11.20 What’s On My Nightstand

Between the pandemic and the election, it’s been a rough nine months. But it feels like we are about to change our trajectory. Things are calming down, and that’s reflected in what’s on my nightstand. I’m trying to get off my phone, turn off the news, and focus on finding time to do nothing. I encourage everyone to spend time coloring (with your kids or alone), getting lost in a book, or indulging in some self care. 

The items I’ve been obsessing over lately focus on mindless fun and taking care of my mind and body. Keep scrolling to see what they are—and let me know in the comments what items can be found on your nightstand right now. I’d love to know.

F*ck Off Coronavirus, I’m Coloring

This coloring book is one of my favorite things to get lost in right now. I color a lot with Shep, my little artist, and I often do it after the kids are in bed when I need to calm and focus myself. Each page of the book contains swear words and other colorful language, which helps make the mood a little lighter.

Game Boy

Confession: I do not get these newfangled video games and fancy gaming systems. Anyone else? I like to kick it old school with the Game Boy because sometimes it’s nice to KISS (keep it simple, stupid).

Mighty Gum Immunity Boosters

We’re getting into flu season, so I’m doing everything I can to stay healthy. This gum is great because it tastes great and includes elderberry extract, zinc, and vitamins to boost your immune system.

Aveda Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil

This is the time of the year that my hair goes haywire. In Texas, it’s hot during the day and cold enough at night to turn on the heat. The result is dry, frizzy hair. This product is a mix of five oils, including avocado, jojoba, and coconut, and it makes my hair look healthy and smooth.

Dime Restorative Night Cream

After a lot of late nights of worrying about our world, I need all the help a good night cream can give me. This one contains jojoba oil and antioxidant squalene, which moisturizes while reversing skin damage and fighting wrinkles and free radicals. 

MyKirei by KAO Nourishing Hand Wash

Not only does this hand wash, made of Japanese yuzu and rice water, smell delicious and keep my hands soft and clean, but it is vegan and free of parabens, oils, and dyes. Plus, the plastic bottle is 70 percent thinner than traditional bottles and the company has its own recycling program.

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  • Christina Brotto

    Gameboy?? I actually still my old Nintendo and Super Nintendo, but I need to connect those again. I do confess that I have a PS4, in which I lately I’ve been playing Scrab

    • Christina Brotto

      Sorry I pressed post without finishing..🤭 to continue, I’ve been playing Scrabble on the PS4 a lot these days. Just a good game to keep the brain active. As for what’s on my nightstand, right now it’s a bit of a cluttered mess (need to do a bit of cleaning in my bedroom… doesn’t help that my husband’s a slob lol)

  • Heidi Diem

    Coloring books have been a go-to for a long time. I’ve also been learning to hand-draw mandalas, and how to draw Celtic knots. I listen to a mindfulness podcast at the same time and all the stress just evaporates. 🙂

  • Beth lieser

    I’ve been doing a lot of diamond art paintings and they so much fun because you can choose the picture of whatever you want in to be

  • Bec

    I definitely need to buy that coloring book. Love ones that are a little different 😀 And I had no idea that immunity boosting gum was a thing!

  • Carly B

    So inspired by this post to put my phone to the side, get lost in a book, project, or even mindless video games for a while. Everything is so hectic we owe it to ourselves to chill out and take care of our minds and bodies!

  • Selene Jerez

    The one thing that i love to do when i want to disconnect a little bit from the world, is go to my backyard and wach the stars/moon while listening to some calm music. That really helped me calming down and also it makes me sleep better at night

  • Tracey Le Clerc

    I still have my gameboy and games!! Do you have the magnifying window with a light that clips onto the gameboy? FUN!!
    And I LOVE ❤️ to colour!!! I loved colouring with my 3 kids, and I loved to colour before it became “a fad”, so to speak.
    It’s so relaxing!!! I also have a swear word colouring book! Lol 😂
    And there are some decent colouring apps out there too.
    I love how your nightstand changes from month to month!!
    I don’t think I’m organized enough to do that!! Mine looks like all 12 months crammed together!! I have a lot of stuff I keep on my nightstand. 😞
    Take care and have a fabulous (but safe) Thanksgiving!!! (I know I’m early, but I thought I’d include it here).


  • Romona Akin

    Love to read your posts. This is something I do for myself and myself only. Don’t have many of those.

  • Kelly Ryan

    I need that coloring book in my life! Where did you find it? Also, where did you find the set of coloring pensils? I love to color, it is so relaxing! I loved the Gameboy but right now I play the Switch Light, love it!

  • Chelsea

    I technically don’t have a nightstand but things that are near my bed and would be on it if I had one would be; my phone, computer, favorite book Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur, the adult coloring book I just got for Christmas, my meds, kindle, journal, song notebook, the Promises From God for Women box of cards I just got for Christmas (on Amazon if anyone’s wondering), and a notebook for my random writing ideas. Love that coloring book though! And that I’m not the only adult colorer I know.

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