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Mindful Movement: The Workouts I Swear By

Exercise is one of the things I always carve out time for, because I feel like a better person—for my husband, my kids and myself!—when I’m able to work out on the regular. Yes, I work out to keep my body in shape, but I also workout for my sanity. Being a mom of three kids under six, exercise has become an incredible stress release.

One of the added stresses is finding a workout class that totally speaks your language—and it’s even harder when you’re in a new city. While I love living in Austin while my husband films on location in Vancouver, it can be a challenge to find new spots. Being in a routine helps keep my wellness game strong, but when I’m in a new city, it’s like starting from zero: Finding clean eats can feel like a treasure hunt, and discovering the perfect workout even more so.

But when it all works out, it’s magic. When I lived in Vancouver, I stumbled upon a spot where they make the best almond milk latte in town and serve up the best workout class. I was instantly hooked, and TURF quickly became my new obsession. I signed into one of their workout classes, aptly named the A.S.S. Class (which stands for Absolutely Sleek and Solid!). The instructor, Michelle K., is tiny, but fierce. Needless to say, the class kicked my butt (no pun intended), which I had been craving since it had only been six months since having Odette.

Our bodies provide a home for us throughout our entire lives, which is why our relationship with our bodies is so important. Here’s the thing about exercise: It can be difficult, and it can even feel defeating at times. It’s typically the first thing to come off of my schedule when one of my kids is sick, or if I’m needed by my family. This can lead to a vicious cycle, of not feeling like the exercise is working, or the feeling like the image that looks back at you in the mirror is not up to your personal standard of perfection. Our bodies provide a home for us throughout our entire lives—not to mention, our bodies might even be the first home our children will ever know—which is why “fine-tuning” our bodies is so important, because it slowly reminds us about how strong we are from the inside out.

Exercise is not about the finished result, it’s about the small wins. It’s a journey. It’s about showing up, sweating it out, and taking some sacred space. Hell, it can even be about the endorphin rush. Whatever it is for you, here’s one thing I know for me: It takes consistency, it takes being comfortable in the uncomfortable, and the rest is all about having fun.

I love this quote by Brene Brown, which I often think about when starting a new routine: “Vulnerability is about showing up and being seen. It’s tough to do that when we’re terrified about what people might see or think.”

So, as I mentioned, the month of May here at Now & Gen is all about Body Positivity. I thought there was no better time to kick off the first installment of my workout series, Mindful Movement, with you. There will be a new episode every month featuring a fitness routine that has helped me get my post-baby body back, or has just helped me get out of my own head and feel like I’ve done some much needed self-care.

I created these videos so you can work out with me, too, and find what helps you feel good in your body and mind. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned athlete, this workout was designed to get you moving a little further out of your comfort zone and closer to loving yourself from the inside out.

From grabbing the kids and heading outside for a run to the classes I love, check out some of my favorite ways to work up a sweat, clear my head and get some positive energy. What’s your go-to workout? I’d love to hear, so share it with me in the comments!

(Disclosure: Make sure you consult a doctor before starting any workout routine!)

And take a look into Michelle’s amazing world here

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  • Jess

    Hi Gen!
    I love this!! I’ve been struggling to get into my exercise routine for awhile now. I’ve been working a lot of overtime and have to remember to carve out time for me. Thank you so much for this new series!! I started belly dance classes recently which are so fun and I still have my Tae Bo DVD lol. Thank you for the motivation and encouragement you provide for body, mind and spirit. Have an awesome weekend!!!

  • Jenna

    Thank you so much for posting a workout video! Your body looks amazing and I can’t wait to try this out. I have a small suggestion though, maybe you could add what the move is and how many you’re supposed to do? Looking forward to more workout videos!


  • Jam

    Right now, I can’t find time to add the workout in my routine and it’s horrible, because like you ,Gen, is my stress reliever. But I will try those exercises in home.

  • Gifs Dee & Gen


  • Patty

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m totally going to. I have a lot of issues with myself, my body image, and just working up the courage to leave my apartment sometimes (which is a real problem when you have to go to work LOL) and I’m really excited to try this!!! Thank you so much!!

  • Mallory

    Thank you so much for sharing this. I can so relate having a family and struggling to take care of my body.
    I LOVE the Fitness Marshall on YouTube. He is whipping me into shape and his dance routines are so so so fun. I’m looking forward to adding your workout to my YouTube fitness routine 🙂

  • Mandi

    I love this!! And I love you, you empowering baby mama with a beautiful body and gorgeous spirit! I love new workouts and I will incorporate this into my life! Starting the bikini series on Monday with the tone it up squad. Would love to see you participate to keep us motivated!

  • Michelle Moss

    Gen!!!! OMG I am so happy you are doing a workout series!!!! You have no idea!!! I did insanity max:30 and tagged you on Twitter after every workout so that you could keep me accountable even though you didn’t even know you were keeping me accountable!! I have now hit 50 years and 200lbs and I hate how I look ? I have hypothyroid and that doesn’t help. I hope that doing your workouts can get me back on track!! Do we do this workout every day for the month? Or is it supposed to be so many days a week with rest days in between? I want to do this right!!! I will take some before pictures (which I will be totally ashamed of) and then will take some after pictures when we are done!! I love that you are doing this!! Thank you sooooooo much!!!

  • Florence

    Thank you yo much for this post! It’s very interesting!

  • Stacie

    I can’t wait to get started thank you for sharing and starting these videos. Your blog and all that you do is so inspirational. Thank you for being true and sharing wothbhe world. ❤️

  • Christine

    I love working out. Actually, I might love it more once it’s over for the day. It makes such a huge difference in how I feel about myself. It’s probably the only part of the day that I spend with other people that share a similar goal. So great to see you are sharing some exercises here. This looks like a great space/system to keep one on the top of their game.

  • Caroline

    Awesome, Gen! Will be using some of these when I hit the 6 week postpartum stage, thank you for sharing!! ??

  • Aurora

    Thank you for this much-needed reminder that excercise is about spending time with myself, and making myself feel better, not necessarily about being the best at the excercise. My current workout is attending a jiu jitsu class three times a week, and since there are other people there, it keeps me accountable.

  • Karla Phelps

    Yes always look for new things to try to be mindful such an insperation u are. To others.

  • Karla Phelps

    Yes also got some me time by walking alot it’s helped me. With weight.a lot.

  • Elena Becker

    Exercise is the first thing that goes for me too when my family needs me. My goal is to try and make it a bigger priority! It helps me focus, rid stress, and keep me from getting angry. Love seeing different types of exercises as for me I can only handle low impact. Keep up the great work! Love reading your posts.

  • dominique

    I was very interested for your video anything I can do and doesn’t bring in a place with a lot of people is good . I think for me the most interesting part is the floor exercise as I have CMT and my balance is off I cannot jump.. Which kind of rubber band do you use and what ‘s the length , how many times do you do each exercise. Thanks.

  • Jordy

    I’ve been really wanting to get into some sort of fitness class, because I know that is the only way to keep me focused on going and keeping up. I just don’t know what is best for someone who has zero stamina haha. Workouts like this are definitely something I think are more up my alley.

  • Grace Hawthorne

    Honestly so good!! The fact that its so minimal tool wise is refreshing and accessable. 10/10 will be doing it again

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