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10 Toddler Shoes I Love

Toddler Shoes Now and Get

Whenever Odette runs out of eyesight, I’m 99% sure she’s in my closet pulling out shoes. I guess you could say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, because I love a good shoe—whether it’s a sky-high heel, classic Converse, or beat-up cowboy boots from my days on Wildfire. But nothing is cuter than a pair of toddler shoes.Toddler Shoes Now and Gen

Something about the tiny footwear just makes my heart melt and shoe shopping for Odette’s is *almost* as fun as shopping for my own. (Sorry, Jared.) From girly ballet flats to snow boots and sneakers, here are the toddler shoes I’m obsessing over right now.


  1. New Balance Sneakers, $45


These comfy, sporty trainers are perfect for morning walks and chasing her brothers around the park.

  1. Boden USA Leather Shoes,  $42


As any parent knows, getting toddlers dressed can turn into an epic battle of wills. These super-soft Mary Janes are stylish and a cinch to put on, allowing me to focus on more important things,  like where I left my coffee…

  1. Vans Metallic Sk8-Hi Sneakers, $45


My friends and I lived in Vans when I was growing up in California. This modern take on the high-top still has that classic skater feel, but in a more feminine color palette.

  1. Vans Checkered Slip-Ons, $30


Anyone who’s a fan of Fast Times at Ridgemont High will recognize the classic black-and-white checked pattern of Spicoli’s slip-ons. It’s a graphic look that looks cute on every kid.

  1.  Superga Melon Sneakers, $49


For the tomboys at heart: These sweet watermelon kicks have just enough pink without being too precious.

  1. Bogs Dino Boots, $55


My kids are dino lovers so these were a no-brainer. They’re insulated and waterproof, so they’ll keep your kid’s feet dry and warm. Bonus: They’re easy to pull off before mud or water get tracked all over the house.

  1. Chuck Taylor All-Stars, $40


Converse will never go out of style. I like to pair these faux leather kicks with a floral print to give Odette a little edge.

  1. Target Cat & Jack Sneakers, $14


These perforated sneakers are every parent’s dream: Waterproof, breathable and easy to clean.


  1. Starry Knight Designs Honey Daisy Sandals, $34


I’m already obsessed with Gen Z yellow for myself, so these leather-and-suede shoes are my way of dressing Odette in my favorite color of the moment.

  1. Old Navy Pom Pom Ballet Flats, $20


These suede pom pom flats are so cute I had to find a similar pair for myself!



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  • Jam

    Really cool post. Gonna remember this when the time to be a mom come ?

  • Shelly D.shelly

    So much cuter than the plain high top whites when my daughter was a toddler 40+ years ago.

  • Paige

    Everybody needs them a pair of Chuck’s

  • Kathryn

    I LOVE a pair of crocs for my 4yr old! As much as people hate them for a kid on the go (and living in Florida) they’re so worth it! She has a sensory disorder so she only really like tennis shoes but will wear crocs occasionally! Definitely a life saver for Disney and the beach!!!

  • Tracey

    Love ? them all!!! But where are the soccer ⚽️ cleats?!? ? I know you love ❤️ soccer ⚽️, and as a former player maybe you might want to intoduce Odette to the sport you love ?. Never too young to start being athletic and playing sports!! The community / sports clubs here let kids start playing at the age of 3!!

  • Mo

    I’m getting baby fever with all these shoes. Baby shoes are the cutest.

  • Stephanie

    Love these ! Where did you get your suede pom pom flats ?

  • Christa

    I need Pom Pom flats now!

  • Sabrina Travers

    I love this post! I have a 3 1/2 yr old and 22 month old girls and they have a lot of these shoes. In fact they probably own more shoes than I ever have combined haha but they’re so much fun to dress up!

  • Rachael Kardell

    Thanks Gen!
    I’m looking for shoes for my almost walker. These are great options for her.
    I’m so glad your recommendations are household brands that everyone can find (and afford)!

  • Sophie

    I’m 16 and not all planning to have a child any time soon, but I love you’re posts!

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