5.20 What’s On My Nightstand

Whats on my nightstand

We’re still adjusting to the new normal over here—will life with coronavirus ever feel normal?—and it’s very evident by what’s on my nightstand. The six items I’ve been obsessing over lately focus on my mental and physical well being. (And one is courtesy of my kiddo.) Every day we are all just trying to keep it together.

What about you? How are you feeling these days? Are you still quarantining and social distancing, like we are? Let me know what items can be found on your nightstand—and keep scrolling for a peek at mine.

What's on my nightstand


The New York Times

I feel overstimulated and frustrated by watching the news, so lately I’ve been switching out TV news for a good old-fashioned newspaper. Reading the newspaper has allowed me to sit in quiet and digest the current climate. I also get to change it up with different sections (I especially love the Cooking section), so that I’m not bombarded with just breaking news. Bonus: Home delivery is 50 percent off for teachers and students. And online subscriptions are just $5 a month.

Gundry MD 24 Strain Probiotic

A healthy gut equals a healthy immune system. It is so crucial we keep our intestines in great shape, especially in times of stress. Probiotics, which are good bacteria, help balance your gut, which can get overrun with bad bacteria at times. I like this formula because it contains 24 probiotic strains to help your good bacteria thrive. 

Timmy Failure

I love this book for my oldest. It’s on my nightstand because we carve out special time in the evening to read together. The book is sweet and fun and full of adventure for an 8 year old. I love the alone time I get with him and love the way his imagination runs when he reads. As I write this, I can hear his sweet giggle and see his toothy smile. Books are super important right now, and so is supporting independent bookstores. Bookshop.org is a cool new website that allows you to buy books online while still supporting your favorite local bookstores.

Knesko Gold Eye Mask 

I am one tired motha these days, and I feel like quarantine is taking a toll on my skin. To keep my face hydrated, fresh, and plump, I go to sleep with these under eye masks on every night. They are made with a serum-infused collagen gel that’s fortified with precious minerals and gemstones to “activate your chakras” and rejuvenate your skin. They also make me feel less tired (Texas allergies combined with quarantine fatigue are definitely taking a toll on my skin) by looking less tired!

Karst Stone Paper Notebook and Pencil

Now, more than ever I am going to bed with something on my mind. I think I will remember it the next morning but, more times than not, I wake up and it’s as if the day before didn’t exist. Having a pen and paper nearby helps me set reminders and keep track of my thoughts. I recently discovered this innovative company that makes their notebooks with paper made of recyled stone – how cool is that?! And they plant a tree with each purchase.


I love these essential oil diffusers. Not only are they calming and pretty to look at, but they are also solid so they won’t tip over. It has a soft, ambient glow and it’s the perfect amount of essential oils to make the room smell delicious.

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  • Carol

    I’m a pharmacist, so I’ve been fortunate enough to work this whole time. My anxiety has still been through the roof. But, I’m now self quarantined for knee replacement next week, so I’m really struggling. A couple of weeks ago, my naturopath recommended GABA 500mg to stop my mind from spinning at night, plus Melatonin. He also started me on Virapro back in February when things started looking bad. Ocean waves from Alexa, Plexus ProBio 5 and VitalBiome probiotics every night, and my new GABA/Melatonin cocktail are keeping me sane.

  • Sara

    Right now I am reading ‘Daisy Jones & the Six’ by Taylor Jenkins Reid. Amazing book written by a very talented female writer! It was a birthday gift from my best friends. I highly recommend it!

    • Tracey

      Here in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, things are starting to open up slowly, but with strict rules. Most people are still quarantining, but I think we’re alllowed to have small groups of 10. But our family isn’t doing that yet, we’re still keeping our distance and staying home unless we need essentials.
      I always keep water on my nightstand, and I also always have Magnesium, as it helps sleep, and to relax muscles. Melatonin is another constant on my nightstand, it seems to really help me. I also keep a bottle of pillow spray from L’Occitane, the scent is so relaxing! I also love their cherry blossom hand cream and lavender hand cream, which I put on before bed, and I inhale deeply, lavender also helps to relax. I too keep a notebook and pen, cause I’m forgetful! I have a small Eiffel Tower statue, with a “Always Keep Fighting” keychain hanging from it. Plus I always have a scented candle, and on my husbands nightstand is our essential oil diffuser.
      Thanks for the ideas!! I think I’m going to try taking a probiotic. Take care, stay safe!!

      • Kirsten Lambdin

        Oh my gosh, I see the copy of Timmy Failure on your nightstand. My boyfriend and I work as background actors and actually were in Disney’s production of it that was filmed in Portland, OR!

  • Michelle

    I always loved reading with my kids. Of course now they are 20 & 16 so they don’t sit and cuddle anymore. Do it all you can now and enjoy every minute. Thanks for the rest of the suggestions. I am looking forward to trying something new.

  • Marion

    We in France are no longer quarantined, but we with very strict rules. We slowly return to life before, but the road is very long. I also have a notebook where I mark all my thoughts, usually I mark my dreams that I make. Right now, my inhaler has taken its place on my bedside table because I have a lot of asthma attack when I’m asleep.

  • Libby

    Just this morning I learned about bookshop.org. I think it’s great. Also, thank you for continuing this topic. I have a chronic illness so I spend a lot of time in bed. I hadn’t thought about how my bed surrounding not only reflected me but influences me as well. I have to keep it practical, medicines and such but I’ve tried to add comfort and inspiration as well.
    Thank you.


      I do some crochet before going to sleep. But I like the probiotic pill idea and the mask. I think that I will keep that in my nightstand. Thank you. Blessings for you and your family.

  • Laura

    My nightstand contains my water- I have it beside me wherever I go – and my nook tablet bc I love to read before I go to sleep. Our book club book kept me reading longer than usual lately! Wow!! I also have a small fan on my nightstand bc I wake up with hot flashes during the night. This is fairly new and I don’t like it! Anything else I need is in my drawers, but that’s what is on my nightstand. We in rural Missouri are a mix. Some restrictions have been lifted but many are still quarantining. I’m not yet comfortable enough to go back to the before corona activities.

  • Erin

    I’m a high school teacher so I’ve been working a lot during this time period (mostly from home, a little from my classroom when I need to). I also don’t have a nightstand in my bedroom (yeay two room appartment – living room and bedroom). But I do keep a lot of things on my computer desk! I have a mason jar (32 oz) with a handle that I keep full of water (important to stay hydrated) along with a set of dice (for the online gaming campaigns I play for dnd) and my important dates notebook planner thingymabob that lets me keep track of things like the last day of school, teletherapy, and the like. I also plan out things like grocery store trips on there.

  • Christina Brotto

    Oh I feel you Gen. Where I am (in the Greater Montreal area in Canada) I’ve been working at home for the last couple of months. I’m with my daughters 24/7. I stopped listening to the press conferences a while ago. I just take a quick look at what’s relevant in the morning and then go on from there. It was just announced that the schools in my area are closed until September. I find listening to the news all day since it focuses on the pandemic can leave anyone depressed. For me, drawing is my source of therapy, or watching a funny movie to lighten up my mood.

  • Sandi Milano

    My heart goes out to everyone who has had to stay home and quarantine, but when you have small kids it must be worse. My boys are grown and gone, but they are have small children of their own. I live in Las Vegas and work in law enforcement. While I haven’t had to quarantine, working in law enforcement is a stressor on its own. Seeing my city shut down is truly strange, but the plus side was the lack of traffic. One way I unwind is setting aside “me” time. Yes, I live alone but I have an elderly mom to take care of. I make sure I have spa nights (hot shower, hair mask, face mask, and nails) at least once a week. Baking treats for work is also very relaxing. But at the end of the day….a good book, a cup of tea, something sweet and flaky, and something comfy to where is always the way to go.

    We will all make it through this. Everyone is finding out what their strengths are, my wish is that these strengths will make us better people.

  • Lisa

    I have been super stressed about this whole “shitshow” as you so accurately described it. Unfortunately, I am one if those “at risk” individuals who would have a higher likelihood of fatal outcomes from this; so I’ve been very cautious with going out. Even now that my state has started to open again, I’m not going anywhere.

    However, I’ve been staying busy baking and doing fun science experiment with my youngest, (been homeschooling for 18 years so we’ve got a rhythm). So, one thing on my nightstand is an old file box of recipes from my mom. I go through it a little bit each night to find the next day’s baking challenge.

    I also took the plunge and subscribed to a quarterly box of goodies. My first box included a weighted sleep mask, the quality of my sleep has improved exponentially since I got that mask. Sometimes, I’ll spritz it with lavender, sometimes it’s lemongrass.

    Next, I have a stack of books. I devour books daily, my appetite for reading is insatiable. Next to my bed and beside the nightstand is a cloth bin filled with even more books. Books have been one of the things that’s helped me manage my anxiety right now. The smell of the pages is enough to transport me out of my head.

    Last, I have a pack of dog treats. We have 3 dogs so we have packs of treats and dog toys scattered everywhere. Also, occasionally, there might be a cat on my beside table, she likes to sit there and knock everything off then run to living room to sun herself, sigh.

  • Balenda Atkins

    My night stand has migraine meds, bottle unsweetened tea, Dark Hilander by Karen Morning and season five supernatural I working my way through the series again. Sorry you probably didn’t need to hear that again

  • Tami

    I love your suggestions. I take Garen of LIfe organic vegan probiotics for women. i use an essential oil diffuer, as well., and also keep a notebook by my bedside, both to jot own thoughts before bed and record dreams or important thoughts upon awakening. Other stuff that’s helping is reading, watching documentaries, youtube, social media, self-care, and my two kitties, Snowflake & YingYang…lol.

  • Kelly

    Good choices! My nightstand has my pain meds – the “joys” of having MS -, face cream, my essential oil defuser (I love the Living Young sleepy time blend) a stack of “I want to read, but keep falling asleep” books by my favorite authors and pictures of my boys – ages 25 and 21 and of my hubby. I also have a handcrafted small pottery dish that I got from a local artist to hold my jewelry and a lovely lamp that I thrift-salvaged and repainted to match my bamboo sheets.

  • Jennifer McCrory

    Well Gen, I live in a Moundville, Alabama. We are starting to open back up here slowly, and one day at a time. I am a fourth grade teacher and I have spent much of my days trying to research ways to reach my students to continue their education! Technology for many of them is not an option. I continue to work with and teach my own children as well. I’m like you sometimes the news is a bit overwhelming, so my husband and I found games from our childhood to play with our boys in the evening and they love it!! I am so excited I found your web page. Best wishes to you and your family!

  • Sara

    I have a lamp, alarm clock, silicone earplugs (the husband snores!) a lip balm, Chanel Night Mask, pillow mist, my bible and a Point Horror book.
    Stay safe all x

  • Dana Garza

    Love all of this! I’m a big advocate for essential oils and I have diffusers in every room on my home. Love when my house smells good, but more than that, is the therapeutic benefits! I see the change in my teenager’s mood when I diffuse Stress Away or Peace & Calming or Valor in her bedroom. Completely amazing to me! So I will continue being a wellness advocate for those who need support on specific areas. Blessings! Dana Crouse Garza

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