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Wellness from A to Z

I’ve always loved when magazines do A to Z features, because they’re an easy way to find inspiration. I thought I’d put together my own personal “Wellness from A to Z” to see if it might spark something for you…Let me know what you think of it!



When we’re true to ourselves, we’re our most healthy.



Whenever I’m feeling stressed, I remember to breathe. A couple of deep breaths really can help you refocus and recenter.

Clean gut

I believe that good health starts in the gut, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep my gut clean, happy and healthy.


Dr. Lipman’s “How to Be Well”

I swear by this book! Check out this month’s Lit List to see why.



Even if it’s a walk or a quick jog around the neighborhood, exercise is my number-one mood boost, hands down.


No, I don’t mean the calling function (although it’s a great way to stay in touch with people!). Spending real, quality time with family and friends is so important to me, because I always leave with my spirit nourished.


Good food

I’m not a perfect, organic-everything eater, but I try to focus on wholesome, healthy food that makes me feel good. Whatever that means to you, I say go for it!


Water is one of nature’s cure-alls, and if when all else fails, by drinking a lot of water I can feel like I’m doing one good thing for myself every day.


Instagram hiatuses

I love social media as much as the next person, but taking a break every now and again helps me to live in the moment and not worry so much about what everyone else is doing.


Jogging my brain

Keeping my brain in tip-top shape is just as important to me as keeping my body healthy. I’m a voracious reader (when I have time!) and am always open to learning something new.


I wouldn’t be the person today without them, and even when things are wild and crazy, there’s no one I’d rather chase after (which counts as a workout, right?).



It’s a no-brainer, right?!


I try to take at least a few moments for myself every day to clear my head, get my bearings and just slow down. Meditation has truly changed my life in helping me to be in the moment.


Being outdoors is in my blood. Fresh air is the band-aid for many of life’s difficulties.


It’s all about how you frame things, like I talked about in my post about flaws. Instead of focusing on the negative, I try to flip my thinking to turn negatives into positives, as much as I can.



The thing with working out or making self-improvements is that it’s a process. I’m always learning how to better practice patience so that I’m working towards realistic goals.


Quiet moments

My life often feels like it’s all about go, go, go, so when I can have a few peaceful moments with my husband or my kids, it’s like a little reward and re-energizes me after a hectic day.


I can’t live without it, and it’s the easiest/cheapest form of exercise out there.


When I get a good, solid night’s sleep, I feel like I can take on the world in the morning. Plus, studies keep showing how important sleep is to overall health, wellness and mood. I’m on board!


There’s possibly nothing more healing than the power of touch, whether it’s a hug from one of my kids, a high five from an exercise buddy or booking a massage to treat myself every now and then.

Unadulterated joy

 Celebrating life’s little moments is just as important as the big things. I try to make my family feel special for the smaller accomplishments, and they do the same for me. And it just feels good.


Finding my own voice and speaking up in a way that feels true to me has been integral to my overall wellness.



It’s why I’m here right now! Pouring out my thoughts helps me to make sense of everything and connect with other people. Connection, to me, is a huge part of staying healthy.


Xtreme kindness

Okay, it was tough to come up with something for “x’! But I firmly believe that being kind to others and being kind to yourself is the first step to feeling whole.


I’ve always found that being open is one of the best ways to experience life to the fullest. I try to say “yes” to as much as I can, especially if it means broadening my horizons.

Zooming off

Travel opens your eyes to new cultures, new foods, new colors…It may be more difficult these days to travel with three kids, but it’s still such an important, enriching part of my life and something that I crave when I want to be inspired.




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  • Jam

    Well said Gen! You’re so inspiring and I’m happy that we have a lot common ?

    • Virginia

      Very inspiring! Thank you.

  • Elena Alkhimova

    Thank you, Genevieve! It’s all so good and so inspiring!

  • Courtney Gray

    I loved going through this post! Thanks for taking the time to create something so inspiring 🙂

  • Nadin7Angel

    So inspiring post! Thank you so much, Genevieve.

  • Chiara Latino

    Hi Gen, thank you so so much for your incredibly inspiring blog. I love your writing and I admire because you’re such a strong woman. I’m a university student from Italy and I’m living such a negative moment in my life now, I feel so stressed and under pressure, that I only think negative, even if I’m doing my best. I’ve been reading your blog for some time, so thank you for being an inspiration. Kisses from Italy.

  • Ksusha

    I like all your articles, they are very inspiring and beautifully designed. Thank you so much. It really helps

  • Ksusha

    I like all your articles, they are very inspiring and beautifully designed. Thank you so much. It really helps!❤️

  • Katherine Lippke

    Hey sister!
    One of the things I love about you is how genuine you are about being who you are! There are I’m guessing the majority of celebrities out there that only show the “Highlight reel” of their lives but you don’t that and I love you for that! One of the things I try to do is be there for others whole heartedly and genuinely not expecting anything in return. Another way is staying intune with my spirit whether it’s watching my Pastors online or listening to praise and worship. I also go walking/jogging everyday after work and the helps clear my mind. My faith is everything to me and if I can stay grounded in that then everything else falls into place.What works for me may not work for others and that’s OK! but the one thing that I know works is having a huge heart for others. I always try and tell others if you need to talk or just want someone to listen I am here.

  • Kim

    Everything you said here is such good advice. We all strive for better life. What you said about extreme kindness is so important. Life lately is hard to find kind people. SO BE THE KIND.

  • Chiara

    Thank you Gen! You inspired me every day and I’m so grateful for that…hope that one day I’ll have the possibility to thank you in person 🙂 hugs from Italy!

  • Chiara

    Thank you Gen! You inspired me everyday and I’m so grateful for that! I hope one day I’ll have the possibility to thank you in person! Hugs from Italy!

  • Katie

    This is amazing Genevieve! You are so inspiring and this list is great! This is really inspiring!

  • Romi

    That’s such an inspiring post, Gen. Thank you for being YOU. You might not know but you and Jared both are huge inspirations for me. I love how you balance your life and I hope that someday I’ll be able to that too, may be not as well as you, but I’ll definitely try. I love how you’ve mentioned that you’re a voracious reader when you get time. That’s me too. There used to be a time when I would finish 2 different books in a month…now I barely get time to finish 1 in 3 months. There’s so much that I want to read and explore but there’s that T factor. Time.
    Anyway, sorry for ranting. I hope you have a great ‘Time’ and looking forward to your next post.
    XO, Romi.

  • Sonny

    I have always liked those A to Z guides in magazines and I have to say that I love yours! Thank you for your positivity. 🙂

  • Tena

    I’ll have to read Dr. Lipman’s book, thanks for the tip. I’m starting a Keto diet and just signed up for Camp Gladiator for exercise. I want to be a really healthy 62. Thanks!

  • Lisa

    I agree with your A-Z. Very well put and thought out. Thank you for sharing.

  • Catherine Abney

    Thank You Gen
    I need some inspiration to keep taking care of myself.
    Trying to keep losing weight.
    Walking is the easiest way for me ?

  • Tera Clow

    Love it! Really great reminders and head space

  • Megan

    Hey Gen! You always talk about how taking care of your skin and face is a big priority for you. However, we all get that unfortunate blemish once in a while so I was wondering if you use a spot treatment (zit cream) and if so, what is it? Thanks! Love your blog! 🙂

  • Chisom

    Amazing and I hope I get to see more. It’s very inspiring and the fact that you take out your tome to do this makes you incredible! Thanks for the advice, I actually needed it. My mom will start wondering where I got so much information when i start preaching all this to her. ?

  • Elena

    Love this alphabet to life!

  • Ashley

    I loved this post! Thanks so much for sharing! ? I found it very inspiring, and insightful. Keep them coming, Gen. You’re amazing, I can’t wait until your next post. ?

  • Marissa

    “Zooming Off” is all I crave in life! I have such a wanderlust-y soul. I’m that person who wants to see, and touch it all. To experience all the cultures I possibly can. My life (I think) is nowhere near as busy as yours, and yet I still have trouble finding the time and resources to make that all a reality. How do you do it with three kids, and your lifestyle? Xo. M.

    PS, a little off topic, but do you have any advice for someone who is interested in starting a blog of their own?

  • Nirali

    This is amazing. You inspire me everyday. Thank you Gen.

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