Our Americana Road Trip Itinerary

This summer, we took a two-month road trip from Texas to New Mexico to Colorado to Utah to Idaho to Montana and back. Here’s an in-depth look at our itinerary, including what we did, where we stayed, where we ate, and more.

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How We Traveled Safely

After three months in quarantine, we made the calculated risk to drive from Austin to New Mexico to Utah to Idaho to Montana and back. Keep reading for a look at how we traveled safely.

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My NYC Guide

New York City will always have a piece of my heart. I went to college at NYU and being back in Manhattan always brings back wonderful memories for me. As an 18-year-old from a small ski town in Idaho, I not only learned how to navigate life in the big city, I also officially learned how to be an adult. It’s where I learned to do my own laundry, pay

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My Guide To Hacking The Holidays With Mastercard On File

You know that person who has all their Christmas cards sent, gifts bought and presents wrapped to perfection under the tree by the first week of December? Um, yeah…that is NOT me. I wish it were. I so want to be that person who doesn’t procrastinate and gets the holiday prep done way ahead of schedule, but every year the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas feel shorter and shorter. I’m

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