A Letter to My Kids by Jared Padalecki


Around Father’s Day, Jared wrote a letter to our children. It’s one of the most beautiful and special letters I have read, so I just had to share. The kids may be a little too young to fully appreciate it, but one day I hope they read this and know what a great dad they have. When it comes to being a father, Jared has found his calling.

Post Father’s Day Thoughts by Jared Padalecki

dear tom, shep, and odette,
i realize fathers day was supposed to be about…. well… “fathers”… praising them and thanking them and making them feel needed and appreciated.

but, as the “father” in this relationship, i wanted to change things up a bit. specifically, i wanted to take this opportunity, after my FIFTH fathers day (and counting), not to say “you’re welcome”, but to say “thank you”…

you’ve woken me up earlier than a rooster would even CONSIDER crowing.
you’ve given me sleepless nights where i thought you might NEVER, in fact, go back to sleep.
you’ve peed on me, pooped on me, and vomited on me (though not always necessarily in that order).
you’ve used me as a bean bag when i read to you.
you’ve used me as a punching bag when i don’t.
you’ve made me contort my body into 70 different positions in order to climb into the back seat and get your car seat buckled.
you’ve coerced me into watching cartoons and animated movies over and over and over again… and over again.
you’ve turned my trailer into a jungle gym.
you’ve turned my office into a “secret candy storage bunker”.
you’ve turned my bed into a UFC octagon.
you’ve turned my truck into a giant garbage and food crumb receptacle.
you’ve made me stop whatever I’m doing so that i can go catch the lizard you just spotted outside.
you’ve yelled at me to stop the car to chase the deer or squirrels that you spotted.
you’ve made me chase YOU into the streets to get you back on the sidewalk!
you’ve made me replace upholstery that you mistook for a blank canvas (though, in all fairness, it does kind of look like a blank canvas)

you’ve reduced me to tears whenever i witness you in pain.


thank you for all of the extra sunrises I’ve been able to witness.
thank you for letting me experience that special feeling you have when you know the world around you is sleeping.
thank you for making me wash my clothes more often than i used to (did your mother put you up to this?)
thank you for making me read more.
thank you for keeping my reflexes up-to-speed.
thank you for keeping me flexible.
thank you for giving me a believable excuse to watch lion king and ninja turtles and paw patrol (i really do love them :)…)
thank you for making my trailer feel like more than just “a place i go to work”.
thank you for our “don’t tell mom” excursions up to my office to have a sweet treat (i, TOO, really do love candy…)
thank you for testing the mattress springs… they’ve held up so far.
thank you for making me clean my truck more often (again, did your mother put you up to this?)
thank you for sharpening my lizard-catching skills (i was world-class when i was your age).
thank you for making me attempt warm-up-free wind-sprints midway into my thirties.
thank you for making me remember why its so important to drive slowly through neighborhoods.
thank you for creating art that is worth more to me than any Warhol or Picasso.

thank you for letting me feel what its like to love something more than yourself.

you’ve taught me more than any mentor or teacher ever could.

i have your back. now and always. though, i should warn you, sometimes “having your back” will mean not letting you do something you think you want to. or, maybe it will even mean “scolding you” when you’re doing something dangerous, or “correcting you” when you’re frustrated and lashing out, or not quite being who your mother and i know you can be.

you’ve humbled me. you’ve helped me rediscover the joy of discovery. you’ve turned my world upside down.

and i wouldn’t have it any other way.



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  • Marci

    This is absolutely beautiful. I wish we all had a dad like Jared. 🙂

    • Lisa Sneac

      Now this is what being a great parent
      is all about! Thanks for setting the bar high, Jared and keeping it real! You’re an awesome father and Gen is an awesome Mom, what lucky children you have.

    • Brenda Lewis

      That was so beautiful. Children always make us better than we ever thought we vould be. Congratulations on the discovery of a lifetime. In the end all that matters is love

    • Darcy

      Your children are so lucky to have a father has good as him. I hope they feel blessed when they read this

    • Karen Fitz

      This is absolutely beautiful

    • Scarlett

      Ahhhhhh, Jared that’s adorable.
      Best. Dad. Ever.
      I’m going to give this to my boyfriend (I’m 7 months pregnant!!) so he can see what it’s like to be a father. How amazing it is.

    • Abby nestel

      Awwww I want a dad like Jared. Tom, Shep and Odette are so lucky.

    • Angela

      What a beautiful letter.

    • Cyndie

      What an incredible tribute and true unvarnished love from a father to his children. In today’s world we all need those willing to share humanities kinder, passionate, limitless ability to celebrate our children. You continue to set the bar Gen and Jared, as parents, spouses, friends and examples. Your children are rich in Love and acceptance!

    • Janet Hatfield

      Beautifully spoken Jared what a great memory for them poetic and full of love heart and devotion

      • Emily S.

        Beautifly written. It was very nice of Gen to share this part of their world. You guys keep being amazing.

    • Rhonda Vierra

      I love this! What a beautiful gift your gave your beautiful children. They will have this memory to remember forever! ?❤️

    • Sara

      I love this letter it’s beautiful and shows the kids how much he adores them and how devoted he is to them. Just proving what we all always knew about this amazing man. He’s an amazing daddy just like you are an amazing mummy. I love that it really sounds like him too ( you can actually imagine him saying this) you can tell he’s put his heart and soul into this and means every word. I laughed and cried (it was like watching a supernatural episode lol!) He has a massive heart of gold. You are both such inspirations and Tom, Shep and Odette are so lucky to have You both as their parents. I have so much love and respect for you both. Love your posts( and Jared’s) and this wishing you the best of luck with this wonderful blog and everything else you do. You both work so hard but still have so much time for your kids. Total role models. I wish you all the happiness in the world to both of you and your beautiful kids. Love Sara xxxxx

    • Carrie

      That was beautiful and so loving. Amazing dad.

    • Ileana

      Thank you for sharing this special letter dedicated to what you love the most in the world! I’m always proud to be your fan ❤️ A kiss from Italy ?? I love you ?

    • Terri Davis

      Love,Love,Love, you and yours are blessed.

    • Sandra

      This letter was so loving, sincere, from the heart. You are a beautiful person inside and out and you truly touch me when you are acting, talking about the #akf campaign, discussing how much your family and friends mean to you, and by doing what you can to make this world a better place. Wishing you and your family the best now and always. ??❤️?

    • Erica

      This letter is beautiful and these kids are so lucky to have Jared as a father. I think it’s so wonderful that Jared shared his feelings with his kids because not every dad does that.

    • Ella

      Love it ? bless your heart ❤️!!!! Enjoy them precious when little big fan ?

    • Toni E A

      Truly beautiful. Words I wished I could have expressed to my two precious girls. A beautifully wonderful family.

    • Keelie

      This is so amazing and beautiful I could read t so many times.?

    • Anita Alarie

      A truly beautiful letter penned by a very special father! It’s the little things that we as parents sometimes forget when raising children. At times we see them as annoying little ppl but a closer look reveals they just want to spend more time with us. This letter truly reveals that!

    • Jan Campbell

      So Very Precious. You are an Amazing Dad Already. Your Children will grow up to be proud of the Man that you are. Not the Actor, but the true man and Daddy. Any man can be a Father but it takes a Special man to be a Daddy. You Sir, are on the right track. God Bless you and your famil y.

    • basha

      this is absolutely beautiful. jared, thank you for being the greatest father ever (along with jensen and misha lol). you are one of the greats.

    • Carla Sales

      This is the cutest letter…. jared sons should be so happy to have him as a father and Genevieve has the best husband EVER!!!!! Hope one day they reas this ??

    • Madison

      This is so beautiful.Jared you are a great father!! BTW I’m in love with Supernatural, it’s my whole life???

      • Madison

        And Gen you are a wonderful mother?

    • Kathryn

      I read this with tears slowly falling down my cheeks. You should all be so grateful to have a loving family, I love you all!

    • Eileen

      This is so touching and beautiful you guys are amazing

    • Jodi

      Wow! This is such a beautiful letter. This is how I feel about my son. He’s the best kid in the world and sometimes we have to stop and see the world trough their eyes so we can appreciate what we have just that much more. Thank you!

    • Tracy

      This is great. Its so true?

    • Karen

      Wow. Thank you so much for sharing! It brought a smile to my face and warmth to my heart. A wake up call for me as it relates to being a mother. Never take your children for granted. For they are the greatest blessing God gives to us.

    • Kass Foley

      That is what I call amazing parenting. The kids are really lucky to have parents like this, some people, including me, have not been that lucky. These kids are going to have amazing lives just as they deserve.

  • Jordy Sirkin

    What an adorable post and blog! Congratulations Genevieve. You’ve been teasing this for so long, it’s so exciting it’s finally here. From one blogger to another, WELCOME!

    • Diana

      Bravo! Life is a dream ?

  • Tosha

    That is absolutely beautiful!

    • Connie Burgett

      I agree with this. Genevieve, you and your family are amazing. I’m glad to see that in you guys.

  • Paloma Rodríguez

    This is a amazing letter, Gen. I’m sure your children will get to see the amazing parents both Jared and you are.

  • Katie

    This is so sweet, it broke my heart! He really captured the overwhelming feeling of love a parent feels for their child. You have a beautiful family. Wishing you all the happiness in the world!

  • Svetlana

    Wow. Amazing

  • Holly Miles

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, once again Jared has made me cry, he should really stop doing that! 😛 You have a beautiful family and Tom, Shep and Odette are so lucky to have you both. As someone who sadly didn’t have a father as wonderful as Jared is, it honestly warms my heart to see people like Jared do such an amazing job. I admire you and him so much. I’ve had the honour of meeting Jared several times now but sadly I haven’t been able to meet you before, hopefully I get to meet you someday and remind you how amazing YOU are too ? anyway, I’ve rambled enough. Thanks again for sharing this, and for all your wonderful posts on this blog. Have a wonderful day ?

  • Elisa

    Aww, beautifully written. It made me cry.
    Jared is an amazing man – and clearly a wonderful husband and father as well. Thanks for sharing this gem. You two are lucky to have each other ♡

  • Ana

    You were blessed to be on a show to meet your love who became the father of your 3 amazing and beautiful children. You all deserve nothing but happiness and love in this world. ❤

  • Milica

    This is so beautiful and I can’t wait until all your kids get to read this. Jared really is an amazing father and you are an amzing mother too

  • Safa

    Thank you for sharing ! This is a beautiful and heartwarming letter ! Your kids are lucky to have Jared as their father.

    • Lawana Tyler

      ^^ what they said , omg ?? I wish I had the words ?????????????????????????⬆⬆

  • Susan Ladigo

    Thank you Gen for sharing such a special and private letter with us. And Jared says he cannot write. He is just amazing but I don’t need to tell you what you already know. You are the most beautiful people ever and I feel honored to have just a brief glimpse into the Padalecki world.

  • Marilyn

    You made me laugh, you made me cry, you brightened my day! What a beautiful letter and what a beautiful relationship you have with your children!

  • Tracy

    So beautifully written with all the emotions of a parent. This brought me to tears. It brought back great memories of my own children when they were little. I loved the part about the sunrises. I remember seeing my fair share of being up all night while the rest of the world slept but loved those sunrises. Y’all are very blessed.

  • Susana

    This is such a moving and beautiful letter.

  • Corinna

    Such genuine love that radiated off the screen as I read. If only I felt that too .

  • Malak benhamadi

    Thats so touching you kids are very lucky to have such great parents like you and jared !

  • Cristiane Schmitt

    That made me cry…
    In a good way.

  • Savannah Aleksic

    Awwww this was so cute! I hope your children will read this some day.

  • Sofia O

    This absolutely warms my heart in unimaginable ways. This hit my hard but in the most beautiful way. Growing up I’ve never had a father that supported me or loved me for who I am. My father was pretty absent and I only saw him for half a year and when he was here, he’d make me feel worthless and not enough. Not only to me but my whole family. He was toxic. But to see this? Wow. To see such a successful, busy man make time for his family. To see a man love their kids no matter how different they may seem to other people. To see a man love his wife and give thanks to her because if it weren’t for her he wouldn’t be where he is. To see a man like this shows me what a real father is. Forever my favorite family. #Padaleckis. You guys are a beautiful family.

  • Miles

    This is so beautiful I’m crying ;-;

  • Brynhild

    Was actually smilin the whole way through this

  • Emma

    As a Mum of four who was on her own until 9 years ago. I get this. As does the incredible man who took on my kids. Fun innit?

  • Abigail

    this is beautiful

  • Faezeh

    gosh… beautiful letter. u and ur children are blessed Gen… Jared is a great dad and a great husband! I’m so proud to be a fan of Mr Jared Padalecki!

  • Bridgett

    This is so wonderfully and beautifully written! Love you both and your amazing family♡♡♡

  • Shruti

    Not always you come across a father pouring out his feelings. The changes in his life and the way he sees his kids. Its one of the most beautiful things i have read. Thank you for sharing❤

  • Shaked

    Jared, you are a good father, good husband and a good man. I am truly mean it when I say that this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read. I love you from the bottom of my heart, I wish Tom, Shep, Odette, Genevieve and you will live a good and colorful life, full of joy and happiness. This is amazing, you are amazing.
    I love you all so much.

  • Leonie

    Their Kids are so lucky to have amazing Parents like Jared and Gen

  • Lauren wallace

    What a beautiful letter Jared is a great father growing up my father wasn’t really there for me and he still isn’t but I’ve come to accept it and know it’s not my doing I’ve tried to have a relationship with him I’m going to be 26 and I still try but know he has to want to change. Thankyou for posting this gen it just shows what a father should be like ♡♡

  • Eduarda

    This is so beautiful and pure, the kids will love grow up and read this letter.
    And here you guys are again, make me saying “family goal”.

  • Adrienne Reible

    I only hope that one day I can find a partner in life that will reduce me to tears over something so lovely as this. I’m not crying. You’re crying LOL

  • Kristin

    I love this. You are so lucky to have such an amazing family and life. I wish I could be 1/10 of the woman you are Gen. I also reallly love your blog so far, its beautiful.

  • Andreia

    Beautiful and touching!! Simply …wow!

  • Orly

    Dear Jared & Gen,
    Words can’t describe how this letter is going to affect your children some day. They will cherish these words. They will use this as the gold standard for the way they raise their children. They will know how truly they are loved.

    Blessings to you all. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Aditya Mhatre

    Gen you are really lucky to have Jared as your husband. Shep, Tom, Oddette you both have fantastic parents. And Jared that letter was heart warming and heart touching and filled with emotions. Because of this letter I look at my father differently now. I love you all and will always keep loving you. Thanks Gen for sharing it. Keep up the inspirational work.

  • Melissa Meade

    That was a very touching letter. I hope they cherish it forever!

  • Sue

    I love this xxx

  • Michelle

    It’s been said over and over but you for sharing such a wonderful & personal letter. I was moved to tears before I was even got to the sappier part. ? You are all special to us, I hate to think about when SPN ends and we no longer have you all as part of the family any longer. Please always be patient, kind and loving to each other and the kiddies.

  • Karen Graham

    I ❤ your blog Gen. Beautifully written, beautiful to look at, and obviously written from the heart! I look forward to reading more. PS: Tell that husband of yours that he is also a great writer because I think he doesn’t believe it yet! ❤❤❤

  • Isabelle

    Thx for that. I’m in tears right now. I have two kids and they make me feel exactly the same. They make me discover part of myself I didn’t know there exist. You putting words on my thoughts. You are a good father and a good husband Jared. Thx to you Gen for sharing this with us. Humbly I say to you that you are amazing

  • Giulia

    Oh my gosh, i wish i had a father like Jared.

  • Hootie

    This is the true definition of what a father is supposed to be. If everyone had a dad like you this world would be such a beautiful place. Gen and you are an inspiration that I hope this generation will follow.

  • Giulia B95

    Oh my gosh, i wish i had a father like Jared.

    • Belinda

      I love knowing there are people in the world like you ❤

  • Ainsley

    What an amazingly thought out and heartwarming letter! I can’t wait until I have children of my own, because I would also like to ,one day, “attempt warm-up-free wind-sprints midway into my thirties.”

  • Anna Dale

    What a beautiful note from Jared to his kids. What an amazing dad he must be and to have a beautifully and talented wife he also has. ??❤

  • Karen

    What a beautiful letter for your children to keep forever and always remember what a fantastic daddy they have, who loves them with all his heart and of course mommy too. You have a beautiful family x

  • Emma

    Wow I’m crying now

  • Lyrain

    Thank you Gen for sharing this wonderful letter. Reading this let’s me know all the things my husband and myself missed not being able to have children. You give me hope some people in this world do love an care for their children want them to be happy healthy human beings. Please keep doing what you’re doing . Hugs me

  • Jolin

    Thank you for sharing this ? I can’t wait for Shep, Tom and Odette to grow up and read this and their reaction to it. This letter made me laugh and actually tear up at the end of it. This actually made me cherish the relationship I have with my father even more and actually be more understanding towards to him. (Since I had a glimpse of how hard it is to actually be a father.) ? You have such a beautiful family and loving husband. 🙂 You’re really a inspiration to many. So, thank you, again. ?

  • Lisa

    That was so beautiful. Both you and Jared are such loving parents. Thank you for sharing

  • Haley

    Absolutely precious! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Lizy Kyara

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Padalecki family fans. We love you all !!!!

  • Samantha Martinez-Soto

    Awww this is so cute and thoughtful! I wish i could see their reaction!! I bet it was adorable!! These remarks are so sweet!!

  • Sofia Huarte

    This is absolutely beautiful and heart warming and it made me smile so much

  • Star

    This is such a previous thing to be able to witness. Jared definatly has found his calling by being a farther! Even though this makes me so happy to read it also makes me wish that I and so many other children could know that their parent feels this way about it them xx

  • Catalina

    HI, I’m from southern Argentina, jusy 18 years old and big fan of supernatural. This really made me cry, how amazing it will be for tom, odette and shep to read this in a couple years and seeing how awesome their dad is. Not as an actor or famous person, but as a human. I really dont know him but for what you let the world see, all five of you are a beautiful example of modesty, love and selflessness, and i really hope that you and jared, as well as your children always achieve what you seek, and that all of you always feel happy with what you are

  • Alexandra Rae

    I am literally in tears. So beautifully written Jared.

  • J. Picking

    This was a special, special letter between a father and his children. It is something they will cherish when they are older. Thank you for sharing such a precious letter.

  • Victoria

    I am so happy for your family?

  • Victoria

    I am so happy for your family? I want you guys to be happy forever. Ily

  • Stacy

    And this is why you two are my fave couple. What an inspiration. This brought me to tears. Thank you Gen for sharing your world with us. Peace and Love.

  • Beatriz Lopes

    This is so beautifulThis letter shows how pure and beautiful is the love of a parent is for their child.Thank you for sharing this!<3

  • Jane

    Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing and touching letter with all of us. I grew up with a hard-working/absent dad, so Jared’s words touch me more than I thought they would. I don’t have much more to say, just thank you for sharing his words with us.

  • Lula

    Tears in my eyes…This is just so beautiful… I loved it!

  • Karen Graham

    I love your blog Gen. It’s beautifully written with a gorgeous look. I love seeing all the photographs and I love that the words come from your heart. Congratulations on adding blogger to your resume!! Also, please tell that husband of yours that he is also a great writer, because I don’t think he believes it yet!! <3 <3 <3

  • Gigi

    Amazing. It brought me to tears! What an incredible man, father, person!!!!

  • Linda

    Wow! That was wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  • Robyn

    I’m a mom, not a dad but I do believe this was the most precious thing I’ve ever read. Yes kids do change us for the better, we don’t sleep in till “we” are ready, we have little dril Sargent’s running our lives. But we wouldnt have it any other way! My daughter is 31, past candy stashes and changing clothes way too often but I love her with all that’s left of my ❤.

  • Jennifer VASQUEZ

    That was so true and beautiful! Being a
    Parent is an Awesome Amazing Adventure !!
    Enjoy every moment !! When they are young you are a hero and when they are teenagers you will
    Be a Zero but love them anyways!!

  • Grace

    Jared you are so heart warming and amazing .Genevieve and the kids are so lucky to have you as there dad I hope you have lots of more shoot memories with your family. P.s hope to see you at supernatural convention in Toronto 🙂 😉

  • Lina

    I’m actually crying omg, this is so beautiful!

  • Fabiola

    I absolutely love this! It makes me so happy to see this other side of jared which I always knew was there but as a fan I dont get to know it as much. That is what a true and loving parent should write to their children and let them know how special they are veen if they say it to them everyday. I wish there were more stories of dads like jared, I believe that would make the world a better place. I know celebrities like to keep their life private but I also like when they give us peeks like these in which we can relate to and see theyre just people like us, loving and caring and just humans! and that makes me love you even more. I love you guys!! You have a wonderful family!

  • shelby

    this is so beautiful i teared up. the kids are so lucky to have two parents who love them❤️

  • Kimothy

    Just beautiful! ❤️

  • Kristi L.

    Thank you for sharing. This is so touching it made me cry. Your children are blessed to have such loving and involved parents. You have a beautiful family. Wishing the whole family all the best!

  • Danya

    Oh my gosh how sweet is this! I love you guys with all my heart ❤️

  • Montana Moore

    Wow. This makes me want to cry. It’s such a beautiful thing, it really is, to see this in words and have it inspire a feeling so perfectly.

  • Brooke Baker

    This is beyond precious. You’re family is so blessed, and I wish you all the best!

  • Savannah

    Jared is an amazing father. I am so happy for you two and your kids to be so happy. Your children are blessed to have an amazing father like Jared. Have a wonderful day and may god continue to be with your family.

  • Annie

    This is one of the best things I’ve ever read. It is so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this with us. Jared and Gen, you are both amazing!

  • Leslie

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful letter. I truly wish all families had a dad like Jared. I love you guys and I wish for your families to be nothing but safe, protected and loved <3

  • Kimberly

    Beautiful! Love seeing a father express his love for his children!!

  • Caitlyn

    Wow. This absolutely beautiful and amazing 🙂

  • Makenzee

    This is beyond sweet!

  • Courtney

    Jar. You are one of the greatest human beings to grace this earth and you may never understand because after all…youre just being you. But your kiddos deserve every bit of you and much as you deserve every bit of them. This family is absolutely beautiful and I hope my family is half of what this one stands for. <3

  • Danya

    This is one of the sweetest things I’ve read, you guys are so kind and loving and that’s one of MANY things that I love and adore about you. Thank you guys for everything I love you so much ?

  • Camrym

    Jared’s set a beautifully high expectation for my future husband and father to my kids, and I couldn’t be more in love with both of Gen and Jared’s parenting and life lessons for us all.

  • Luke

    My dear God, this is amazingly beautiful?❤?❤

  • Frankie

    The world needs more people like you Jared. Sometimes we are blinded by all the negativity around us but all it takes is something like this to remind us that humanity is better than that. You are all that is good in the world, thank you?

  • Mary Alyssa

    This is beautiful. As a fan of Jared and newer fan of your blog, this letter has inspired me. I can only wish to be the type of parent my mother is to me, and the mother you are to your kids as well as finding a partner as amazing as Jared is to you and your family. Supernatural has taught me values of family and life and your blog is inspiring me and showing me how to apply them to life!

  • Jessie

    What a wonderful way to look at fatherhood! Thank you for sharing!

  • Victoria Forsythe

    Your whole family is blessed and I hope you are happy (and continue watching Disney movies ) for all your life. Enjoy your children. ❤ Thank you JARED for supernatural through all these years and thank you gen for raising this beautiful family and for all your hard work. You have both left a beautiful mark on the world x

  • Anakha

    This is absolutely beautiful. ❤

  • Karina Micai

    This is so beautiful, I’m crying, really.

  • Nicole lamberth

    Amazingly put.. amazingly beautiful! As a parent I never know how to tell my daughter how much she means to me. All the little things I enjoy with her! <3 I'll share and repost this a million times then I'll post and repost a million times more!

  • Paloma Edison

    As i’ve only known you through your husband, Jared and through Supernatural i’ve been able to get a great glimpse into your life (not in a stalker way). you and your whole family have definitely inspired me. you’ve done some pretty incredible things in life and raising these beautiful children is one of them. you must be incredibly lucky. much love -paloma

  • Stephanie

    This is so beautiful ans so true. I’m a single mom, not à father but It’s exactly what i think about being a parent.
    I laughed, cried thank you so much.

    I adore you both of you

    Lot of love from France Gene and Jared
    Blessed be your family

  • Victoria Forsythe

    I hope you and your family always keep fighting and you continue to inspire others, just like me to keeping fighting❤

  • Kathleen Rankin

    This is beautiful. ?

  • Alesia Blake

    Thank You Gen. This is so special, it made me cry. Jared is a rare individual, so are you. And you both fit each other perfectly. Tom, Shep, and Odette, are EXTREMELY lucky to have you both. This is a keepsake your children will cherish, when they are older. ♡♡♡♡♡ thank you do much for sharing.

  • Dana

    This is tear-jerking and incredible! Every father needs to think about his children and the journey of raising them more in this light. Thank you for sharing!

  • Vicki Bradsberry

    This is hands down the most lovely Fathers letter to his children, that I have ever read. This is so full of love it’s humbling. A sensitive soul wrote this…your children are very lucky.

  • Jenny

    i cried. it really is beautiful

  • Danielle

    Growing up i didnt have much of a father figure in my life. It was just my mom and I for most of my life. Reading this letter reminded me of the kind of father i had always wished for. Thank you for sharing tgese special moments w all of us. Live to your whole family..Danielle

  • Jamie

    I loved this so much! This world definitely needs more fathers like you<3

  • Chalise

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    ~an ordinary teen❤️

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  • Ingrid

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  • Genevieve Online

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    This is really wonderful, it’s especially wonderful to me because my own father is the opposite – he isn’t thankful for me being in his life at all. So thank you both, Jared for writing this & Gen for sharing it, for showing people like me that there truly are good men out there that DO love, cherish & support their children. Men that want their children in their lives, but more importantly want those children to be happy people (in the long run at least, as whilst their in time out for throwing something at you they probably aren’t too happy, but that’s all normal). This give me hope where my own father has caused a lot of pain, that there are good men out there who are kind & supportive & who will be good fathers. That not all of them are like my own. I know it must be the case logically, but the reality of it isn’t something someone who has a terrible father gets to see, but this does show it.

    So whilst you’re thankin your kids, I guess I’m thanking you.

  • Diane

    Thank you for sharing this amazing and heartfelt letter. Having had, not one, but two fathers that consistently failed to lift me up or bring good into my life, I am in awe of the raw love and graciousness expressed here; not only by the writing of something so beautiful but by the sharing of these special words with complete strangers.
    If all kids knew this kind of support, the world would be a much kinder place.

    I wish unending love and eternal joy to you and your family and am filled with gratitude for the chance to bear witness to this message. You and Jared are genuinely wonderful human beings.

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  • Danelle David

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    In the world to have a dad such as Jared. Keep up the great job, Dad (and Mom). ❤️❤️❤️

  • Makayla Dawn Deleon

    You guys are such amazingly wonderful parents. I know parenting is tough (even though i dont have any myself) but you guys push through it when many people dont. My own father left my mother and i when i was just 2 and never cared to look back, but to know that there are fathers (and mothers) like you guys somewhere out there, gives me hope that one day i will have my own beautiful family with a father that is willing to stick through it all, not just for me but my children. God bless yall in everything yall do!

  • Meredith

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  • Tonia Matthews

    What a beautiful letter! Children are such a wonderful blessing and sometimes in the midst of raising them we forget that. Mine are 22 20 and 16! I so miss them as babies . My oldest just moved an 1 1/2 from me and alrhough not that far feels like the moon. This time does fly and although I could do without the extra sunrises. I am so thankful God blessed me with these precious beings. Thank you for sharing this with us and reminding me of all the good and crazy memories 🙂

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    Jared, Thank you for letting this be shared. You are amazing with words. I haven’t gotten to your chapter in #fdewb, tbh I’m not ready lol. Please keep writing. Love

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    This made me cry. I hope y’all are doing well, especially the three wonderful children you have raised that I know will grow up to be great at what they choose to do. They will most certainly excell at it, with them having you and Jared as parents. Two wonderful people who are certainly ambitious and most definetly in love. I hope to do as well in life as you all have. Before I sign off, the last thing I’d like to say is thank you. Thank you both for being family to all of your fans, especially to the ones who needed it most.

  • Carol

    I would like to thank you for sharing this beautiful letter. It is amazing to see that , She, Tom and Odette have an amazing father. That he has been there every step of the way. This letter made me laugh,cry and see a part of Jared that we don’t get to see often. Your children are truly blessed.

  • Kayla Carman

    Absolutely beautiful, brought tears to my eyes and I am beyond happy for those kids and the fact that they have an amazing father who loves them so much. It’s pure and beautiful. My heart is warmed, I wish nothing but the best to you both and your family


  • Bonnie

    This letter brought back all the same feelings I had when I was raising my two boys. I’m going to share this with the both of them–who are now raising their own little ones.

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  • Melinda

    Absolutely beautiful! God bless you and your family. xo

  • Abigail

    I am one only 16 (not looking to be a mother any time soon) and two I’m a girl so I won’t be a father but many years in the future I hope to be a mother. This letter, though I cannot relate it makes me aspire to be as good a mother as he is a father one day. You Gen and Jared inspire me everyday just to be an overall better person and just to try my hardest to do my best in a world where it’s far too easy to do your worst. Much love to you and your family (also the SPN family).

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  • Maria

    A wonderful idea to change things up a bit and view the world from the father’s perspective at Father’s Day. Jared you have said what most parents feel. Children make us young again and sometimes it’s great participating in their world of candy and mischief and following their lead in an adventure. Once in a while make yourself small as them and just follow their lead and play.

  • Hanna

    I really have to thank both you and your husband. Letting us glimpse your lives and encouraging positive activism is a superpower that you both have, so thank you ?

  • Herissa


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    This letter is the sweetest thing I’ve read all day. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt letter with all of us. This is defiantly what I look for in my future husband.

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    Wow. My babies, (yes, I still call them babies), are 22, 20 and 18. Two boys and my baby girl. Just like you. Reading this letter brought me to tears because of the memories. Everyone of the things you talked about , brought funny stories, glimpses of the past in my mind. My Jakob giving our fish Kool-aid because he said “but mommy, they were thirsty”. My oldest, trying to sell his little brother in a rummage sale or the first time I heard my daughter cry. The instant reality that this was going to be different than the boys. Treasure every moment, time goes so fast. We are given this amazing job, to be someone’s Mom and Dad, there isn’t a greater job in the world. Thank you for reminding me that other parents love this job as much as I do!! ❤️

  • Sheryl


  • Jeanne crane

    That was one of the most heartfelt heartwarming letter I have read in a very long time.
    You are the true meaning of a “dad” not just a father, a very loving dad. More men should put their feelings about what it means to be a dad to their children on paper.
    You truly are an amazing man Mr. Padalecki and an inspiration to your beautiful family.
    Thank you for the beautiful letter.

    Jeanne Crane

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    It has been such a joy and privilege to share a small part in both of your lives, and to see your wonderful examples of parenthood.

    Thank you! Sending love to you all.

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  • Taizeth

    Aww. On a side note, i instinctively snickered at the ” chasing squirrels” part. Squirrels are shifty little suckers. I dont try and catch them, but i do try to catch my dog that is trying to catch the squirrel.

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    Love you guys.

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  • Daniela Vassolo

    I’m 17 and as a daughter there are countless times when i take advantage of my parents’ unconditional love. I take it for granted and sometimes i forget how blessed i am to have parents that support me through it all and sacrifice so much for my happiness. Thank you for reminding how amazing parents are and how much i love mine.

  • Caty


  • Panagiota

    Great speech….i really believe that your kids will love it once they read it!
    Keep on you two guys, ??

  • Abigail

    I am one only 16 (and not looking to become a mom any time soon) and two i am a girl so i wont be a father but many years into the furter i hope to become a mother. This letter, though i cannot relate it makes me aspire to be as good a mother as he is a father one day. You, Genevieve and Jared inspire me everyday to be an overall better person and try and do my best in a world where its far too easy to do your worst. Much love to you and your family, and to the Supernatural family which is one of the best things i have ever been a part of <3

  • Sarah Wylde

    I’m in tears.
    Thank you both for sharing such an intimate letter?
    Thank you for taking the sadness I was feeling this third fathers day without my father and making me remember, and be greatful for the moments like those I got to enjoy with him.

  • Nenah

    Well now I have a lump in my throat. Truly beautiful words, you’re all so blessed ❤

  • Jaime

    This was wonderfully written and is something that “dads”that aren’t in the picture should read. They should know what they are missing out on. Thank you for being you Jared!

    • Jaime

      Sorry for the duplicate post

  • Megan

    I cried reading this and my heart grew. I’m young and I fell in love with supernatural and then your beautiful family and the love you show to your children. Thank you for sharing this with the world and filling my heart with even more love for the Padalecki family. ❤️

  • Angelia Sinclair

    So touching…. I hope he wrote it on paper so the kids will have this beautiful sentiment in their Daddy’s handwriting. He might not think he writes neat enough, but I promise (speaking from experience) that the kids will one day cherish not only these words written to them, but the handwriting of their Father, as well. Both my parents have passed, and I absolutely love reading their letters written in their handwriting. .. it makes them seem not so far away.

  • Jaime

    This was beautifully written! I wish all the “dads” that weren’t in the picture could read it. They should know what they are missing. Thank you for being you Jared ❤️

  • Nicole

    As a mom of boys, first I laughed along with every line…

    And then I cried. (A good cry, don’t worry.)

    I’m getting ready to send my boys off for their summer vacation with the grands (and of course, again, I can’t go with them bc of work) and they’re 8 and 5 but just five minutes ago they were 4 and 1. I don’t bend over to hug my 8yo anymore. (His daddy is 6’5″) and while those early days with sleepless nights seemed never ending, not I’m racing to catch every grain of sand slipping through the hourglass.

    I love this. Thank you for sharing, Gen ?

  • Linda Smith

    I laughed and cried. I just kept nodding my head going “yep! Yep!” I could feel the love in every word. You are wonderful for sharing it with us. You two are doing an amazing job. Many more happy memories to come! Thank you so much.

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    What an amazing perspective that every parent should have!! Too soon we lose our lizard hunting skills and our best excuse EVER to watch TMNT and Spongebob. Us parents are blessed. We have been given the privilege of being a parent. I mean, in all honestly, wouldn’t we all be in better health with the spontaneous sprints and indulgences in our fav candy?!? Here’s to always being forever young and appreciating those that make us that!! ♡♡♡

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  • Hailey Watson

    This is absolutely beautiful Jared. Thank you for being a kind soul in this world. I wish there were more dad’s like you in this world. Because some kids out there could use one with as much heart as you have. Thank you.

  • Carly Brown

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  • Alexandra Dressler

    As a huge fan of supernatural, as well as a huge fan of the cast outside of the show, and as a single mother raising 2 boys… I am brought to tears over this letter. The love radiates from every word and explains parenthood so well… one of the hardest but most rewarding and best jobs there is. It makes my heart smile seeing the abundance of love not only in this letter but that you guys post daily. You are amazing parents and role models to us all. Thank you for sharing some of your most intimate moments with us, you guys have become part of our little family.. much love to you both!!

  • Jaylee Rodriguez

    I shed a couple tears reading this. Absolutely beautiful! I hope the kids have a handwritten copy they can keep forever ♥️

  • Viki Kapusta

    Jared and Gen,
    You two definitely know how to parent. Thank you two for showing the world that it’s not just some extra work to take care of others and making us all aware that there’s always a way. Thank you for being the light in your kids’ life and all of ours’. Inspiring us everyday in every way possible.

  • Rea Cupit

    This was incredibly and beautifully written. <3 Thank you Jared and Gen for sharing this heartfelt letter with us. It gave me all the feels, and reminded me to also be a bit more patient and take in the secret beauties of life. Much love and hugs to your family! <3

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    I honestly cried reading this. Probably jus pms, but still, it held so much meaning, you can tell he really loves them.

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    This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read and has made me cry like a baby. Ive been missing my own father lately, and I can’t wait to see him and thank him for all he’s done for me. Thank you for reminding me to be greateful

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  • Diana

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    You and your family are great,kindhearted people and I wish you lots of love, happiness and health!
    Have a good luck with your blog ???

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  • Nivedita Kholia

    I am touched after reading this. Makes me feel wish I had that lovely (most importantly, understanding) daddy, too. This was really nice of you to share this with us so that all those who are/to be a father (even a mother) read this and feel it so that they have a better understanding with their children. This brought tears to my eyes. Lovely!

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    This is beautiful and I cried for like an hour after reading. Jared has such a hard, demanding job. And he’s constantly on the moove. He’s living proof that you can still be an excellent parent while doing what you love. My childhood wasn’t great, my parents weren’t great either. And for the longest time I have been afraid of having vhildren and putting them through the same without meaning to. My dream job is to be an actress, and I told myself that children was not an option if I wanted to do either job right. I DO want children, I DO want a family, a healthy one. Thank you for showing us that it can be done. That you can juggle hectic schedules and being a parent and mental health (or lack there of) and still have joy and wonder in your life. Always Keep Fighting, right?

  • Sakshi Mishra

    Awww! This is adorable! 😀 <3
    HI Gen (i hope you don't mind me calling you by that name)…. you and jared are simply amazing in every way… and together you twi are n times better…i truely adore you both as persons, couple, parents….and yeah Family…..yours is simply beautiful! God bless you 5….
    loads of love <3 :* ,
    Sakshi (from India)

  • NJ

    It’s so beautiful! Started tearing up 🙂 Wish you all happiness and success in this wonderful journey <3

  • Adrianna

    OMGosh! This is so beautiful! I knew frim day one I live Jared from SPN and You from SPN as ruby! But this is so amazing!!!! I love it! You guys are the perfect family ever! I follow you guys each on Instagram! But what i will get to say is that this is such a tear and heart felt letter! We all wish we had a family like you guys, but my mother is my whole world! She is my mother and father! She pulled me and her throughout so many hard times! I love her so much!

    Thxs Gen and jared

  • Riya

    I’m awestruck after reading this. The feelings and emotions of a parent have hit me hard. You guys are one of the best parents in the world with such a beautiful relationship with your children. Love you guys

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    I wish I had of done that when mine were little! Now they are 18 and 20, both girls. You two are a great couple!

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    This letter is unbelievably beautiful.
    Nothing else can be said

  • Heather

    The two of you are role models to me in so many ways, the way how you raise you children, your general way of life, your charity work and with the blog and this letter as an inspiration for me as an aspiring journalist.
    Thank you for sharing this with us.
    Lots of love and many greetings from Germany!

  • Shaista

    Really beautiful and touching! I love this letter so much! It’s genuine, cute and lovely! You have the best family! Congrats Gen!

  • victor

    This is so beautiful and pure, this actually made my day better. THANK YOU!!!

  • Monika

    Wow. What a letter. I’m completely flashed by
    your writing. It’s what many parents think but
    often not say at all. We all should tell our kids
    we are thankful to have them changing our lives
    in a very special wonderful way. I am a mother and I’m thankful to have my daughter and I’m thankful to have her in my life every single day.

  • Ayesha irshad

    Hey gen and jared! Once again youve made us cry (tears of happiness) and thats okay because these things make my really bad days into good ones! And i could really use a little support right now from anyone really. But i just wanna say thank you to the padalecki family for bringing smiles to many faces.❤️

  • Anushka Choudhary

    That was the most beautiful thing i have ever came across.❤️
    Even though i am not a parent right now.. it gave me feels as to how beautiful it will be to become one!!
    Love you Gen & Jared!!
    Bless you and your family! ?

  • Hailey baxley

    I cried. Just a little. This is so beautiful and you (jared) are such a wonderful dad that Tom, shep, and Odette, are so so lucky to have. And thank you Gen for sharing this beautiful post. Tom, Shep, and Odette are lucky to have you too.

  • Rachel

    Thank you so much for sharing!! This is what I love about the Supernatural family, that y’all feel safe enough to include all of us in your everyday lives, along with the special times. You are amazing parents and amazing human beings, so thank you❤ I hope someday I can express my appreciation in person! Much love!❤❤

  • Cashmere

    That was so beautiful, I got misty eyed as I read it. I don’t think I’ve ever read anything so heart warming form a father to his children. I love it.

  • Monica

    Wow this is absolutely beautiful, Jared. You are such a special human being and you deserve all the amazing things that happen to you in life. Thank you for allowing us to get a glimpse of who you are when we don’t see you and in your private and vulnerable moments.

    I’ve followed your career and supported everything you do for so many years now and I’m so proud of who you are and the man you’ve grown up to be. The first time I saw you, you were just a kid but you had something special that made me take a different kind of interest in you than I do in other actors or “celebrities”.

    (Posted earlier but it disappeared)

    Wow this is absolutely beautiful, Jared. You are such a special human being and you deserve all the amazing things that happen to you in life. Thank you for allowing us to get a glimpse of who you are when we don’t see you and in your private and vulnerable moments.

    I’ve followed your career and supported everything you do for so many years now and I’m so proud of who you are and the man you’ve grown up to be. The first time I saw you, you were just a kid but you had something special that made me take a different kind of interest in you than I do in other actors or “celebrities”.

    You’ve proved me right time and time again that everything I’ve invested in you, my time, love, support, positive thoughts and even money are absolutely worth it. You make the world a better place and I’m so happy to live in this world at the same time as you and just knowing you exist makes me feel good and makes me feel hope for the world.

    Thanks to you, I remember to always keep fighting, to love myself first and to always remember that I am enough. Every time I have a bad day or feel like giving up I remember that there’s hope and that I can get up and live to fight another day. I truly love you, not in a “you are so hot, I’m in love with you” kind of way but in a “thank you for existing because you give me hope for this world” kind of way.

    Thank you for giving us countless hours of entertainment, for helping me escape my life to fight monsters with my favorite hunter or to just live in the little town in Connecticut that I call my happy place. I will always support you, no matter what you do.

    I’m proud to see you grow more and more everyday not only as an actor but also as a man, as a father, husband, friend, son, and brother, I might not know you in your private life and you might not know I exist aside from the few seconds a year that I get to stand in front of you at conventions but I will always feel a connection to you and wish you have the best life you can imagine.

    I always say I love you a thousand times when I see you, as much as I’d like to say other things, that’s always the first thing that comes out and I mean it every time. Thank you for being you and for giving us so much. All my love, Monica

    (A Supernatural/Gilmore Girls fan from Venezuela living in Miami)

    Ps: Gen, thanks for sharing this with us, you are amazing and I’m so happy you guys have each other. I love you both.

    (I know You will probably never read this but I just felt like writing it)

  • Sarah

    Awe. That is so sweet. I honestly cried most of the way thru his thank you’s. From that letter alone we can see just how great of a dad Jared is. Happy 5th Father’s day and I hope and pray that every year is full of every bit of the goodness he’s seen thus far.

  • Valerie Liakopoulos

    Thank you for sharing this with you Gen. This made me laugh and giggle so many times. Odette, Thomas, and Shep are damn lucky to have an amazing father like Jared. This is truly written by an amazing father/husband. No matter what people say about this, I will always love anything said by either you or Jared. This is a beautiful letter and it made my day so much brighter.

  • Fatema

    Doesn’t surprise me that this letter is so sweet.

  • wahj

    this makes me want to be a parent!
    thank you for sharing this.

  • Lauren

    Beautiful thoughts and so beautifully written. This was such a joy to read!

  • Sarah

    This had me laughing and then almost cry, I really thank you for sharing it, love and family are so important we often don’t take time to be reminded of it. Your family sounds like a blessing to your lives ☺️ I wish you all the happiness possible :).
    Beautiful beautiful words.
    Love from Paris xxx

  • Nino

    Wow.. just beautiful…

  • Monika

    Wow. What a letter. I´m completly flashes by your writing. This is what most parents think but often not say. We all should tell our kids mor often that we are thankful to have them changing our lifes in a very special wonderful way and that we really love the. I am a mother and I´m thankful since every day my daughter came into my life.

  • Valerie

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  • ridita

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  • talia

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  • Ingrid van der Veen

    That is absolutely amazing. I almost had tears running down my face ! Gen, you and the kids are so lucky to have Jared, you make eachother happy! Enjoy your time togheter and don’t waist any of it.
    (Sorry for my bad english, I’m Dutch)


    • Lamya

      I’m Dutch too. ( deze brief was zo eerlijk en mooi ik kon het echt niet meer droog houden. )

  • Leora

    This is so beautiful and touching❤❤

  • Lamya

    I loved this letter so much. Jared, you really are a great father to your children. They should be very lucky to have you as dad.

  • Laura

    Wow. What a heartfelt and beautiful letter. I hope Jared writes them more letters throughout their childhood. They would be nice keepsakes when they’re older. You two are wonderful parents and a wonderful couple xx

  • Kathryn West

    I came to motherhood late – 42 in fact. A complete surprise! My energy levels are lower than in my 30’s & I wish it had happened sooner but it is the most amazing journey. I can relate to almost every word Jared wrote! I am on my 5th Mothers Day and so far always spend the day with my nearly 5 yr old boy, being thankful for being a Mum! We’re off Paw Patrol now, it’s all about Sofia, Elena, Kion and Pingu….. I love them! I love these windows into your lives; thank you for sharing them. You are a beautiful family inside and out xx

  • Monika

    This is the most beautiful and touching letter I’ve ever read. ❤

  • Holle Vissepo

    What an amazing man and father! I wish my kids had a dad like him. As a recently unemployed single mother, I struggle to take care of my childrens needs, I would love to have a partner that had have of the heart he does.

  • Emm

    Truly beautiful letter?? ?Makes me excited for the days where I will have children of my own xx

  • Tracie

    What a amazing dad & mum any child could hope to have. Xx

  • Drishti

    This is amazing ❤. Watching Jared at conventions shows how much of an amazong human being he is but actually reading something so personal just shows how much of a truly amazing parent he is as well. Thank you tons for sharing this❤❤❤!!!!

  • cindy

    what an amazing father, always knew he was an awesome and loving and kind person fighting so many of his own demons and still having time for so many !!
    hes truelly an all around amazing human being!!
    c beilfuss at

  • jacqueline Harder

    This is so beautifully written And you’re a super good father for your kids #spnfamily

  • Brenda L Shook

    As a single Mom of 2 boys whose fathers’ are less then even being close to “good Dad’s”, I have to say I really appreciate this being shared. It’s amazing to hear what a real Dad has to say about his beautiful children. My boys are my world and with having to be both Mom and Dad at times, I truly understand every single thing this says and more. I’m going to have my oldest read this because I want him to know not only that this is how I feel, but it’s what being a Father truly is. Thank you for posting and thank you Jared for giving me the opportunity to show my son’s what a Father really is! Oh, and as a side note… Thanks for making me cry! Lol

  • Elaine

    Thank you Jared for your tenderness, insight and willingness to share. I am in tears at the beauty you describe with your words. Life is AMAZING! And you have found a very rich part of it. Many blessings to you, Gen and your family! <3

    PS – Gen, any way to move the comment box to the top rather than at the bottom of the comments? 😉

  • Megan Winters

    This really helped to remind me that in the moment being a parent can be frustrating and heart breaking as well as happy and fun! But when we look back things seem so different …. We will be able to see that everything is something to be thankful for because parenthood changed us in a way nothing else could!

  • Dennis Thompson

    Hey. This is an awesome letter and shows just how great a guy your husband is. Reading this took me back in time, as I was raising my own three kids. Also two boys and a girl. I can easily identify with everything he said. This is just another reason why Jared is one of my favorite celebrities. He is down to earth and a lot like the every day people who are his fans. I am happy for your family. Y’all got it going on!

  • Emily

    Wow! This is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever read! This makes me want to have kids even more! Y’alls kids are very lucky to have loving and devoted parents like you❤️??

  • Amruta Karve

    Those are such great words written!(Those reading habits must have helped ?) Tom, Shep and Odette are lucky kids that they have got the father who are so excited to rediscover the life with them and enjoy it to the fullest!
    I’m glad that you both are experiencing​ these beautiful little things in life and wish I will get to experience the same when I become a parent.
    Thank you so much for sharing this letter with us! I’m sure the kids will have no problem at all in understanding it and the love behind writing it.

  • Amanda

    So beautifully written!

  • Fátima

    This is so beautiful. It actually made me laugh and cry. Thank you for sharing. ♥

  • Mandy

    Wow…this is absolutely incredible… You have an amazing husband and your children have an amazing father… <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  • Dina

    This is so touching and beautiful. Tom, Shep & Odette are three very lucky kids to have you two for parents. Thank so much for sharing this letter with us.

  • Delaney Bruce

    Dear Mr. Padalecki, I read your letter to your children a day or so ago. It truly is a thing of beauty. You don’t consider yourself a writer, I understand. Compared to whom? You enjoy telling stories. Yes? Writing is about *your* voice, *your* story. It’s about putting your heart and soul to paper (or an electronic file, as the case may be). Keep it real and the reader will recognize… *feel* the passion behind your words. If even just for yourself, I urge you to keep writing. You’ve got this.

  • salva

    I just don’t know what to say ! He is really a perfect man inside out

  • Alexandra

    Thank you for reminding us what having and raising children is really about. Thank you for being such an awesome father and human being.

  • Marcia

    My dad died 40 years ago just this past week. I was 17 and it shattered me. I write this not to bring down the thread, but because even after all this time, the love for my dad remains as strong and as solid and as unchanging as it always was. Jared’s letter to his children reminds me of the rock that had my back, the playful man who made me laugh, the wise man who often told me “No” and equally often made me think and aspire to be a better person, a talented man who made an art of being a father. I still miss him and still find myself – after all this time – wondering what I would give to spend five more minutes with him.

    Thank you, Genevieve, for allowing us to peek into your journey as parents and for so generously sharing this touching message to your children from their father.

  • Onie

    Awww!! Beautiful!!

  • MacKenzie Kay

    This is beautiful and very well said. Not many things can bring me to tears but this almost did. I know that, even though young now, they will soon enough read this letter and feel more loved than ever before. Both you and Jared should write more letters like these to the kids, they will love them and it would make great keepsakes. Love the whole family so much.

  • Sandi

    Wow, I knew my intuition about your husband was correct. I’ve watched Supernatural since it started and love the show and I’m 67!!!! A young 67 I do say so myself. But what a wonder heartfelt letter for those 3 kids to cherish all there life. Bless all of you……..

  • Jessica

    This is so sweet!! I hope that more people will be as caring as you and Jared are with your kids so that the next generation is more compassionate to others!! ❤️??

  • Rebecca Martin

    I just wanted to say that your husband is a very talented writer; very creative, inspiring and thought-provoking! I had the same thought many of your commenters made regarding the letter from Jared to the kids on Father’s Day- we wanted to share with others because it nailed our thoughts in a fun, sweet, easy to understand way! I know he has promoted his sister’s children’s books. I was thinking you all should consider taking that note and making a kids book out of it! In my mind it is as good as good night moon! Anyway just my thoughts! Thank you both for sharing a part of your lives with your fans; I think all actors and actresses should love their job as much as you all do! I know it’s not easy to share with so many people but you all make it look simple! Anyway thank you for letting me share my thoughts!
    Becky Martin, a friend from Christiansburg, VA

  • Patricia

    Very beautiful, honest & pure. Keep the letter safe as one day it will be more valuable to the children than any material item could ever be. I want to say “bless you all” but it feels rather redundant because I already know you are blessed. ?

  • Sana

    Simply just beautiful words from the heart! What a wonderful father he is.

  • Ella

    This is so beautiful! I wish there were more perfect families like this one! Jared, you are so sweet.

  • Devera Levin

    The sweetest heartfelt letter I have ever read! Beautiful letter Beautiful family!

  • TamTam

    Thank you, Gen, for sharing this little piece of your family with us! I strive to be as awesome and as compassionate and caring a parent as Jared seems to be. You and the kids are so extremely lucky to have him!!

  • Logan

    I hope I’m not the only one to hear Sam reading this in my head ^w^

  • Dion

    This is the most beautiful letter I have ever read?. More kids need parents like you guys???

  • Lillie

    I am in tears right now. This is absolutely amazing and so thoughtful. The uniqueness in the creation of this letter is absolutely mind blowing and it is so, just….wow. I truly am at a loss of words for how brilliant this is. I hope others can learn from it because, lets face it: kids shape and help make us who we are. ❤?


    Children are the greatest blessings. It is wonderful to see a father fully realize this!

  • Luana Vicenti

    Felicidades a estos niños por tener el padre que tienen, y Felicidades a Gen por tener tan buen hombre a su lado. Adoro ésta familia ♥

  • Ana Luiza

    This is so pure and lovely, I absolutely love you guys!

  • Angel Cox

    This is one of the greatest letters I’ve ever read! He’s an Awesome Dad! I wish that every dad could be like him, appreciative of what all they have in life.

  • Kristin (@kristyl_)

    Thank you so much for sharing this intimate and beautiful letter from Jared to your children. It has filled my heart with such love and hopefullness, that there are some incredibly good people in this world. I know that Tom, Shep and Odette will grow up to be amazing individuals. Full of strength, kindness, appreciation and a love of life, thanks to you and Jared being such wonderful parents. Thank you for sharing your family with the world. Love to you all. x

  • Annika

    Loved the letter so much, it literally brought me to tears❤️

  • Guadalupe

    So cute this letter made me cry love Jared and it is so cute to know he has beautiful family congratulations for that gorgeous family

  • Jackie G.

    Gen, thank you so much for sharing this beautiful, touching, and personal letter! This brought me to tears! You both are truly lucky to have each other! You both seem like amazing parents as well as amazing people! You have both touched more lives than you can possibly imagine! Thank you for being part of our SPNFamily!! It’s funny to think of how a show could have opened up doors to change my life and I’m sure other’s lives as well. It would be so wonderful to share my personal story with you all someday!! Keep doing what you do! It is truly beautiful to know there are still good people in the world working to make a difference!! So much love to you, Jared, and your beautiful family ???

  • Lindsey Reames

    There’s people who are meant to be parents and then obviously here’s people who should never reproduce.

    Clearly, the latter doesn’t apply to the two of you. I wish there were more people in the world like y’all out there! Can’t wait to see your kids grow into incredible reflections of the two of you.

    Thanks for sharing Gen. I thought I couldn’t admire Jared more…. but clearly I was idiotic to think such a thing. Lol.

    Much love to you and your beautiful family! xoxo

  • Angel

    Omg, this is so beautiful. He’s so sweet. You’ll be a good parents. I think when tom get older, he will be most touched by this letter.

  • Marion

    What a beautiful tribute to his children. He should think about writing when the acting gig gets old. I believe hands on parenting is best never get a nanny or you’ll miss out on the best moments of you and your kids lives.??????

  • Anne

    Ah, the dreaded car seat contortions; maybe the only thing I DON’T miss about babies 🙂 Mine are 11 and 13 now, and both refuse to watch Curious George with me anymore. But we made the most of it while we could. Sweet post.

  • Gabor

    Being a man and reading this makes me want to be a father. Any day from now on.
    Thanks Jared for writing this and Gen for the share. You are inspiring in so many ways.

  • Anahí

    Una carta preciosa. Felicidades por tu hermosa familia. Tus hijos son afortunados de tenerlos como padres. Dios los bendiga y les cumpla todos los deseos de su corazòn.

  • Nereen

    Oh my god thaťs so cute ,so beautiful jared you are an awesome father and you gen you are amazing mother god bless you guys????????? you are a beautiful

  • Jennifer

    This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever read. Kuddos Jared for being an amazing father and just a wonderful person in general. We need more people like you and Gen in this world. Bless you and your beautiful family.

  • Maewan

    Wow so today, after almost 26 years in this world, I think I finally find out what “being a father” is. Jared’s words are the exacts same words I needed to hear when I was a child. Truly Ma’am, I think you find THE man and perfect father for your adorable children. I’m sure one day, the kids will understand this letter and how lucky they are with both you and Jared as parents to guide them in this world. No doubt they’ll be amazing beings later. Have a nice day.


  • Shannon Gragg

    Just AMAZING it came from your heart each word your PRECIOUS children should appreciate it once they can understand. Beautiful family xoxo

  • Brenda

    Amazing! I love every single part of it! I imagined how parents thinks/feels about their children. This made me remember all the stories my parents have told me since I was a kid. It beautiful to see how there’s still people out there who cares and loves their child with all their heart. I’m sure your kids will be part of the next generation with such a kind heart. I hope one day you (and Gen) see your children as an adult age and be so proud of them (All parents are proud of their kids, but in a future when they’ve accomplished a new life and developed new things) God Bless all of you, I love all of you so much guys Hope one day I can meet this gorgeous family ♥

  • Ryan Winchester

    I wish my father was like Jared. I can’t even consider my father an actual father. He ditched my brother and I for another family years ago and hasn’t talked to us since.
    Jared and Gen, you two are amazing parents. AMAZING!
    Bless you and your whole family, I know the kids will grow up to be amazing people, just like their parents.
    I love you all so much,

  • Sarah Smith

    What a beautiful, compassionate letter! Brought tears to my eyes! The love you both show for each other, your children, and families is to be admired. Thank you for posting this!

  • Penny

    What a great man Jared is and he truly understands what it means to be a parent. He made laugh and cry and throw a big hug and kiss his way. Keep on loving your family this way and I can’t wait to see the grandparent you’ll become!

  • Tracey

    One of the most beautiful, heart-tugging love ❤️ letters I have ever read! Thank you Jared, for reminding me to enjoy the smaller things in life, like looking at lizards and squirrels! Thank you Gen, for this beautiful, thoughtful blog! Thank you both, for being such an inspiration, great couple, awesome parents, and wonderful human beings!!! Much love to you and your family, Tracey

  • Rose Gonzalez

    This makes me wish that I had spent more time with my father when he was alive.

  • Malin

    I hope that I one day will be lucky enough to meet a man who will do something like this. This is truly beautiful and every time I see a picture of your family I get a feeling of true happiness. Your kids are lucky to have you both. Love from Sweden

  • Kimberly Bell

    This was absolutely beautiful. It’s so nice and heartwarming to read his words. Already knowing that you both love you kids more then anything but reading that was amazing. Thank you both for sharing and thank you both for love that you show. These words will stay with them forever.

  • Colleen

    What a beautiful gift he has given them. There’s not much else to say other than wow! I will say though as I read this, I heard his voice. Which means I watch Supernatural entirely wayyyyy too much!

  • Lynda

    What a wonderful letter. Being a grandparent now I am seeing the world through new eyes again, watching my grandson descover the feel of play dough for the first time with his eyes going wide and hearing him say “WOW” as he squishes it in his hands or my granddaughter learning to speak or realizing it’s Nana (me) on FaceTime with her but looking back I couldn’t appreciate all those same things when my children were young, back then I thought for sure my kids would never sleep again or stop crying but we all know they would and did. It takes a certain wisdom to see those wonderful moments and take pause, reflect and appreciate them. I’m so glad that you can and do Jared, so enjoy your children through all the messes and find happiness there.

  • Cate

    I’m literally crying and I don’t have kids or anything but ❤️

  • Paula Karine

    Oh Gen, fico fascinada com todo esse carinho e amor, me emocionei muito com essa carta e muito obrigada por compartilhar com todos nós. Você e suas crianças tem muita sorte de ter Jared e ele mais ainda por ter vocês na vida dele para apoia-lo e ama-lo! Desejo toda a felicidade do mundo para vocês, amo muito todos vocês ♥♥♥ Um grande beijoo

  • Oelun

    Oh my God, it’s so touching, definitely Jared is a wonderful father and husband, and Genevieve is a mother and wife, about which millions of men dream. And this family is simply adorable

  • Tawny

    This is so beautiful!! I absolutely adore your entire family. You two make amazing parents and I’m sure Tom, Shep & Odette are amazing kids!! I’m so glad you feel comfortable to share this with us & I am so happy & proud to be a fan of yours!!

  • Asharee

    I know all these feelings, even as a 18 year old with no kids
    i have a niece who still lives in my parents house, she’s 2
    and for a year i’ve babysat her while my sister worked
    even now i’m back in school i can carve out time from studying to feed sausage to our dog Courage
    Or say hi to the moon when she comes out
    Singing Thinking out Loud to her at 4am
    or teaching her to scream UNCLE because she lost a tickle fight
    i’m not a mom… but i am not ashamed to say a 2 year old is my best friend

  • Farnaz

    Oh my God! That’s was so cool and beyond the awesome and beautiful. You are the best Gen and Jared, Love you both. Btw your kids are cute like both of you. Love you all. Wish the best for you , guys!????????????✨✨✨☁️☁️☁️???

  • Cheyenne

    This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever read. It put a huge smile on my face and warmed my heart. It made me think about my own dad who passed away and how kind he was and what an amazing dad he was as well. Thank you for sharing this beautiful letter.

  • Suzanne Cooper

    Oh my, this is just lovely. My heart swells with love for my own, beautiful teenagers, and this letter was a reminder to me just how grateful I am for the gift of being a parent. Parenting is tough, messy, noisy, exhausting and worrisome, but as parents, we know that at the end of the day how lucky and blessed we are to have our beloved children! Thank you for sharing this!

  • Jaqueline Gigante de Melo

    Olá meu nome é Jaqueline,sou de Jales do estado de São Paulo ,que fica no Brasil…sou muito fã do seu trabalho como o Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), e dos outros personagens como o Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) e Castiel (misha Collins), que fazem os personagens da série Supernatural. Vocês são tão otimos atores que vocês n só interpretam os personagens e sim vivem eles,colocando as suas emoções em cenas …adoro vocês❤✡, com essa série aprendi muito o valor da família e dos amigos…?❤ Ficarei muito triste quando essa série acabar ?nunca irei esqueser oque fizeram nela.
    Bom a sua carta que você fez dedicada para seus três miúdos ficou muito linda ,acredito que quando eles crescerem e poderem compreender melhor as coisas ,vão ver o pai maravilhoso que você é.??

  • Jaqueline Gigante de Melo

    Hello my name is Jaqueline, I am from Jales from São Paulo state, which is in Brazil … I am very fond of his work as Sam Winchester (Jared Padalecki), and other characters like Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (misha Collins), who make the characters in the Supernatural series. You are such great actors that you not only interpret the characters but live them, putting your emotions in scenes … I love you, with this series I learned a lot the value of family and friends … ?❤ I will be very Sad when this series is over, I’ll never go missing what they did in it.
    Well, your letter that you made dedicated to your three kids was very beautiful, I believe that when they grow up and understand things better, they will see the wonderful father that you are. “

  • Sabrina

    Beautifully written!

  • Heather

    That letter was so inspiring! Jared writes with such passion and knowledge that it seems like he has been parenting for so many years! I’m a mother of 6 (biological and adopted), 4 of them are teens- and the letter put me back in prospective of what I’m missing and taking for granted! Thank you!

  • marissa

    I am in tears from reading this you are an amazing man

  • KatMack528

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us!!

  • Trisha

    I’m only 17 and wow this is actually beautiful, truly made me smile 🙂
    (Your kids are the absolute cutest too omg!)

  • borvestinkral

    I like what you guys are up also. Such smart work and reporting! Carry on the excellent works guys I?¦ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it will improve the value of my website 🙂


    Amé cada palabra de esta carta, son unos grandes padres, espero que sus hijos lean esto en un futuro. Aun sin conocerlos, esta carta me inspira a ser una buena persona y seguir teniendo fé en la humanidad. Gracias Gen por compartir esto.

  • Sade Clarke

    This is an awesome summary of parenthood that fact that you can put it into such a short summary is astounding, it’s beautiful, the connection you have with your kids. ??????????????

  • A Fan

    A simple letter and a simple message. I enjoy the fact that he stated his ongoing Journey and gave a positive outlook on the position that he willingly placed himself into. Some children don’t have a parent who rightfully claims the respective position, but as a person of a likewise situation, select someone like this to look up to. A man this giving, responsible, hard working, ect deserves to earn what he is well do for. He has represented more than numerously that what he does is for everyone’s sake, his family’s, his friends, his fans, even for charities. Please allow yourself to be apart of that, for its people like these who make the world a better place. It would all be for nothing if everyone wasn’t here to represent everything’s his pushed himself towards. Jared Padeleki, you mean so much to this society, so please, keep up the good work! ?

  • Lisa

    Absolutely beautiful and heart felt!

  • Kris Saavedra

    Thank you so much for sharing this with the world. You sure do have one amazing little family. They will cherish this beyond words. Beautiful. Brilliant. <3

  • Kara

    You and Jared are awesome parents! This blog post shows exactly what kind of person Jared is to you and your children, he’s such a good daddy to the boys and Odette. The Padalecki’s are role models and are so loved in and outside of Supernatural (for me, at least). I look forward to reading your other blog posts, Gen!

  • Sharon Bailey

    I’m crying. My ex-husband and I lost two daughters. One was a month old, Brittany Renee. Then in ’08 our 19 year old Jennifer Nicole died from a heart defect. I couldn’t understand how he was affected as their father. As a mom it’s very different. Now I do. It’s just as hard on him as it is on me. Thank you for sharing this!! Y’all have a wonderful family!

  • claudine

    JE SUIS CELUI QUI AIME LES FRITES et tu peux le voir ! Pas besoin de plus j’aime l’article.

  • Google

    Always a significant fan of linking to bloggers that I appreciate but really don’t get quite a bit of link appreciate from.

  • dani

    “I really like your writing style, good info, thanks for posting. “Let every man mind his own business.”

  • Melissa Guerra

    I’m 15, I watch Supernatural, I’m a fan of all of your hard work, Gen and Jared. This letter brought me to tears. My father is abusive, physically and mentally, I’ve only recently gotten out of that situation and I’m healing. I don’t have much confidence in some dads today but this letter truly restored some of the hope I have for parents and it’s good to know there are some people remaining with beautiful minds and souls. Gen and Jared, you both seem like amazingly sweet people. ??

  • Yen

    The sweetest thing i’ve ever read!! Jared was born to be a father ❤️ You guys are suck a great example about parenthood. God bless your beautiful famlily, Gen??

  • Brianna Morrison

    This is so adorable, Gen. I love your blog more than cake, and I really love cake. XoXo -BM

  • Mandy

    This is just… Perfect.
    Parenthood is so delightfully and perfectly imperfect. Wonderful and messy and hilarious and scary and awesome all at the same time. Thanks for sharing such a lovely letter!

  • Susanna

    You have married the best man to be your kids’ dad

  • Felix Woodall

    This is absolutely beautiful. Your kids will appreciate it. I wish my father was like this. He was never there for me, I only have my mom and my many siblings. I got so confused, I used to call my now almost 28 year old brother, “Daddy,” cause I thought he was my dad. Now my dad finally started talking to us again, but I can’t really trust him right now.
    When I became in actor, I hope he doesn’t all the sudden decide to fully be in my life.
    Again, your kids will love it. Give them the best life you can!

  • Rakael

    This is absolutely beautiful . He is a great father .

  • Janel

    This was beautiful. Jared has a beautiful family and it’s so nice to see a family that loves each other so much. Thank you for sharing this. It made me cry. Gen, you and Jared are awesome!!!

  • Asya surah


  • Jana

    I’ve been dwelling over this off and on for dayss



  • Allie

    amazing! Jared’s an amazing writer 😀

  • Shailza

    I never really appreciated poetry until now and never thought that it had the power to reduce me to tears. You are an amazing father Jared and thank you for being who you are. I am sure your children will grow up to be not just successful but also good and kind human beings.

  • Katie Kellerman

    I wish I had a father as great as this. My father is the complete opposite. Jared (and Gen!) please keep loving your children the way you do! It means more to them (especially in their teenage years) than most people might think.

  • Amanda Grande

    Hi my name is Amanda and I’m a huge fan of you and your husband I just wanted to let you know that I’m praying for you both and good luck on running the marathon I also liked this letter that Jared wrote to his kids it was amazing. Well I hope this gets to you I’m a mom and I write blogs too well talk t you later

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