Living Well With Dr. Frank Lipman

I’ve had hypothyroidism for quite some time. It’s something that runs in my family. As I started to dig deeper into the disorder, I realized that it’s very much connected to the gut, and I wanted to explore the root of the disorder versus simply the symptoms and causes—which led me to the work of Dr. Frank Lipman.

His new book, How to Be Well, is about more than gut health, though—it’s about a way of life that puts you as a patient and a person first. Unlike the way Western medicine usually puts a band-aid on problems, Lipman’s philosophy combines both Eastern and Western theories for a more balanced, wellness-forward approach to health. First and foremost, it’s all about trusting yourself and trusting what your body is telling you.

In what he calls the Good Medicine Mandala, Dr. Lipman puts you, the patient in the middle, with six pillars surrounding:

  • How to Eat Well
  • How to Sleep Well
  • How to Move Well
  • How to Protect Well
  • How to Unwind Well
  • How to Connect Well

Essentially, How to Be Well offers a blueprint on how to live in a way that encourages self-awareness, self-care and fulfillment at every level. He offers 100 tips across all of six areas. If that sounds daunting, it’s not. The tips are little tweaks you can make to your everyday life: Think things like eating more home-cooked meals, listening to your body’s rhythms so you can get on a more regular and refreshing sleep schedule, and getting up and moving around every couple of hours. Taking these small steps then adds up to a larger picture of overall health that’s completely personal to you.

One of the areas that really spoke to me is How to Connect Well, because, like everyone else I know, I’m on my phone all the time and I feel like I’m missing out on the little moments of human connection that make life really special. His tips have helped me to slow down and savor those moments.

I’ve already started to incorporate many of his tips into my daily routine, and I already feel leaps and bounds better, both mentally and physically, because of it. I hope you’ll enjoy our conversation and will consider picking up a copy of the book. Be well!



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  • LC

    I have had hypothyroidism since I was 12 years old. It’s also been in my family’s medical history. This is the first I have EVER heard of a connection in the gut. I have seen several specialists in the past sense my diagnosis. Thank you for sharing, I plan on researching about this gut connection thoroughly. And I also have How To Be Well on my list of books to read!


  • Regina

    Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve had several health issues that I wasn’t sure how to deal with and just this short interview gave me many ideas. This book is now on my must reads!

  • Elena Becker

    I was diagnosed with Lupus last year and have struggled with my health and gut. Def putting this on my list of books to read!

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