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Acupuncture for Birth and Beyond


Six years ago when I first embarked on my birthing journey, I realized how important it was to surround myself with a good support team. Not only was it important to have a great midwife (or doctor) and a compassionate and helpful partner or spouse, but I quickly discovered that it was also equally important to surround myself with a doula, friends, and anyone else who would encourage me, empower me, and give me comfort in my time of need. During my exploring, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Jasmine Bay, a Seattle acupuncturist (as well as a trained midwife) who specializes in treating pregnant women.

When I met Jasmine, I felt instantly at home: she’s a warm, friendly, fiery redhead. She’s part mythical goddess, part fun friend who just wants to know what’s up. While I knew a little bit about acupuncture, I didn’t realize the profound effect it would have on me or the effect it would have on me later during labor (yes, she attended all 3 of my births!),  but also through postpartum. Her gentle touch and precise points eased the heartburn I experienced while pregnant with Tom, alleviated the backaches that I thought would never go away while I was pregnant with Shep, and mitigated the headaches that plagued me while pregnant with Odette. In addition, she was my epidural during labor and postpartum, and she encouraged my uterus to contract to its former state as well as helped my milk come in to release baby blues. In other words, Jasmine’s healing hands and Eastern medicinal philosophy and knowledge helped me immensely during all my pregnancies–both physically and mentally.

I get asked a lot about my pregnancies and birthing experiences both during and after the process, so I feel that it is extremely important to share how much acupuncture and Jasmine helped me during this time. ACUPUNCTURE IS A GIFT. Had I not had someone to ease my pain, put my hormones in check, release pressure points that made my home birth a heck of a lot easier, and teach me a thing or two about physical mindfulness, my pregnancies might not have been as blissful and euphoric. They were all equally hard in different ways, but having Jasmine’s help and guidance really helped me to fully nourish and connect with the beautiful little being growing inside of my belly, as well as my own honest feelings of pain, doubt, fear excitement, and euphoria.  So, whether you’re a non-believer or an old vet of Eastern medicine, we can all take a grain of insight from Jasmine.Gen_Padalecki_Acupuncture

When I began writing this post I asked Jasmine to give me her definition of acupuncture.  This is what she told me: “part of the system of Chinese medicine that involves inserting fine needles and certain points on the body to clear blocks or change the energy (called Qi) that is causing disharmony and disease on a physical, mental, or spiritual level.  It is often used with herbs and lifestyle modification for a more complete change.”Gen_Padalecki_Acupuncture

Jasmine first put me into a series of acupuncture known as labor preparation, which she calls “the body’s preparation for an optimal, quick birthing experience” through the strengthening of the uterus. This series completes three major tasks in the birthing department:

  1. Toning the uterus
  2. Softening the cervix
  3. Aligning the baby for birth


“I see a lot of people for morning sickness,” Jasmine explains. “A lot of people for back pain, and a lot of people for pregnancy anxiety or sleep problems”–all symptoms familiar to me during my pregnancies!  Acupuncture, as Jasmine would remind me, “helps the body do what it already knows how to do.”

Here are Jasmine’s top 3 tips to feeling better throughout the birthing process:


Sacred Time

“The months before and after your birth are completely sacred times,” Jasmine says. “Keep them sacred by giving yourself time to rest, eating really well, and getting a lot of help.”

The first part is glorious if you can manage to make time for naps and relaxing. It’s the babymoon, as Jasmine explained, where Odette and I were in our own little world, and we felt it.  Besides resting, I jumped into a nutrient dense diet (approved by my birth team –I LOVED the book the First Forty Days ), and started drinking a special birth tea in the month leading up to Odette’s arrival.  After birth, Jasmine instructed me to do infusions for lactation, which were a lifesaver of their own right.  

Also, in treatment, Jasmine levied my sacred time with a treatment called Moxibustion. It’s an old Chinese method of healing that uses the burning dried moxa herb to increase blood flow to a desired area of the body. Find someone masterful who can get those warm herbs on your body.  Just to warn you, don’t be alarmed, it has a VERY strong odor–not unlike heavy incense.  I noticed a transformation in my body very quickly. It seemed I recovered more quickly than I had anticipated.


Empowered Birth

Although I opted for a home birth for many reasons (stay tuned), as Jasmine says, “everyone should give birth where they feel most comfortable and where they feel empowered.”  Whether that be in a hospital, in warm water, or in the forest somewhere (it happens), “make sure your birth providers are in alignment with how you see yourself giving birth.”

“The fact is, everything at the birth is just magnified,” she explains. “If you’re not feeling respected during prenatal care, you’re not going to feel respected in labor.” So, should you get an inkling of unhappy vibes from a physician or nurse, Jasmine gently reminds us that as a consumer, “you have the right to choose whatever kind of prenatal care you want.”  That means shopping around for the right caregiver that fits your needs. “If a woman doesn’t feel empowered during prenatal care, she won’t feel empowered during birth, and that’s important.”

So, we dialed it in. After copious research, I found my team of home birth experts who got me comfortable and ready.



If you Google skin-to-skin research, your feed will fill to the brim with positive articles about how important the concept is. “The research is there,” Jasmine states.  “Babies regulate their breathing and their heartbeat based on their mother.”  

I first heard of skin-to-skin during a birthing class at Big Belly Services in Seattle. (Amazing experience for anyone that is pregnant in the PNW!) Skin-to-skin is a bonding experience for baby, as well as 100% therapy for mama. I live for the quiet time together with my babies while we lay skin-to-skin. There is nothing like holding your baby to your skin.  It’s so beautiful and pure, and it’s a time to bond and soak each other in. Under Jasmine’s instruction, we carved at least an hour out of our day for pure skin-to-skin (or as much as I could get away with!)  

“The more time they spend away from their mothers, the less regulated babies’ heartbeats can become,” Jasmine explains. Because of this, I wanted Jared in on it, too. He had special skin-to-skin time with each baby, and although a father’s bond is not as vital to the baby’s health and regulation as a mother’s bond, it’s important that the baby gets familiar with Jared’s scent and heartbeat as well. With each of our children, he was the first one to hold them and enjoy that moment.  

At the end of the day, having acupuncture as a healing mechanism both pre- and postnatal was a miracle effort for me. Jasmine eased pain, found weaknesses in my system, and used her skill set to eliminate them.  

But, just like any self-care remedy, it takes a team: the person providing and you. By eating right, and giving my babies and me the rest and affection we all needed, we went into the birth feeling happy, empowered, and (some what) pain-free, and we walked out of the birth calm and empowered.   

Not only is Jasmine my personal wellness guru, she’s a trusted, informative midwife and participant in my emotional health.  It takes a true champion to push someone from the grueling pain of labor into a place of feeling balanced and calm. Props to you, Jasmine.  


You can buy herbs and Jasmine’s amazing teas by visiting her shop right here! FYI – this is not an ad, just genuinely what I use in my own life. For more info, you can head over to


With Love,





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  • Natalie Anne

    Tbh, I never even thought about acupuncture helping pregnancy. This post gave me some very “hypnobirthing” vibes. I can tell from how much research you’ve put into making your pregnancies as comfortable and safe as possible for both you and your children that you’re a great mother. I’m interested to hear your thoughts on the difference between each experience; starting from Tom and Being a first time mum to Odette, your third. Loved your post on breastfeeding week. Very empowering. And, of course, beautiful photos as always!! Love from the UK xxx

    • Suz

      Gen this is so beautifully written. I am not surprised though, as you were glowing when I last saw you. This is because of all the internal work that radiates outwardly. I look forward to reading more and following you on your journey.

    • Haley

      I love this!!! I haven’t tried acupuncture but am very aware of holistic healing for metaphysical symptoms and energetic transmutation. It’s great to know that there are holistic practices for pregnant woman to relieve the stress of the weight and emotion we carry for 9 months (and longer to be honest)! Amazing, Gen! Thank you for being courageous and authentic to share!!

  • Margaret

    This was very interesting! I am beyond the birthing stage, but my children are not and I want to be a resource of information for them. I had neer heard about acupuncture for pregnant moms before; I have used it for my damaged neck with very satisfying results. I am really enjoying your blog and all of the beautiful pictures. Namaste.

  • Jasmin

    You are absolutely right ! Before my first birth, 5 years ago, I also tried accupuncture. And it really worked! They say, the first birth lasts about 20 hours… thanks god (and accupunture) everthing was done meanwhile 4 hours!!! And my second birth in between 45 mins!! Both without any pills or medicine (against pain f.e.). ??
    Greetings from ??

  • Rena

    I love this post so much!! I don’t ever plan on having kids but I will for sure pass this info on. sending love ❤️❤️❤️

  • Jacqueline Marie Larden

    Hey Genevieve,
    I just wanted to say that this article was amazing and just all around informative. I may never have the chance to use this. Still looking into that but I wanted to say that it was beautifully written and just so great! I am so glad you started this blog!!! My friend and I have talked about both her births and the difference between them and I am sure she would agree 100%.

    Greetings from Canada

  • Rebecca

    I wish I would have known about all this with my first pregnancy. Our oldest was born in a military hospital at Ft. Knox. I had midwife who treated me like an idiot because I was young, 20 years old. Then the doctor that delivered her yelled at me for not pushing. They gave me too much medication so I felt nothing at all, couldn’t feel if I was pushing. It was not a good experience. I felt like a failure as a mother, and as a woman. My second pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. Third I gave birth at a civilian hospital in Arizona. I had a wonderful doctor and great nurses. Fourth time around was twins! (Ironically, a girl and boy, born in December, one minute apart! Tell Daneel they will survive!) With them, I had to have a C-section due to the way our son was positioned.
    I agree that we need to educate ourselves and find the best plan for us during a pregnancy. There is so much more information now then when I had my kids.
    Gen, thank you for being so open with your experience!

  • Mia lin

    Love the tip. Sounds Amazing and love to try it in the future! I do also think we should all have our birth where more comfortable. It helps keep the baby healthy and also the mother!

  • Abigail

    I didn’t even know it was possible to use acupuncture during labor!! This is amazing! While my mom has always used a midwife (and ARENT they just amazing??) she has never used this technique! Definitely something that I will be looking into. Amazing article once again Gen!

  • Jordy Sirkin

    Great article Gen! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve definitely become more curious about the different aspects of pregancy and prep. I myself don’t have children, but hope to start that journey within the next few years. So I find articles like these insightful so one day I can utilize them.

  • Alyson

    I had never thought of using acupuncture during my pregnancies/births (back in the dark ages), but I can attest to the efficacy of acupuncture for pain relief in other parts of your body. It’s great! And seeing you recover in pictures with Odette, it’s clear that it works for birth and recovery as well. Your recovery and adapting to being the mom of 3 is nothing short of amazing. Keep in doing what you’re doing, Girl, it’s obviously working! ❤️

  • Karen

    Hi Gen. I’m enjoying your blog and Instagram. I also have two boys and a girl. Our pregnancies sound a bit similar especially our middle guys. I just wanted to let you know that the url for Jasmine’s site doesn’t seem to be working – it redirects to a domain purchasing site.

    Keep up the good work and be well. <3

  • Clara Lino

    This is amazing, I dream in be a mother and i have hope to accomplish this dream and its tips on motherhood is very important to me, thank you very much I will save all your tips!

  • Kiley

    It makes me so happy to read about your journey! You really put such a positive spin on the world–it’s beautiful. I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to your blog posts ❤️

  • Laura Dobbs

    Full disclosure: I am not a mother and have no plans to become one, still:

    This fascinated me. The diversity of options out there for mothers before, during, and after pregnancy is astounding and beautiful.

    The best thing about this post, Gen? How relaxed you come off. You are telling your story. You are not shaming anyone for doing anything else, and you aren’t trying to sell an idea or product. The world needs more like you! Thanks for sharing!

  • Zarinah

    Am 17 , don’t think I want children but you’re persuasiving me a bit . Love the article .

  • Lilli

    I love your post!
    Especially tge part about acupuncture (please, did I spell it right?)!
    I once got acupuncture against my cat allergy and it didn’t work so since then I’m a little sceptical, but with that fiery description I will try it, when I have kids!
    Jasmine sounds very nice and I really like Princess Jasmine so there’s that!

    Hope you have a good time!

  • Lucy

    Although I am still not at the point in life where I am ready to have children reading things like this is super helpful. These are the kinds of things no one ever tells you about having children and is something I had never stopped to consider. In fact it has made me consider trying acupuncture just to help me in my day to day life! Thanks for another great post Gen! Xx

  • Samantha

    I’m not a mom yet, but this was insightful. I have always imagined giving birth in a hospital in case of any issues ( I was three months early and needed an incubator to finish growing my lungs) but as I am getting older I have become more open to holistic health and wellness. I Have worked in an organic market and was introduced to many wonders our own planet provides us, so your experience is encouraging as well as insightful. Thanks for the post!

  • Michaela

    This is amazing, as are you Genevieve! Maybe sometime you could do a post on you and Danneel and the friendship you and your families share. ?

  • Amarri

    Loved this?

  • Gifs Dee & Gen

    Hi Gen, I know this has nothing to do with the subject, but I’d like to know your version of how you and Jared met on the Supernatural set?

  • Jasmin

    Hi. I had acupuncture for birth as well. My gynecologist gave me the advice and also performed the treatment. It’s very common over here in Germany. Herbs and stuff I got from my midwife.

  • Bailey

    This was a beautiful, and very insightful article. Thank you for sharing your ways. We all love you and can’t wait for whats to come. Again thank you!!

  • Mary lane

    Loved reading your article it has inspired me so much I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff and I truly think this will work for me thank you so much for sharing this with everyone

  • Christa

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful look into your positive experiences. It’s truly an inspiration. ❤️

  • Deanne Colley

    I have considered acupuncture and appreciate the info. Great advice for new moms.

  • Mikayla

    I love this post. I am not a mom nor do I see myself having kids any time in the near future, but when I do I will definitely take this into account. Thank you for sharing this with us. (:

  • Mrs.

    I could have used acupuncture for morning sickness. I just never thought of it. I did find chiropractic care helpful as pregnancy progressed, it really eased the discomforts. Especially with my pregnancies at 38 and 40. I felt wonderful. I believe it always helped me to have 4 straightforward homebirths. One of those births was a surprise breech birth . Her delivery was very smooth. My midwife said my breech baby just wanted to stay close to my heart. Haha. . To this day ( she’s 11) we still have such a strong heart connection .

  • Marilyn

    I gave birth 31 and 29 years ago and knew nothing of acupuncture, or doulas, or a lot of the other things you discuss in this post. I was, however, aware of skin-to-skin and tried to practice it as much as possible. I think you are a very thoughtful and caring mother and it will show in your children!

  • Christa

    Love this! I suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum (extreme morning sickness) when I’m pregnant and acupuncture was one of the only things that helped me function during those pregnancies! I’m married to a chiropractor and my father in law is an acupuncturist so I consider myself very lucky. It also has done wonders for my anxiety!

  • Shauna

    That’s amazing! I love how grounded you are & in tune with your body. Although I’ve never actually used acuupuncture myself, I dont doubt the benefits of it.:)

  • Hannah

    Loved this article! I’m not a mother, but I can fully attest to the efficacy of acupuncture in conjunction with western medicine. I started getting frequent migraines (2-3 per week) when I was 18, which forced me to take time off from college and resulted in a week in the hospital. Since migraines are kind of a weird phenomenon, different treatments work for different people and my doctors and I were basically doing trial-and-error with different medications. When nothing really helped, we started doing research found tons of scientific studies (check out some from the University of Chicago) attesting to the efficacy of accupuncture for migraines. Long story short, I started going to an accupuncturist a few times a week when I was 22 after years of trying different medications and seeing no change in my migraines, and after the first two or three weeks, there was already a huge difference in my day-to-day headache level and the frequency of my migraines. Now I’m 25 and really only get full-blown migraines once a month!

  • Marlena

    I love acupuncture! That and essential oils help my headaches so much. I’m out of the baby making game but will tell others to check it out!

  • Ria

    My births were before doulas, midwives, acupuncture etc were options. When I had my first child 22 years ago later this month, something “clicked” inside of my very being. I become more aware of my own body. When I was pregnant with #2 child 20 years ago a crisis developed for me in that food allergies and intolerances kicked in. Opening the door even further to me exploring more holistic health care. Pregnancy #3 was difficult, put on restricted activities and no heavy lifting. I took matters into my hands and sought aromatherapy and massage with a healer who had reversed terminal brain cancer in herself. It was a saving godsend. My pregnancy progressed to 42 weeks and a healthy robust baby boy. As time has progressed I have worked with different practitioners Acupuncture has been a modality introduced to me 6 years ago or so for strained neck and shoulder. Amazing results in seconds.

  • Maryam

    Such a great article. Thank you for sharing this beautiful and important experience 🙂

  • Ava

    My best friend has had epilepsy her whole life, and her mother also has a few medical problems they both deal with. Recently they started going to acupuncture, and they both are much more relaxed and experience less pain! I’ll definitely go when I’m pregnant. Wonderful article!!! xo

  • Jessie

    I have not yet been blessed with having a baby of my own but I have used acupuncture for many things in my life including stress and tension. This article was outstanding as always. You are a wonderful human and empowering to females everywhere! Cheers!

    • Beerene

      Although I haven’t experienced giving birth yet, it’s something I look forward to in the future. One thing that haunts me now, is the pain while giving birth. Do you think this is a good thing for “non-believers”? Do you think it would still work the same way it worked for you? Were you afraid to give birth before you found Jasmine?
      Much love from California ?

  • Hannah

    This is amazing. I cannot wait for your post on your home birth. I too had a home birth and utilized acupuncture for induction of labour. I used hypnobabies for my pain management and as a first time mom my labour was 6 hours! Next time around I plan making accupunture a more prominent part of my entire pregnancy though. I may even take a drive to Seattle in the near future to meet this awesome guru of yours. Proud resident of the PNW!! Thank you for sharing your experiences I feel like we are new soul sister’s with such similar views on birthing and parenting. Lots of love lady friend.

  • Michele Stober

    I love your blogs!!! Your an excellent writer. I feel like we are sitting around chatting like friends. I love learning about new and interesting things! Thanks for sharing with us.

  • Jana

    I never thought about acupuncture for pregnancy! My sister had heart and hormone trouble from athletic overtraining, and my mum, an OB nurse, turned to acupuncture after starting her on a regime of supplements. Acupuncture was a huge help. Most people don’t think of it as fitting with modern medicine, but it has been around a long time for a good reason. Even if you want to go for a hospital birth, keep acupuncture in mind!
    And thank you for stressing the importance of skin-to-skin. Anyone who has anything to do with birthing should know the importance of this (especially right after birth!). Great article!!

  • Kimberly

    I love this and wish I knew about it with my pregnancies. My daughter’s birth was easy least but my two son’s births were horrible. I had back labor with both and my contractions weren’t strong enough to advance the labor. The pain mess the docs gave me made me delirious (literally, I was yelling for my husband who was standing right next to me, so I was told don’t remember that part.). My doctor wasn’t the one on call and he actually had an emergency so I had a doctor I had never met before. I was 21 and in a room full of strangers (they had nicu team in there just in case because of the amount of time Baby spent in canal). All talking at me and all at the same time. Do this do that. I didn’t want to do an epidural, however was told to by the doc due to the amount of stress the contractions and back contractions were doing to my body(and therefore the baby). Well epidural line kinked and needle shifted due to the back labor and they had to remove so I had to go through all that for nothing. 36 hours later my first born had arrived but I was so physically and mentally exhausted that I don’t remember holding or feeding him for the first time. My husband had to basically just lay him on my chest for the skin to skin and holding him up to my breast to feed him. My daughter’s pregnancy was hard and I wound up going on bed rest at 20 weeks due to continuous contractions. However herbirth was so easy. I felt nothing. My third child, I had the same problem with the back labor and epidural that I did with my first born. He was stubborn and wouldn’t move into the birth canal until they were peeping me for anc-section and then boom in he went. I wish someone would have told me about this then. Almost makes me want to have another one just to experience something new. ALMOST. 3 is a good number. Haha

  • Sarah J

    Love acupuncture and holistic healing! Very powerful. Healing for the spirit, not just the physical body. Xo

  • Aishwarjya

    I’m 14, why am I reading this ? ? I love you gen and I told my mom about this and she was really impressed and wished she had acupuncture when she was pregnant with me and my sister. lots of love ??

  • Nicole

    I love this blog. I have been using a guy in the town where we live that does dry needling using electricity applied to the needles. I have one leg shorter than the other from a femur break as a kid. Thus causes me to have sciatica as well as arthritis in one knee. The needling has helped me tremendously. So yes I’m a fan!

  • Olga

    This is beautiful!! Thank you so much for posting. Ive learned so much!! Many blessings to you and yours!

  • K.C.

    I love your openness to experimentation! Every woman is different and so are their needs. This blog is truly wonderful, I get to come here and have some me time whilst learning and being inspired. Your powerful and bright outlook on life is admiring.
    Thank you for sharing! ❤

  • Krystal

    Great post Gen! Very informative. Thank you for sharing! xoxo

  • Robin

    My 4 boys are all grown men now, but this was really interesting to read, I had all of my babies natural, no epidural, but u are right support from your spouse is very important (which I did not get) back in those days we did not have the options like there are today. I did have a midwife for 3 of my births and will say that was a good experience. Keep blogging and have a great day

  • Dara

    Wow, thank you. I found this not only helpful but something I will be trying this time around (12 weeks along now). I am in the PNW but a bit far from Seattle. But with you information and the knowledge from her website my midwives and I might be to mold our own way. Thanl you for sharing.

  • Emily

    This is so interesting- great article! I’ve never had children, but things like this do make me being to think about the future and what I want to have in mind for when the time does come! I’ve never tried acupuncture either but would like to try it for some long-time dance injuries I’ve had. Thank you for the wonderful post and insight!❤

  • Tracy Jones

    A beautiful article. I am the mother of 4 children. I gave birth naturally. No medications. I wish I would have known about acupuncture when I was pregnant. The birthing process was beautiful even with the pain but you made some great points in your experience. Congratulations on your new little one.

  • Treasure Barrett

    I myself have never experienced acupuncture, but my sister did when she got meningitis the second time and she’s actually going to school to become an acupuncturist. 🙂

  • Alex Kessel

    This article was actually very insightful for me. In the (near) future, I plan to have kids, and this article has really helped to prepare me with plans and ideas for what I wish to do with my children. Thank you for the amazing thought and effort put into every post! Can’t wait for more to come. Keep being amazing.

  • Johna

    Love this. Being afraid of needles I never did acupuncture. Skin to skin however helped my youngest stay out of NICU and be sent home 24 hrs after birth. They had taken her to the nursery for normal testing but while there her breathing became labored and her heart rate weak. I went to the nursery wondering why she hadn’t been brought back to my room yet. An elderly Asian nurse immediately made me do skin to skin and within a couple of minutes her breathing and heart rate stablized. I kept her in my shirt while they monitored her and then when they finally sent her back to my room except for when I had to use the bathroom. If it wasn’t for that nurse my baby girl would have been transferred to a hospital almost 3 hrs from home.

  • Beth

    You obviously weren’t reading. Biologically, its more important for the baby to be in tune with the mother’s body, since the baby receives its nourish from the mother, and typically, the mother is the one caring for the baby.

  • Beth

    The father’s bond (through skin to skin contact) is less crucial than that of the mother.

  • Teresa

    I never thought about acupuncture tho I did do both my births without pain medicine but mine were not long . Skin to skin contact I did do tho and found it different with both of mine . I find your blog very interesting keep up the good work love from the U.K.

  • Marisol Yasmine

    I wanna try it so bad, even though I’m not pregnant or even close to being so, I have these deaths bad back aches and I feel like it’d help.

  • Deborah

    Acupuncture is awesome! I am a chiropractor and so is my dad, and I attribute regular adjustments to how smooth and “easy” the birth of my baby girl was almost a year ago. I didn’t know you had home births, that is awesome. Thank you for sharing this, and your photo for breastfeeding week!

  • Evie

    I’d never given Accupuncture any thought or knew anything about it. However I was having fertility issues was looking at journal articles for things that enhance fertility and in the literature accupuncture jumps out as a proven way to increase chances of getting pregnant with and without ivf. I will keep doing it during pregnancy too.

    Love your blog, love what you said about an empowered birth and how that’s different for everyone.

  • Ariana

    I love this post! I had never heard of acupuncture for helping with birth, but I’m so intrigued by it now! I’ve done acupuncture many times now, for migraines, back pain, endometriosis pain, concussions, depression and anxiety. Whenever I have kids I will definitely be looking into acupuncture because it has always been incredibly helpful for me with my various illnesses and injuries. I might even shoot Jasmine an email for more information on how she does everything! Thank you for this amazing article Genevieve! <3

  • Carolyn

    I love reading your blog Gen! I have had experience with acupuncture for my chronic pain issues. It wasn’t as helpful as I had hoped for me but it did help a little. Glad to hear how well it works for you!

  • Jen

    Really interesting and informative article. I have akways wanted to try acupuncture for my migraines. Thanks for sharing!

  • Melanie

    I love this post! Acupuncture is amazing. I have never used it during pregnancy (discovered it after), but if I was ever pregnant again I would absolutely utilize it. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Sam

    My auntie, she study acupuncture too, I made it sometimes, and it’s really nice, I’ve never be pregnant but acupuncture is really good for help with all your body.

  • Chantal

    Very interesting and informative post. Life has not lead me to have my own children so I can’t really comment on acupuncture in relation to pregnancy, birthing or postpartum. However, my chiropractor/physiotherapist used acupuncture to treat me for exertional compartment syndrome and I believe it sped up the healing process.
    I am a firm believer in a holistic approach to health and heeling. Treating a symptom without taking into consideration the whole person and what they are living at that moment ignores the complex system that is our living body and essence.
    Thanks for sharing your experience with me.

  • Lauren

    Hi Gen,
    I love this blog post ! Your lifestyle and beliefs are very similar to mine , you’re just further along on your journey and it’ great inspiration for when I get to those life steps. Some changes I’ve made in my life are that I’ve moved to clean eating and I’m growing tomatoes and cucumbers this year in my first garden so I can become more self sustaining ( strawberries and edamame are on the horizon for next year!) I now try to use essential oils and blends ( would loveeeeee to see a blog post about your favorite oils, their uses, and your fav blends ) to help regulate my systems and help when I’m not feeling myself. Finally, my big plan has always been a home birth when the time comes and even though I get eye rolls and criticism every time it’s brought up, I’m sticking to my guns. I love to see that you are so passionate about your beliefs and are willing to use your status to inform and educate others about the different options out there. I will bookmark this blog post for later use and you really got my interested in acupuncture and it’s benefits ! Thanks for sharing your lifestyle and ideas with us – I always look forward to seeing a new blog post !
    – Lauren

  • Charmetria Hooper

    Love, Love, Love Acupuncture. Its been a minute since ive been but when i did go, OMG it was like magic lol ?
    Helped me Emotional, Physically, and Spiritually ❤


    I 100% am in love with acupuncture, though I have not use it for pregnancy. I didn’t get the opportunity to..(I was assaulted very early in my pregnancy and it was terminated.)

    I have use acupuncture for a wide range of aliments and found the results to be so much better than any medical prescription ever could have been.

    I hope that more are open to it, it truly cam be life changing if you find the right person for you.

    My acupuncturist J.P. help’s me so much with my RA, menstrual pains, anxiety, post concussion syndrome symptoms, and sleep disturbances.

    Thanks for your time.


  • Natalie Anne

    “not as vital to the baby’s health and regulation as a mother’s bond” Read the rest of the sentence, Colleen. She’s specifically talking about skin-to-skin contact when the baby is born and NOT a father’s relationship to the baby in general. Which I agree with. It’s the same as when the mother’s breast milk changes HOURLY to give the baby the correct nutrients as they grow. Mother and baby’s bond is insanly strong, particularly physically straight after birth, and nothing compares to it.

    • Catt

      Don’t worry about Colleen. She’s the exact same person who makes hundreds of fake accounts on Instagram to hate on Gen. I used to be friends with her on Facebook, then I realized she’s obsessed with bullying Gen and anybody who supports her. Absolutely pathetic.

  • Jessica

    I so love all of this information just wish I would have gotten it before my birthing days lol. It is good information that I will pass along to all the expecting mothers that I onow?

  • Antoinette

    My first birth was 20 years ago, we immigrated from the Netherlands to Canada and had no family or what so ever to help us out, we just went with the flow, never had heard of a doula at that time and when I went into labor my doctor told me he was going on a retreat with his son and gave me in the hands of someone I did not know and who even had to ask the nurse how long she could use the suction cup for, it was a LONG labor, very tiring and disappointing and did have a 4th degree tearing from a wrong cut, I made it through without any epidurals or painkillers but with all this stress my milk did not come in and I noticed red stains in his diaper, according to the nurse that was normal…what do I know as a first time mom? But he was dehydrating and had to be rushed to another hospital, we ended up all ok but boy…that one I will never forget, especially how disappointing it all was at that moment. So it is good to have these kind of blogs to give others an idea in how they can prepare and hopefully have a wonderful experience in giving birth because it is a AMAZING feeling to hold your baby at the end, Don’t worry I had two after this one and they went better ?

  • Jen

    Thank you for sharing this with us, Gen. It was very insightful and inspiring and I enjoy how open you are about your pregnancy experiences with us readers. I, myself, have never been pregnant (yet, I’m 21 and still have TONS of time) and this is definitely something I will come back to if and when the time comes. I never even would have thought about acupuncture for pregnancy. Everything you shared has definitely made me think twice about it now to try for muscle relief. I also wanted to tell you how empowering I found your recent instagram post to be and I thank you for that. It was very personal of you to share with us for National Breastfeeding Week. I especially enjoy that you had Shep there with you and that it seemed like such a normal thing in your house hold and I found that inspiring. I hope one day, I will be half as good of a mother as I see you to be. Thank you for yet another wonderful article! xxx

  • Elizabeth

    While I’ve not yet experienced the wonder of childbirth myself, I have had the honor of helping my sister with 2 home births attended by midwives and will be helping her again in a few months. I was able to use my massage therapy training to help her greatly during labor, and have seen the many benefits of skin-to-skin contact with new babies. It definitely helps the baby with all the things you mention but it’s also so beautiful to see the deeper connection it fosters between the parents and baby.

    I was just talking to my sister and she was sharing how she frequently feels that those who are in the public eye typically follow the ‘standard protocol’ for pregnancy and childbirth, so it is a great joy to see someone like yourself, with influence and a following, being open to more natural ways of childbirth. Thank you for helping to normalize breastfeeding in particular, and for sharing your journey and the things you have learned along the way. Love your blog!!

  • Jacqueline K

    While there will be no more wee babes growing in my body, I will share this info with those around me. But I had to comment because, as has been happening regularly, I LOVE your writing. Your words, your tone, your down to earth style…..I find it very gen-uine and refreshing. Thank you ?

  • Rakael

    I love your blogs ❤️.

  • Vanessa

    Although I’m not a mother and only 16 years old, I found your posts about being a mother to be really interesting and informative!

  • Sally

    I’m very interested in medicine! Acupuncture is interesting and probably a bit of the placebo effect. Studies have shown that sham treatments and actual acupuncture have similar results. The power of the mind is amazing. I think it’s cool how we can respond so well to various treatments that are essentially neutral. Reminds me of the placebo back surgery that has helped people with chronic pain. This is one of my favorite subjects to read about!

  • Stacy

    This was a wonderful post, Gen! My daughter is currently 39 weeks & 5 days with a pretty big (estimate: 8 lbs 9 ozs) baby girl. I only wish I had learned more about acupuncture & everything Jasmine taught you sooner. She (my daughter, Morgan) is having back aches, trouble sleeping & everything else that full term mommies go through. Luckily there was no morning sickness (why do they call it that? I was sick from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed!) only a couple bouts of dizziness. I am going to arrange for her to see an acupuncture specialist for during labor, delivery & postpartum. I wish I lived in the PNW, it’s just beautiful up there. You & Jared have 3 absolutely precious children! I love your blog & always look forward to the next posts 🙂 Much love from Maryland.

  • Trinity

    Great article! We officially need to be friends now. Ha! It would be so much fun to sit with you and swap birth stories and talk about all the birth-y, crunchy, homeopathic things!

  • phoenix

    I am not sure the place you’re getting your information, however good topic.

    I must spend some time finding out much more or understanding more.
    Thank you for great info I was looking for this information for my mission.

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