Soup Recipes To Warm The Season

Soup recipes and Gen cooking

To me, there is no better comfort food than a bowl of homemade soup. It reminds me of snowy winter days in Idaho and my mom’s caring hands. She would sauté aromatic vegetables, letting all the ingredients simmer and marinate while we were away at school until they made a delicious, rich broth. Coming in from the cold to the finished pot on the stove felt like such a treat, and the aromas made the whole house smell amazing.

With its cozy familiarity, soup is still one of my favorite things to cook during the winter months. Eating it makes me feel comforted and I love how making it always seems to bring my family together—whether it’s with big bowls around the kitchen table or in to-go mugs to warm us up on the sidelines while we cheer on the boys at their soccer game.

Considering half the country is still thawing out from the polar vortex, it felt like the perfect time to share some warming recipes. Here are my five favorite soups to cozy up to, perfect for a cold day. What are your go-to comfort foods?
Soup recipes and Gen cutting carrots

Jamie Oliver’s Tomato Soup

The classic combo of tomato soup and grilled cheese makes me feel like a kid again—and my little ones obviously love it, too, so it’s a win-win. Instead of buying the canned stuff, I use a variation of this recipe. I like to add a splash of sugar and heavy cream at the end to give it richness and make it more of a meal. In order to make it even more fun for the kids, I’ll cut grilled cheese into croutons (or buy Burro Cheese Truck’s grilled cheese and cut into squares). It’s the true definition of comfort food. Get Recipe Here
Soup recipes and Gen with her baby

Jessica Battilana’s Split Pea Soup

I love being able to use the vegetables we grow in our garden, and this recipe really lets the flavor of fresh green split peas shine. Because I try to cook more vegetarian at home, I omit the ham, but I never, ever skip the croutons, made by frying white bread in olive oil. You can’t get more simple—or delicious—than that. Get Recipe Here

Martha Stewart’s Butternut Squash Soup

I love me some squash in the winter. This pureed soup gets a little kick from ginger, and I love that it’s even better the next day, once all the flavors have a chance to meld together. Get Recipe Here

Soup recipes tomato soup

The Joy of Cooking’s French Onion Soup

Few soups feel as decadent as french onion soup. The broth is so soothing and the scoop of warm gooey cheese on top is always total heaven. After I made this recipe at home, I was hooked. The long, slow cooking of the onions fills my kitchen with the best aroma, and once it’s done, I can’t wait to dip the cheese-covered crouton into the savory soup. Get Recipe Here

Goop’s Ramen Broth

After my daughter was born, I lived off of bone broth. When I ate this soup, I felt like I was nursing my body back to health and gaining strength with every sip. I always have some on hand for when I’m feeling low-energy, and this ramen recipe makes the broth into a super-nutritious, flavor-packed meal. Get Recipe Here

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  • Hailey Owens

    I can’t wait to try all of these! In Alabama, the weather is currently up, down, and all around. But any day is soup day. My favorite soups to make are broccoli cheddar and Irish wedding soup.

  • michaela

    I am not a massive cook as I am on my own but I do want to learn how to make soup especially broccoli mmmmmm ? I never know how water to use, thank you for these gen I am going to try some of them out. I am a vegetarian so will try the meat free ones then let you know ? all we now need in England is some snow that we never get – that would be heaven ⛄❄?

  • Valentina Marquez

    My favorites are cheddar broccoli soup, Zuppa Toscana, like thebone from Olive Garden. And super easy to make at home.
    But for a cold night, there is nothing better than green chili stew with fresh tortillas!!!! A New Mexico favorite!!!

  • Alyson

    I discovered the joys of REAL ramen last year. It tastes great and the extra bonus is that you can make a huge batch and freeze part of it for later. In fact, I need to make some again, soon.

    And butternut squash soup is fantastic! Although my recipe has a South African flair with a bit of curry and an apple for sweet smoothness.

    The big question is, Chili…..beans or no beans?


    Hi Gen! I love soup too, thank you for all the great recipes. Our family has a classic recipe that is used time and time again. Homemade chicken noodle soup with celery and white onlon poured over mashed potatoes!! Family favorite handed down from my Grandma 🙂

  • kathleen amstutz

    Those look yummy! My fav to make is turkey-barley soup. I always make it after Thanksgiving or Christmas using the turkey carcass. I frreze it so I can make soup when I’m not so sick of turkey! My mother would roll over in her grave if I ever threw out a carcass!! If you REALLY want us/me to post the recipe, let me know. It is DELICIOUS and oh so thick!

  • Antoinette

    Soup is so easy and quick to make and you can make it into a compleet meal, we love our tomato soup with lots of vegetables, even potatoes and noodles of any kind, dutch pea soup, a must eat in winter times, especially this winter here in Manitoba, and chicken noodle soup with lots of noodles! Thanks for the recipes, going to try some of these for sure.

  • lesdeuxcatastrophes

    I love a fresh butternut ginger soup and indulge in a fresh beef broth I make my family and myself happy with a brown sweet/sour lentille soup – spiced with sugar and vinegat, “upgraded“ with bacon or sausage for the non-veggies. And nothing compares to homemade fresh chicken soup!!

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