Odette’s Milestones and The Simple Schedule

In the last 5 years there have been such a parade of emotional moments on this parenting roller coaster.  My first born started kindergarten this year and my second is now riding a bike!   And Odette, not to be overshadowed by her big brothers, is trucking along fast and furiously on the trail paved before her.   She was just a sweet, cozy, immobile little being, then she smiled and cooed, then she rolled over, then back over again, and then propped her chunky legs up and she sat on her own.  She’s following in her big brothers’ footsteps, growing from an infant to a 7-month-old and beyond, and now exploring out of breastmilk and into solids.

Odette transitioning into this new world of solid food shouldn’t phase me.  It’s a natural and GOOD progression. It means she’s ready for the world; ready to grow and develop.  She’s ready for the next benchmark.  These milestones from my third child shouldn’t seem like huge momentous markers, but the expected change brings on many unexpected tears.  I hate saying goodbye to those previous moments.

I remember when Odette said “mama” for the first time. She was about 4 months.  Her lips sucked under her gummy smile and she so deliciously said it… not even connecting the word and sensation to me: she was just doing exactly what she was supposed to be doing.  It wasn’t as though I’d never heard these words before from my kids, but now it was from my littlest baby–and possibly the last infant member of our tribe.

I tried to savor every moment of my last pregnancy.  I signed up for plenty of foot rubs, I massaged my belly after every shower, and I even made a cast of my swollen baby bump! (It’s sitting on the floor of a closet.)  When Odette was born, I ate her up.  I was so worried I would be so preoccupied with my older kids that I wouldn’t get enough time with her, so I co-slept and did baby-led feedings.  I strapped Odette onto my chest and in various pouches so we were always connected.  The fact that she sits with me while I’m eating and reaches for my food isn’t anything that is surprising.  It’s not like I didn’t see this coming, and didn’t know she was maturing and developing, because I did. I know it’s not as though Odette is venturing off to college, but this milestone is the first big one of many, and it might possibly be the last of the “firsts.”  And, for whatever reason, it melts my heart and makes me incredibly emotional. It’s as though I’m saying goodbye to certain chapters in my life, too.

Thank goodness I have wonderful friends and family whose shoulders I can cry on!  One dear friend of mine, Nicole Tubiola from my WILDFIRE days, came to my rescue when I needed it most.  In my panic of holding onto every baby moment, I completely forgot how to transition into the next phase: solid food.  Luckily, Nic helped me shift into solids effortlessly and organically, and showered me with her tremendous knowledge of baby food. Nicole runs a company called Simple that prepares baby meals for busy moms in their homes and leaves these meals in their freezers.  She created an entire schedule for me so that I could focus on saying goodbye to the breast milk diapers (I can’t help it I love that smell–TMI?) and hello to the new foodie phase.  

See below for the wonderful schedule created by Nicole and stayed tuned for her post on how to cook and prepare these important meals.

The Simple Schedule

Month 1

Baby should drink milk prior to eating solids. we recommend 6-8 oz each for breakfast, lunch, mid- afternoon, dinner with an optional late night feed for the 1st 3 weeks. In the 4th week we recommend, 6-8 oz for breakfast, lunch & dinner + 5-7 oz at mid- afternoon & an optional 3 oz during late night.

days 1-3
lunch: 1 tsp oat cereal***

days 4-6
lunch: 1 cube butternut squash* dinner: 1 tsp oat cereal**

days 7-9
lunch: 1 cube pear*
dinner: 1 tsp oat** mixed with 1 cube butternut squash

days 10-12
lunch: 1 cube sweet potato*
dinner: 2 tsp oat** with 1 cube pear

days 13-15
lunch: 2 tbl finely mashed avocado*** + 1 cube butternut squash dinner: 1 tbl oat** mixed with 1 cube pear

days 16-18
lunch: 1 cube green bean* + 1 cube sweet potato dinner: 1 tbl oat** mixed with 1 cube pear

days 19-21
lunch: 2 tbl yogurt*** mixed with 1 cube pear
dinner: 1 tbl oat cereal** mixed with 1 cube butternut squash & 1 cube sweet potato

days 22-24
lunch: 1 cube apple* + 2 cubes sweet potato dinner: 1 tbl oat** mixed with 2 cubes green bean

days 25-27
lunch: 1 cube carrot* + 1 cube apple
dinner: 1 tbl oats** mixed with 1 cube butternut & 1 tbl yogurt**

days 28-30
lunch: 1 tbl multi-grain cereal*** mixed with 1 cube green bean & 1 cube pear dinner: 1-2 tbl avocado** + 1 cube butternut & 1 cube carrot

*new food introduced, **must buy item separately



Photos by Angela Doran Photography



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  • Cathy Dove

    She’s so beautiful! You are a wonderful mother Gen.

  • Natalie Anne

    Aw, Gen! I feel for you! Babies grow so fast, I don’t blame you for soaking in every second!! I have a horrible memory so I rely on photographs and mementos to look back on. This is so funny but the food schedual reminds me so much of mine when I had jaw surgery! Lol. Odette is looking so grown up already (although she still looks newborn when she’s in Jared’s arms? Lol). It really does feel mournful when they take a new milestone as well as exciting for things to come. You must be dealing with such mixed emotions right now but soon she’ll be running after her older brothers having the time of her life! Xx

  • Alesia Blake

    I loved reading your post it is emotional. I had three beautiful daughters, and I remember the phases very well and they are all emotional. For me it was so first day of school for each, I felt as if my babies were venturing out on their own. My children are all grown now, my eldest daughter Vicky, pass to heaven in 2011. I miss her daily we called herTrix. Savor every moment, I spend most weekends with my granddaughter now Jennifer, she is wonderful growing up so fast I remember when she was just a tiny girl and now she will be 14 this year. I think your family is beautiful, your children are reflection of their parents, and those around them. So your support group, must be awesome. Gen you and Jared, are special and amazing people.

  • Brenda Lewis

    What a wonderful chronicle of motherhood. So many of the same emotions I felt so many years ago. And you think, wasn’t it just yesterday? I got so wistful myself reading your blog. Iwished I’d written it down back then, all the little quiet moments. Enjoy these days, happy life!

  • Jordy Sirkin

    She is so adorable! I remember when the little one I nannied started doing the solid train. It was the first time I had part responsiblity as a babysitter and I was so nervous every time. I little too neurotic about it haha. But it was so fun to watch her enjoy new foods.

  • Johna

    I have 5 children oldest 16, youngest 9. I felt exactly how you feel with each one. I’m now preparing for my oldest to go off to college in a couple of years and oof the emotions that hit with just the thought. All of those memories will be with you forever and no matter how old they get youll always see them as the newborns they once were. It’s one of the many beautiful things that come with being a mom. ♡

  • Tracey

    You’re an incredible mom Gen!
    This new schedule for introducing new foods is a blessing! I remember having to do things way slower with my 3. They still advocated for slow introductions to new cereals and jarred baby foods. No one really encouraged making our own baby food! (And truth be told, I’m not sure i could have made my own baby food because I had twins, so I really had no time. Then our 3rd arrived when the twins were just 2! Three babies in diapers!! ) . I feel you’re an inspiration to moms! You’re real, you don’t try to sugar coat things, and I can just feel your genuineness through your blog and Instagram!! I love that you’re so honest. I went through all the exact same emotions, and shed tons of tears, as each of my 3 went through life’s little stages. You have such an incredible adventure ahead of you, and if you think you get teary now, just wait till Odette starts school!!! That’s when I really “lost it”!!! ??. I volunteered in their classes as much as the teachers would allow! It gave me extra “me time” with them. And it was incredibly heartwarming to see them interact with their peers, and do the little arts and crafts! Thank you Gen, for writing such thoughtful words and for sharing a bit of your life with us. The best is yet to come.


  • Shannon Hollifield

    My youngest is slowily transferring into a full fledge adolescent. I remember trying to savor & hold onto those llasr few moments. I now still try to hold on but he just complains now since it involves touching. As the beginning of his official teenage years is only 3 weeks away I miss tmy sweet baby boy.

  • Andie Lawless

    Milestones with your last are incredibly emotional. When my youngest weaned I cried and was hypersensitive and emotional for over a week. It’s extra hard knowing they’re your last and you’re saying goodbye to those parts of your relationship.

    My youngest just started kindergarten in September and he stopped calling me mommy because the other kids say mom. Which I wasn’t prepared for at all. So I get the big feelings over milestones and growing up.

  • Melanie

    It’s exactly what I lived and still live with my third, and last, baby… She’s now 3yo and I finally gave all the baby clothes this summer… I cried so much ? I miss breastfeeding and holding baby into my arms !
    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one who loves the smell of milk diapers !

  • Eileen

    Awww thank you for sharing. I love your blog. You are such an incredible mom.

  • Tracy

    This is so beautiful. It brought tears to my eyes as I thought back to when my youngest made that transition. She was my last and only daughter of 4 kids. I wanted to keep her that baby stage forever. I loved the bond we shared during breast feedings. The way she would look up at me with those beautiful blue eyes. She is 16 now and I can still picture my beautiful little baby in my arms. Thank you for reminding me of those beautiful precious memories.

  • Dominique A Kolp

    I wanted to hold on to my baby too she ia now 13. I didn’t have a schedule to feed her. I cooked for me and put aside and mixed for her. I was a single mom working full time. I just had to switch the milk to nonfat when she became toddler as she was a milk drinker and was chunky.

  • Kimberly

    What does it mean by 1 cube?

  • Federica

    You’re the role model every single mom should look up to!! Your children will always be grateful to you. They’re sooo lucky!!

  • Antoinette

    I feel you, I have my 3 grown up and watching the movies we made from the time they were little, I cry my eyes out.. everytime!.. because somehow it still feels that even I was there, it was all a blur, it went sooo fast and those moment never come back. It is saying goodbye to certain chapters in life and creating new ones, that can be very hard.

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