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Giving Back with Volvo

The holidays are upon us and so is the season of giving. I love giving gifts to family and friends, but I love giving to those in need more. I am so blessed with all that I have and there is nothing like sharing those blessings with others. It’s important to me that my children understand the importance of giving back. Though the boys may be young and Odette still a baby, it’s never too early to teach social responsibility. This year, my family and are holding a toy and clothing drive for the families affected by the recent hurricanes. Put through so much devastation, families from Texas to Puerto Rico are struggling to put their lives back in order and return to normalcy. With so much clean up as well as lack of power and supplies, these families more than ever need to feel the holiday spirit. By rounding up toys and clothes, my family wants to bring Christmas to them.The other day, we packed into our Volvo XC90 to head down to the local toy store to begin on our giving journey. I love buckling my kids into the Volvo, not only because my little zoo can fit securely in the back seats, but also because I know that this car is one of the safest cars on the road. It’s always such a delight to see my kids’ smiles from the rear view window, and this day, the smiles were so contagious. Shep and Tom (and baby Odette!) were so excited to be giving to and sharing with those in need. The kids picked out such great gifts to give, and we were able to fill our donation boxes in no time. Luckily, my Volvo had ample trunk space to load and hold our goodies as we headed to the collection box!

My children have really taken the spirit of giving to heart. I am so glad that I am raising such socially aware kids, and the Volvo XC90 makes our toy and clothing drives that much easier. Sharing and giving to others are what the holidays are all about.

Thank you Volvo for sponsoring this post!

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  • Jocelyn ??

    Funny how all those pics were taken outside your house! Next time try taking pictures in town where you are ACTUALLY helping people! Nobody is buying this crap. And what’s with all the adds? I know you gotta make your own money but dude, GET A JOB! Stop living off ads and your husband oh and kissing your kid on the lips? Come on! What’s wrong with you???

    • CC

      GET A LIFE!!!!!

      • Ruth

        Don’t keep tabs on someone’s life if all you’re going ro do is bash people. Follow in Gen’s footsteps and donate. Do good. Get your family and help out. Give cheer and not sad insults that show people how you are on the inside.

      • Christine

        Do you know who follows people they don’t like and comments negatively on things they know nothing about? Trolls. What do you think you’re actually bringing to the discussion here? It’s clearly an ad. It’s not intended to deceive nor is it harmful. I think you better hurry over to Jensen’s Instagram because he kissed his daughter on the lips in a picture too. I’m sure you’d want to set him straight too.

      • What a cruel thing to say she is a person the same as you and this is cyber bullying


    • Ellie A

      1. With the pictures being taken outside of her house they can look more professional and you wouldn’t have to worry about strangers faces being on camera. 2. You’re acting like a mother kissing her son is sexual when really it’s just a way to express love. 3. What’s wrong with her using her blog to do what she wants? It is HER blog. If you dislike it, you can always just close the tab.

    • CG

      I would bet she took the pictures where she did so when she went to donate the items, it would be about the donations. She wouldn’t have to stop and take pictures, she would be able to just go and simply give. She isn’t living off her husband, this is her job. You can’t say “get a job” followed by “stop living off ads” because the ads are part of her job. That contradicts itself.

    • Nicole

      Can I ask you something? Why are you here and not in the work? It’s so easy comment this think when you don’t know how the things works, Gen is doing a great job, if you don’t like her, don’t read it, it’s simple.

    • Z.

      Leave Gen alone. She has a right to do whatever she wants. I, personally enjoy reading her blog every time she posts new stuff.

    • Savannah

      You need to fuck off. She is helping a lot of people. She helped my mom get on her feet so you need to get out with your negatuve comments. If you don’t like it or her, don’t follow her.

    • Allie

      Leave Genevive alone guys

  • Erin

    I grew up with a single mom who worked way harder than she should’ve had to just to make ends meet. We never had a lot of extra (still don’t), but she always taught me to give back and help others when possible. Those lessons have stuck with me my whole life, and helping people and making someone smile is actually my greatest joy in life now.

  • Akshaya

    This is beautiful, Gen! You’re doing an amazing work and let us know if we can help out any way ❤️
    And thank you for sharing this with us. I always look forward to more posts on your blog as you writing style is very captivating and you have the best stories to tell.

  • Hailey Owens

    Thank you so much for these posts and for what you do! Be careful traveling and have fun!! ?

  • Laura D.

    Thank you for what you do. I always enjoy your posts. Great way to get the kids involved. Keep up the good work.

  • Shandi

    Thought this was live

  • Kendra

    This is so kind! I love that both you and Jar are teaching the kinds how to help in the world!

  • Maggie

    What a lovely thing you are teaching your children, Gen. Happiest of holidays to all of you. Namaste.

  • Elly (El) Wetthuh

    Love this! Everything you and your family does to make the world a better place . You inspire me and many others.

  • Minnie giesenhagen

    You r so right it is I love donateing too I got a bunch of stuff I packed away I’m going to take to the local thrift stores I am moving hopefully soon and cleaned my house and donated probably 20 or so boxes and some furniture happy holidays to yall and happy new yrs I hope y’all have a blessed holiday

  • Grace Ellinger

    I think it is amazing that you are teaching your kids the importance of giving to those in need and I agree, Volvo cars are great. Bless this post!

  • CC

    I love that you and Jared do so much good for the world. I do not love the way “fans” treat you because of it. It’s like nothing you do will ever be good enough for those lifeless trolls. It’s sickening!!! You do so much good for the world, only to be torn down and treated like crap. That’s not okay at all.

  • Dominique

    I just started following you on Instagram. I’ve watched SN since it started. I love seeing your husband use his platform to give awareness and support for depression and more. I say good for you! Use your platform too! I never write comments, but I saw some negative things and wanted to cancel it out. You have a beautiful family. We need more people like you raising kids, showing them compassion, charity and love (kisses on lips too) . What smart business woman doesn’t have sponsors. Can’t wait to see what you do next. #youdoyou

  • Alex

    Truely inspiring, it is incredible hearing from such a fantastic mum whom clearly adores her children. Thank you for the motivating post.

  • Christine

    Lovely pictures.

  • Cinnimon davis

    You know you and all people should be mindful of what you say, there’s nothing wrong with working from home and getting to spend time with the kids which ever way that is.the jealous and hate you all have is unbelievable.i hope you take next year to look inside and find the root of why you leave awful comments. Sincerly someone who can no longer be a bystander.

  • Sarah

    Gen I am so sorry that the fandom is being so hateful to you. All you ever do is try to help people, love the pics! Doesn’t matter if there’s a sponsor behind it or not lol

  • Lourdes

    Genevieve you are so inspiring. Do not listen to those trolls. Everything you teach Tom, Shep, and Odette is so great. You are teaching them great things. They are going to grow to be great adults. I personally love donating things for other’s. My mother has also taught me the importance of giving back. I hope you read this. Your a wonderful woman and mother.
    With much love and admiration- lourdes.

  • Allie

    Genevive I love your posts!

  • Milica

    Thank you for always giving back and teaching your kids to do the same

  • witchy2717

    I think that if you can’t handle what you are reading or looking at….you have made a choice. Shut the heck up with the negative and unwanted comments. Remember you made the choice to …..! Enough said!

    Yes, Gen showing your kids how to give back and share is a wonderful quality. And people who got negative sayings towards kissing your kids on the mouth, well everyone know the saying… they can go fly a kite. I think you and your hubby are a wonderful set of parents. After all most parents i know(including me and mine) don’t and didn’t walk on water!

  • Madelyn

    This is amazing! As a young girl growing up in a very privileged home yet surrounded by poverty, this is very inspiring to me to get out and help where I can! Thank you so much!

  • Beth

    Just learning about the blog thing so hopefully im doing this right. Volvo is an awesome vehicle. We t boned a girl who pulled out in front of us on a highway road. Luckly we were all ok. our volvo even after a front end collision was still driveable. It had minor dents and no frame damage. I will definitely buy volvo again they are stout automobiles.

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