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Holiday Gifting for the Busy Mama


During the holidays, I refer to my home as the “house of chaos.” Whether the kids are decorating a gingerbread house or looking to curl up on the couch for a cozy read, don’t mistake these holiday pastimes for moments of creativity and calm. Somehow, holiday mayhem prevails. Messes are made, books go missing, sprinkles get spilled on the floor. Any mamas out there feel me?

As a mother of 3 kids under 6, the juggle is real. Which is why I turn to Masterpass by Mastercard when holiday play suddenly becomes work. With one click, you can easily purchase any item that keeps your little ones smiling in their seasonal pajamas. With thousands of retailers to choose, you can order what you need in seconds – no fuss, no holiday lines, no never-ending errands route. I’m all about life hacking my way through the holidays.

Need Christmas tree lights while decorating with the kids? Got it!

A round of Hot Chocolate? Got it!

Sneakily craving some bubbly for after the kids have gone to bed? GOT IT.

*Content sponsored by Masterpass. All opinions are my own.

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  • Hailey Owens

    Seeing videos with you and your wee ones just warms my heart!!! Thank you so much. Keep it up and have a blessed Christmas!!!

  • Milica

    I love the fact that Tom and Shep are wearing matching clothes <3

    • Isabel

      oh i know! it warms my heart! they’re too cute <3

  • Michelle Hess

    That was a adorable video. You make it look so easy having three kids so young.

  • Lyrain

    So love your easter of how things happen all around the year. Seeing you be a mom that like all of us trying so hard with the holidays the kids and Jared gone so much you make me proud to know you. Keep up the hard work mama. Have a great Christmas with your growing family.

  • Mina

    Seeing the little ones always warms my heart. 🙂 wish you a Merry Christmas . ?

  • Sondos

    This is just so sweet, I don’t celebrate Christmas but I love seeing festive posts during this time of year. You have a beautiful family, God bless.

  • marie Schneider

    Hey i dont know how hard it is or it can be to be auf Mother but i guess you are a amazing mother and i hope you have an amazing christmas. Greetings from germany ❤?

  • Jocelyn

    Get them views girl! Weird how you haven’t used your hubby’s name on this post ?

  • Ginger

    I love this
    Fave is when the lights go out. You look like u are JUST done Ive viewed the spot a couple of times and it cracks me up.
    Your family is adorable

  • Andria MacDonald

    The boys dress in matching clothes! This won’t last but it’s so cute while it does! You’re good at bonding your little crew together, Gen and it shows. Cudos for excellent mothering. You got a ton on your plate, and you’re adding a gingerbread house. We were thinking of baking ours but this looks the same, (naw, probably a lot better!) and nobody really eats them, anyway, at least at our place. I’m taking a page from your playbook and ordering my gingerbread train. (My son says TRAIN, no house this year so I’m going with it)!

  • Belinda Harris

    You are precious beautiful woman . you are good with your kids . they are growing up . you and jared are precious couple with your children .. And jared – always keep fighting ..

  • Karla Phelps

    Yes the holidays can be a very busy time I agree

  • Lisa Ramsey

    Very Beautiful little ones, great gingerbread house as well. Merry Christmas, Awesome job you do with such a busy life ??

  • Lisa Ramsey

    Very Beautiful little ones, great gingerbread house as well. Merry Christmas, Awesome job you do with such a busy life ??

  • Minnie giesenhagen

    I love your blogs I’m a big spn fan I love u guys and love when you put pictures up of the kids feel like I get to watch them grow up keep it up I love your blogs merry Christmas to ya’ll and happy new yrs

  • Shalini

    I am currently watching supernatural and I frequently check your insta handle.. I love the way you maintain your life… You are a gorgeous woman and a beautiful mommy…much love…

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