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#MomHacks: Mason Jar Smoothies

One of my favorite morning rituals is making mason jar smoothies with my boys (Odette is still purely on a diet of breastmilk). Tom and Shep love to pick fruits and vegetables from our garden and create healthy, feel-good drinks that taste great (with a little help, of course).

As a mom, I love promoting their creativity and watching their curiosity spike as they pick out ingredients that I NEVER would have chosen for myself. Who would have thought a bell pepper could go well in a smoothie?!

As you know, the base of any great smoothie is, of course, the fruits and veggies. While I try to use ingredients from our garden (we’re currently growing mint, cantaloupes, jalapeños, basil, bell peppers, and tomatoes) as much possible, sometimes we need a little extra help from local farmers markets and organic supermarkets to fill in the blanks.

Whether at the store or in your own garden, try to encourage your kiddos pick out their own fruits and veggies. Not only is it a fun adventure, but over time I’ve found that this simple step helps to empower Tom and Shep to want to reach for the “healthy stuff”, thereby associating fruits and veggies with pleasure and fun. (Gotta love those sneaky mom tricks!)


When you get home, have your kids put their desired pickings into their own personalized mason jars. You can buy mason jars on Amazon for a few dollars a piece, and I like to buy sticky “chalkboard” labels with adhesive to stick right on the jars (you can buy these here from Target). Give your kid a piece of chalk, and let them write their name to make the experience personal.

I don’t know our morning can be pretty hectic (that may be an understatement), so to get one step ahead of the game, we make our smoothies the night before. This cuts down on prep time and makes for gold in the morning! No matter the time of day, the last step is always to toss your berries and leafy greens into the blender and let it do the rest!

Not only are these super easy mason jar smoothies a great way to get kiddos to eat healthy food, but by letting them be in control of their own smoothie it helps them to feel special and involved. Not to mention, it also begins to gives them a sense of where their food comes from!


Here is one of my favorite “red” smoothie recipes from Julie Morris for the Chalkboard Mag. It features tomatoes and basil– two things I grow in the garden and are easy to harvest.



makes two 16-oz. servings


2 cups frozen strawberries

1 1⁄2 cups cherry tomatoes

1⁄4 cup dried goji berries

2 large Medjool dates, pitted

2 tablespoons mashed avocado

2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lime juice

1 tablespoon (packed) minced fresh basil

1 cup coconut water


Blend all the ingredients together until smooth.

Taste, and sweeten if desired.


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  • Natalie Anne

    NICE!! Smoothies only come out at summer time for us (in the UK). I’ll give this recipe a try because unlike my super healthy sister who love the green kind too much I struggle finding a smoothie that tastes nice and has a texture I like. (Never thought about having the kids help making them [i don’t want them to make a mess!!] but if it’ll get them drinking it– I’ll compromise! ;).

    I’ve just done some fairy light DIY mason jars for my (in construction) reading nook. And we’re having a princess kids party this Saturday so I’ve hot glued a fake rose to the lid of a mason jar and turned it upside down and tada! A homemade beauty and the beast prop lol. So many ideas for mason jars!! (Thanks Pinterest)

  • Erika

    Gen, your amazing! I love how you get your children involved with the making of the food. It makes them feel like they created something special. My daughter couldn’t chew until she was 5 years old and no Doctor would help.only a miracle at dinner, my then 10 year old playing lady and the tramp did my youngest first chew! We were blessed that day! Love Erika, Lia and Brianna.

  • Federica

    I am really proud of you. Your positivity is a model everyone should look up to. Keep it up!!

  • Adrienne Reible

    Sounds delicious! I have most of the ingredients on hand but I might need to swing by sprouts for the rest and make this sometime soon.

  • Marijke

    I know this isn’t what the article is about, but I just read your bio, and that’s so awesome that you grew up in Idaho!! I live in Idaho and most people don’t even know what Idaho is, so that’s awesome that one of the people I look up too grew up here too!

  • Destiny

    Gonna have to try it 😋
    Also you guys are family goals ☺️

  • Courtney

    I want that mixing bowl! Where did you get it?

  • Kim

    I am visiting my sister in Montana this week and I have never been a fan of smoothies but she showed me her way of making them and how her KIDS LOVE them. I loved her smoothie though and when I get back to my house I am going to try making them too.

  • Maddie

    I’m not a mom myself, as I’m still wayyyy too young, but I know that I definitely would’ve enjoyed it if my mom had done this with me when I was little. As a matter of fact, I would’ve enjoyed a lot of things when I was little that you now do with the boys. I’ll definitely keep all of these tips in the back of my mind for when I am old enough to have kids of my own! You and Jared are amazing parents and I can’t wait to see your little ones grow up into amazing people! Much Love, Gen ♥️

  • Rebecca

    It’s really nice to see that You’re teaching your children how to eat healthy early. I wish I would have been taught that as a kid! Congrats on your amazing blog so far!! It’s looks awesome.

  • Paige

    Those mason jar smoothies sound delicious Gen! Y’all should also try mason jar salads, they are great for school lunches, or just lunches in general; they are also a very healthy choice! Hope you and your family have a blessed summer!

  • Hannah

    These look so good! It’s also super great to drink these in the Winter time – when you really need as many natural vitamins as you can possibly get!!

  • Sandra

    Nice recipe! I will try it 🙂 I’m also a great fan of smoothie and always looking for some new good recipes ^^

  • Drew

    I’m really interested to know what you do to stay fit and healthy because you’re always looking amazing x

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