or do we ask you here???
    Thank you

  • Dorothy

    I ordered the set from QVC on auto delivery after you suggested it on twitter. (Great deal) I love the products.

    • Sarah

      I’m not sure either! Don’t see any instructions on how to enter.

  • Claudia Gabrielli

    This was a cool post Gen im actually new to ur blog

  • Crystal Soares

    Congrats on the launch Gen! ? My skin is very bad and could use some reinforcements, so thanks for announcing about Elemis!

  • Crystal Soares

    I also subscribed so I look forward to your future posts! ?

  • Deborah

    Awesome that you are endorsing natural products and simple routines. Curious if the Marine Cream absorbs quickly and how it does in hot/humid weather. Definitely entering the contest. Grats on the fantastic blog and clean/organized powder room. P.S.: Tell Jared thanks again for the SPN potato photos.

  • Swati Kurdekar

    How do I enter?


    I have been hearing some buzz about elemis recently and am contemplating trying it. Like Tosha, I would also love to see your beauty regimen!

  • Shannon G.

    Looks like some great products. Hope I have the chance to try them.

  • Lisa

    Love that you have a blog now! My husband and I are just now starting a family after being married 10 years. One thing I’ve been searching high and low for is information on skin care, healthy eating, and fun family activities! Really looking forward to reading the info you post! Though I know taking care of a family can make for many busy days!

  • Louise McElwee

    You are beautiful inside and out! If you could bottle your inner beauty, I’ll be first in line. I can’t wait to try your outer beauty routine…thanks for sharing!!❤️

  • Louise McElwee

    You are beautiful inside and out. If you could bottle your inner peace and beauty, I’ll be first in line! I can’t wait to try your outer beauty routine, thanks for sharing.❤️

  • Stacy

    You hubby just like I am a 100% Cancerian. You got the Pot of Gold. I hope I get lucky to win. I just Celebrated my 48th Birthday on June 26th. Looking forward to making sure I take care of “ME”

  • Deanne

    Entered today. Always excited to try new things. Love your new blog. It lifts me up when I read it!

  • Zoe

    Hi Gen, I love your blog and I’m so excited about all of the new things you are doing. I was wondering how long your products usually last. I end up spending so much on skin care because it doesn’t last very long. These products look amazing, I would love to try them out!

  • Elena

    Your beautiful skin glows! I can’t wait to try your skin care line!

  • Iqah Rahman

    I love this!!! When you first announced of your upcoming blog i was so excited, but then when you finally revealed that the blog is finally up i was really excited, i immediately stopped everything i was doing and went straight here! Looking forward to more tips, recipes, lifestyle essentials and more!! Loving the layout and content Gen!! Love you!!! Keep up the good work!!! ??

  • Shawna bond

    Yeahhh! Congrats!!! Good luck!!!

  • Holly

    Love the new blog Mrs. Padalecki. Congrats it’s beautiful!!

  • Vicki

    Found your blog via a virtual friend on instagram, I love finding new blogs to read. Throw in a giveaway, it just makes my morning ?

  • Brandy

    My skin is super sensitive, so I love to hear about different products that don’t have all of those bad/harsh chemicals in them! Thank you for blogging about these products and sharing your routine

  • Zar

    You’re so gorgeous I feel envious! I can’t wait to try Elemis if hopefully I win! I also love your dedication towards your family, and yet you still manage to make time for yourself! You’re awesome is all I can say more! Keep it up ??❤️❤️

  • Nadia islam

    GEN! This blog is amazing and so chic ??? you must be proud!
    Anyways I’m entering this contest because my skin is defo in need of some you especially after this strsssful year of exams l.

  • Kylie

    Thanks for sharing your routine, as well as that gorgeous letter Jared wrote. I entered the giveaway and subscribed to your blog; I look forward to more updates on your beautiful site. Congrats on the launch!

  • Christa

    Congratulations on your new blog! Looking forward to reading more. Wishing the exceptional Elemis was available in Canada too, so if you could put a good word in?


    Congrats and greetings from a fan of yours and husbands from Germany! 🙂

  • Holly

    I saw this on your Instagram post, and decided to enter when I saw Elemis is a cruelty-free brand! I’m always open to trying new products, as I have difficult skin it’s always a challenge.

    Holly x

  • Arwa

    Hey Gen, although I don’t know about the struggles one faces after marriage and kids, I would like to say being a college student in a city like Mumbai, India is way tough. There’s the daily commute in heavily polluted air and odd tines of travel with less sleep just does not give us the time for ourselves and our bodies. Yes I am an Indian fan of Supernatural and even you!! Congrats on the blog launch……how about a vlog launch now!!

  • Fatemeh

    Hi Gen! I’m from Iran. I can’t enter, but this actually did motivated me, so thank you! and the blog rocks! keep up the good work.

  • sam

    i already love your blog!

  • Morgane

    Congratulations Gen,I love your blog! i love reading things like this !! Love from France! ❤️

  • Leeann

    Love that you have a blog now. I’ve always wondered how you manage to do it… And now to be able to have some insight to that is amazing. Congrats.

  • Amanda

    I’ve had such great things about Elemis! For years I thought my skin was oily but then I tried a new moisturizer and figured out my skin was just overproducing oil because it was in fact, DRY. The products you mention sound so great. Congrats on the blog!

  • Michele

    I LOVE Elemis products. They make my skin feel soft and hydrated. This set is one that I haven’t tried yet.

  • Nereen

    I’m very happy to you gen you are so beautiful ??????

  • Elena

    These would be great to try out. Always looking to find better products for my routine.

  • Dominique A Kolp

    I read the article and the product seem simple and quick to use. My motherhood is past (she is now 13) but I am someone who barely wear makeup and try to keep my skin healthy… My skin reacted on some product and I always try to find the most natural one. Which site can I go to see and buy products.

  • Madie

    Just got my Elemis order in the mail this morning and I’m so excited to use it!

  • Stephanie

    I’d love to give this a try. Looking for a new, quick skin care regime!

  • Mervi

    Sounds like these products are made in heaven. Can’t wait to try!

  • Holly

    Looking forward to more recipes and beauty advice.

  • Jennifer Helmick

    How long does it take to get the sample cream? I would love to try the product.

  • Suzanne Lopez-Calleja

    I have been using Elemis at your suggestion and I can see a remarkable difference. AND my skin feel great? Thanks Gen

  • Jasmin

    It ist so exciting too read about your every das business!
    We have two kids, 2 and 5 and as a working mum, I know the meaning of precious “me time”, even just for 5mins in the bathroom… 😉

  • Jasmin

    It ist so exciting too read about your every day business!
    We have two kids, 2 and 5 and as a working mum, I know the meaning of precious “me time”, even just for 5mins in the bathroom… 😉

  • Jasmin

    Love your block! ?

  • Jasmin

    Love your block! ?

  • Tania

    These products sound fantastic – would love to try them out!
    Thanks for introducing them to us – love your blog 🙂

  • Charlene Caetano

    ***Adorando suas dicas?***

  • Mindy

    Your skin always looks flawless. I’m always on the look out for new routines. Thank you so much for sharing yours. ♥

  • MaryAnn

    After reading your blog, I decided to do something for myself (which I never do!) I’m a Mom to 6 kiddos ranging from 4 years to almost 16 years old. My husband is in the Military Special Forces so I’m parenting alone more then I’d like due to him being gone for work. Most people would think Omgoodness you have 6 kids!!! well it doesn’t end there a couple years ago My sister and her 4 kids moved in with us, while my sister is learning to live life as a single mother and ork full time and my husband gone, I’m at home with 10 kids. Most of my time is driving them back and forth from school, and doing homewrk with 9 of them and going back and forth several times a week to speech and social groups for my 9 year son who is on the autisum spectrum needless to say all our time and money goes into all 10 of those amazing kiddos and I rarely find time for “ME”. But thanks to you I bought myself some Elemis and I’ve been using it for 2 weeks now and I’m in LOVE!!!! I love how my skin looks and feels and that night cream smells soooo good! I may be 37 years old but I feel like I’m 27 years old again lol. Thanks for the blog and reminding us busy Mamma to take time for ourselves, many blessings to you and your family.

    • Jasmin

      Maryann, you are amazing !!
      I have “only” 2 kids and work every day, but I feel mad that I thought having stress while I am reading about your daily business!! We are at the same age, but I do not have that strength and power like you!
      But one we have in common- GENEVIEVE also inspired me to do to something for myself! As a Mum you are always thinking of your Family. That is right, but it leaves almost zero space for Mom… So the First step is cosmetics (it takes not that long time). I also ordered the 3 products and they are phenomenal! The smell makes me smile Even for a couple of hours:-)

      • MaryAnn

        Thank you Jasmin!! Please don’t be mad with yourself, it doesn’t matter if you have one child or 10, being a parent is a stressful job no matter what, as long as we have an appreciation and respect for all our fellow Mama’s out there we’re GOOD 🙂 Your stress is just as warranted as mine. I’m so happy Genevieve shared Elemis with us, I even made my sister try it out and she loves it as well. I find myself sneeking peaks of myself when i pass by amirror when before I avoided my reflection. This stuff is amazing and I love the smell of the Pro-Collagen Night cream

        • Jasmin

          Thanks Maryann!! You are too kind!! Last month we had the birthday party of my son (he became 5 years old) and he had 9 friends at the same age in our house… I am honest, I was glad when the party was over ? So I just can imagine the power you need every day!
          But you are right, every mother has stress… when you cannot remember the last night of 8 hours sleep (meanwhile I am happy with 5 h in total?) for exampel. So we all know the problem of avoiding the next mirror ?
          Before I found Gen’s blog I did not know it would be time for inspiration…
          She gave me the sign like “Hey Mama, no matter how much you love and adore your children- you are somebody as well who needs time and care for yourself!”
          And with Elemis I take my time now and that ritual became even important to me.
          My little Spa Time Out, that is what I call it ☺️
          The cleansing balm, especially the texture of it… so soft, creamy and gentle. Just the perfect start. It is not very low in price, but the quality is so great!
          I have seen Gen using the Luna for cleaning. So I shopped it. Wow!!
          The Collagen Cream is a burner… After a few times of using, the skin is so full and lightning!!
          I absolutely love it!!

  • Valentina

    I got my sample in the mail and now I’m purchasing some! The smell of the cream alone is amazinggggg and it feels great on the skin! Awesome recommendation ! Thank youu

  • Stephanie

    I just got a sample of the cream in the mail and I love it!! Thanks for sharing all the awesome products you use! Much love ❤️

  • Willow

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ve been using a popular department store brand since I was 12, but after 24 years, a dastric change in climate and skin that has different needs at 36 years old, I was looking for something like this!

    I live in very high altitude mountain air, and spend so much of my time outdoors, hiking and snowshoeing especially. I was hoping to not look like leather in the high altutude sun and wind as I sail into my 40s. My old brand was not cutting it anymore. My skin had become dull and I already looked 40.

    In just a month, I look so much better! I’d buy the Marine Cream for the smell alone! But my skin is so soft and glowy after just using the Marine Cream! Now with the Balanced Collection, I don’t have to worry about “too dry here, too oily there” anymore!

  • MaryAnn

    So you got me hooked on this stuff this past summer and thanks to you I’m crazy about this stuff. My collection is growing slowly, I don’t get out much because I’m a stay at home Mamma so I call it my own personal spa days, every day and every night. Thank you again, my skin thanks you but my pocket book is not so happy lol thank goodness for QVC

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