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BISSELL Through The Holidays

During the holidays, my house becomes a little bit chaotic. There are gingerbread houses being built on the table, cookies in the oven, kids crafts happening after school, and wrapping paper sprawling across every surface. It’s a lot to handle. What I don’t need to handle? The aftermath of holiday activities spilling all over the rug.

I love my kids, but they can be like little cyclones going from room to room, creating mini messes wherever they go. To be fair, my oldest, Tom, is like a mini-me when it comes to keeping clean. He loves organization and order, whereas his brother, Shep, is more creatively fluid, being reminded “don’t spill!” by his older brother. Around Christmas, I can get so busy that clean up needs to be easy, or it almost won’t happen.

For me, I took BISSELL’s Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off vacuum that I used mainly to rid my furniture and rugs of Arlo’s hair, and used it in my kids’ playroom. It made cleanup a total breeze, which is a lifesaver during holiday chaos!

The vacuum works as a two-in-one machine: it combines the power of an upright vacuum with the convenience of a detachable, portable cannister. With this vacuum, any kid mess can be easily sucked up in a flash. Who needs gumdrops and gingerbread smashed into the carpet?

The vacuum can get into hard-to-reach places, so stray candy and cookie crumbs have nowhere to hide (and don’t find their way into Arlo’s tummy!). I can also the vacuum the kids rooms’ and get rid of lingering fur and dust to make clean spaces for new toys. The Pet Hair Eraser Lift-Off even has a Febreeze filter that helps clear the air and fill the house with the intoxicating holiday scents of pine and cider.

The vacuum itself is a simple cleanup. The Tangle-Free Brush Roll tackles any mess with ease without clogging the head, and the Cyclonic Pet Hair Spooling System makes the throwout hands free. You never, ever, have to touch what’s inside (which is awesome for germaphobes like me).

Who’s ready for cookies?

P.S. Make sure to check out my Instagram for details on how to win this vacuum for you and a friend!

Sponsored by BISSELL. All opinions are my own.

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  • Kady

    How do we try to win one of the Bissels? I didn’t see the info. Merry Christmas, Gen!

  • Maggie

    What a great playroom! Love the big windows and all of the light! Looks very organized to me!!

  • Lori Stromberg

    HI Gen this product looks great. How do we sign ion to win it?

  • Becca

    Your insta says come here for entering and your blog says
    go to your insta to enter… what are we supposed to do ?????

  • Nicole

    I’m confused, Instagram says come here to enter, but here says instagram, haha!! I have 2 kids and 2 dogs and 2 cats, I NEED this.

  • Amanda W.

    I’d love one of these!

  • Candace Brossia

    What an awesome looking vacuum!

  • Theresa Vondra

    This looks fabulous, need a replacement for my vacuum as of last night. How do we enter? Instagram sent us here.

  • Cecilia

    How do we enter ?

  • Knicole

    This is amazing. My sister & I just bought a house and with a German Shepard and Golden Retriever this would be a lifesaver for our furniture.

  • Cecily

    I have 4 kids and work 10 hours a day!!! I need this vacuum!!! I love you and Jared by the way, supernatural is my obsession!.

  • Stephanie

    I love your stories of real life!! Thank you for sharing with us ? I’d love to win a BISSELL… Instagram says come here… here says Instagram has details ???

  • Katie

    Love the blog. How do I enterto win? My two kiddos, cats and great pyranese require vast upkeep. Tganks!

  • Susan


  • Hallie Bingaman

    Oh gosh ok a few things: 1) You look like a dream in that cozy sweater! 2) HOW ARE THE BOYS SO BIG ALREADY!? 3) I gotta get me one of those vacuums. Two rambunctious cats + mess-prone (but mess-HATING) me = a disaster!

  • Sandy Spencer

    Merry Christmas Gen. Instagram sent me here. This says go Instagram. Would really love one of the Bissels. I have a lot of pet hair. Tell me how to enter. Love you!

  • Katie

    I’m confused on how to enter . Like the comment above says, check out the link to find out but then the link says check out my instagram.

  • gisele

    Amei esse quartinho de criatividades Genevieve

  • Christina Lake

    I am not seeing where to enter as well. I will comment instead. ? Thank you for the suggestion on the bissel. I will need to look into it since I am in need of an upgrade.

  • Marsha Taylor

    I love Bissell. From my home to yours, Merry Christmas

  • Nadine Ortega

  • Marilyn James

    I couldn’t find the place to enter to win the Bissell.

  • Lisa Godfrey

    How do I enter. I have 3 kids and am leaving in a weekly right now. It’s small so it gets dirty fast. I could really really use this

  • tracy sentilles

    Where do we sign up to win a bissell? Would love to have the opportunity to have my name picked!!

  • Stacy

    I’m confused. I would really love this, I have three large breed dogs and a cat. This would male my life so.much simpler. How do I enter to win?

  • Jamie

    This has nothing to do with the Bissell but I was wondering where you got your sweater? Its so cute!

  • Sharon

    I’m not seeing where to enter to win either. But this would be a really great thing to win!

  • emily j

    hi gen, this is the first blog post of yours that i have found and wanted to write to you. I started to watch supernatural (binge mode) about two months ago and feel in love with everyone instanty.I love everything like your sweet instagrams and your adorable kids – AWSOME names btw- and just found out that you had a create and cultivate pannel on my birhtday on the 9th september 2017 ! i think that you are a very inspiring woman with your style , hiking,family ect. i would love to see you one day but i live in England so that might be trickey. lots of love ,emily xxx

  • Rachel

    LOVE your storage coffee table here! Where did you find that? I’ve been searching for something similar for our loft/playroom.

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