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Step Into Comfort with Amazon Fashion

Now that the holidays are over and the new year is already running rampant, January is a month of holiday recovery with a good book and a hot cup of tea. I love getting on my comfy clothes, laying in bed, and reading during Austin’s rainy season. Being cozy is also the perfect time to take out the laptop and do a little online shopping.

Amazon Fashion is the best one-stop-shop. It has all the classics, basics, and designers–all from the luxury of my couch. It’s all there, within reach of my fingertips: a little shopping mall right in my lap. I can browse clothes, jewelry, and handbags all at once, and I can do so with the breeze of Amazon. Winter fashion just got a little easier. (Can you sense my sigh of relief?)

I love Amazon Fashion for the same reason I love Amazon: it has absolutely everything. In fact, I grabbed the VELVET hoodie and Dear Drew cashmere drawstring pants I’m wearing today right on the app. Amazon Fashion has the high, the low, and the in-between I am always searching for. And Amazon Fashion doesn’t just have outfits for me, it has looks for the boys, Jared, and Odette, too.

My favorite part? The Amazon shipping. On top of its out-of-this-world selection, Amazon Fashion has the same Amazon Prime shipping we all know and love: it’s reliable and fast. I know any look I choose will be at my doorstep right when I want it to be. It’s a fashion win-win.

What are you wearing as you step into 2018 with a new attitude? Drop me a comment, I’ll be answering a few!

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  • Jamile

    I wanna know one item of your closet that it is indispensable ?? hard one!

  • isabel

    i love the amazon fashion stuff you’ve been doing! i LOVE clothes, and this is all so inspiring for me. i love getting a peek into what you wear, and what you love about wearing it. question: what’s the one thing in your closet that you couldn’t live without? xoxox Isabel

  • Jenna

    What are some of your tips for online shopping? I am the type of girl who has to try something on. How do you know if it’s a good fit for you? Also, are those prescription glasses? They look great!

  • Madison

    I’m wearing my favorite Pajamas and nice warm hoodie 😛 if you see this, do you have any tips for makeup/hair? I always love your look!

  • Madison

    Would you consider doing a closet tour for your blog? (your style is amazing)

    • kamila

      I’d want that too! Great style!

  • Kristen Nicole

    I’ll be trying to stick with comfortable clothes while I go through an overhaul of my life. I’m hoping this will be a year of personal growth for me and learning to finally love myself and conquering my fears. I’ve set a major goal that is several years in the future (summiting Mount Whitney and hiking the JMT).

  • Kati

    I am wearing Harry Potter leggings and a Spn shirt, which are both sooo comfy and nice! I was wondering if you could do a hair care/styling routine because your hair always looks GREAT!!

  • Jessie Woosley

    I love boots…cowboy boots, biker boots, ankle boots, etc. It’s my go to during the cooler months ???

  • Madeleine

    I love amazon too, I’m a big big fan. Your cocooning clothes is so nice. I love it.
    I’m wearing, all the time, a knitted vest (i’m not sure of the word, I’m sorry, my english sucks)
    Have a nice day.

  • Kendra

    Hey Gen!! I love your blog posts so much! On January 23rd my father passed away so I’m just wearing his leather jacket. I’ve also gotten attached to my “I Wish For This…” Sweatshirt! Thank you for helping me with daily life, its definitely needed?

  • Khushi

    Planning to rock some flannel, but your velvet hoodie looks cool. Any more comfy clothes advice?
    i really need some.

  • Malena

    Always love your look, I am stepping into 2018 wearing new jeans! Lucky me, I can wear dark jeans to work, as we are casual with no clients in the office. My attitude is confident, and inspired…thanks to you.

  • Stacey

    I’m also loving cozying up on the colder nights, but during the day I’m sporting low heel booties with cute leggings and dresses. 🙂

  • Anne-Laure

    Rocking in my go-to camel boots, these amazing dark-blue jeans my brother handed me down (yes, I’m basically the same size and wight and everything as my little bro ^^), my fave striped shirt and an Icelandic inspired pullover I’m just wearing everywhere because it is soft, beautiful and keeps me at the right temperature ! I feel pretty inspired nowadays by your looks and try to find some inspo from them, because I feel like we have the same body type, height etc. !!! Also, do you usually wear hand-me-downs (or used to), because I do that a lot and find it’s great even if I’m older 😉 (I mean, I think at least half of my not-so-large wardrobe is made of hand-me-downs from my mother, my little brother and sister, my friends because you know, I’m just tinier and smaller and thinner haha)

  • Anne-Laure

    Rocking in my dark blue jeans, striped shirt, Icelandic inspired pullover and camel boots : that’s my go-to look for winter ! I feel pretty good in these shoes that can fit everything and walk me anywhere, as for this pullover which is gorgeous and keeps me warm without being too thick… call it a win ! I have two main questions : 1) you have an amazing style, you give me many ideas because I think we may have the same body type (height and so on), but I’m the kind of person who needs to try everything. So how do you do online shopping and be nearly sure it’s going to fit ?
    2) What do you think of wearing hand-me-downs even as a young adult ? I mean, at least half of my wardrobe is made of those (given by my mother, little brother and sister, friends, because I’m smaller and thinner haha) and I feel very comfy with it ! Is it something you do ?
    Thanks for everything, keep the good vibes coming our way ! Xoxo from France

  • RAE

    My favoutire part about these pictures it that the lampshade on the bedside lamp is crooked. 🙂
    (also, whatcha readin?)

  • Jordy Sirkin

    My mom swears by Amazon fashion. I need to give it a try.

  • Deb

    It’s so hard sometimes to buy online without trying on first – do you find that Amazon fashion is pretty true-to-size?

  • Maya

    I’m turning 17 next week, and I’ve asked for a Zara winter coat that I’ve been dying for a little bit, so I’m guessing that’s what I’m wearing every single day this year.

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