Tips and Tricks to Combat Allergy Face

This post is sponsored by Zyrtec, but all opinions are my own.

Spring is over and we are heading into the summer! Surprisingly enough, my allergies are still bothering me!

After countless trial and errors, I’ve finally figured out a beauty routine that helps me look and feel my best during the sneezing season—along with a little help from ZYRTEC®. Honestly, the allergy med has been a lifesaver for me. So, when they reached out asking about partnering on a post, it felt like a perfect opportunity to share my secrets and hopefully help other sufferers find relief.

So, today I’m sharing the tips and tricks that help me combat my dreaded ALLERGY FACE®. You know the look: red nose, puffy skin, watery eyes that accompany allergies. Hope it works for you, too!

1. A moisturizing or soothing cleanser

Cleaning my face seems like a no brainer, but it is an absolute must during allergy season.  It’s important that I get rid of residual pollen I may have brought home after chasing the kids around outside all day. I like to choose a cleanser that errs on the soothing side during allergy season so that I don’t dry my skin out and I can feel clean and keep my skin soft.

2. An under-eye mask

While I normally love a full-face mask, I like to target one spot during allergy season: my eyes. To reduce puffiness, I reach for under-eye masks that contain calming ingredients like witch hazel and calendula to reduce swelling. Apply after cleansing for best results.

3. Chilled moisturizer

Keeping my face cream in the fridge has an awesome cooling effect, reducing redness and irritation. If you forget to pre-chill, even a few minutes in the freezer before application will do.

4. Green concealer

My nose gets comically red during the spring. I spent years trying to find the right color makeup to cover the redness. What finally did it? Green color correcting concealer. Weird, I know, but I swear it works like magic against red skin.

5. Mascara

This sounds counterintuitive, but mascara is a MUST for watery eyes. It lifts and curls your lashes, which make your eyes appear more open and bright. (Just make sure the mascara is waterproof!)

6. Lip gloss

Why? In addition to fighting chapped lips, a glossy red pout is the perfect distraction from puffiness.

7. A spoonful of local honey

Ok, I know it’s not really a beauty tip but I’m sharing anyway. For me, a spoonful of honey really helps me feel my best. I’m also happy to have an excuse to support the local bee population—I’m even raising some in my backyard! Want to try your own taste test? Look for sweet stuff at your neighborhood farmers market. Also, check out this article about why it’s so important to take care of bees! 

How do you conquer your ALLERGY FACE®?



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    Hi Gen! Thank you!! I love those ideas, sounds very soothing and pampers at the same time! Here in AZ, Mesquite and Palo Verde trees wreak havoc on us during allergy season. Consuming local honey has eliminated all of my allergies along with my brother. He had severe reactions. After 6 months of adding honey to his diet, he was completely fine 🙂 I eliminated refined sugar from my diet and replaced with honey. The recipes are trickier but well worth it!! I have a strong immune system too. Love the honey!

  • Tena Faruque

    Oh, I really need the green concealer. Thanks for the tip. I’ve tried lots of stuff and still get the red nose.

  • Tracey

    Hi Gen!

    I am SO happy that you are raising bees ? to help combat against losing them!! Bees ? are such an incredibly important part of our world ?. I love honey ?, it’s such a great natural healing product that has many useful applications. I support our local bee ? keepers and honeymakers whenever I can. There are many different flavours and colours of honey ? to try!
    I’m also so glad you are talking about allergies, and “allergy face”. I use an allergy pill and nose spray to help my symptoms, but the pill I use, usually makes me feel drowsy, so I have to be careful when to take it. So after reading your post and watching the video, I’m going to give Zyrtec a try. I have recently had to stop wearing mascara because my eyes have been too itchy and watery. I am also going to try a few of the beauty products you’ve mentioned. However, I do wish you could also provide some less expensive alternatives, since I know many women may not be able to afford these products. And although I already do consume honey ?, I am going to try and make it more of an important part of my diet. I like what the first person commented about how honey has taken away allergies and strengthened immune systems.

    God Bless you Gen for all the help you give to your readers! I love your blog so much.

    Take care,

  • Jordy

    I used to never get allergies and now I’m a mess. I don’t know if it was moving to Chicago, or they just develop over time, but boy is it not fun. I am so puffy in the morning. I definitely want to start using more eye masks. I did get a jade roller that I love to keep in my fridge (so it’s extra cold). That has been a big help.

  • Regina

    Thanks for the post, Gen! Living in MN for years, I never had allergies but after I moved to San Antonio, I developed them. It’s hard to figure out what to do when it was so new and sudden. I need tips like this. Also, it’s so cool you have bees! I love them and wish they weren’t in danger especially since they are so vital to well, everything.

  • Kim

    Gen these are good ideas. I never had any kinds of allergies until I had cancer. Ironically the meds I take to prevent a recurrence gives me hives really bad. I use Zyrtec to combat the hives. Zyrtec has been my go to allergy med for my youngest who has battled allergies since he was a baby and I love that it works for me also. I use a cool cloth on my itchy spots if they decide to break through. Some of these tips are just good ideas to use any time. So thanks for sharing.

  • Kim

    Hi Gen! I have always loved Zyrtec ever since my youngest son battles allergies since he was a baby. I never had allergies to anything until I got cancer. The meds I now take give me hives so I started Zyrtec right away and it has been my saving grace. Sometime the hives break through for a day or so and I am like thank god this is not something I deal with every day.
    Your ideas are great Daily reminders also. We all get puffy eyes for one reason or another. And I bet the green concealer is good during winter months also.

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