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Setting Intentions for the New Year

Do you make resolutions at the beginning of every new year? Personally, I’m not a big “resolutions” person because 1) I often like to break the rules, and 2) I think they set us up for failure.

This year, I’ve decided to set “intentions” instead. Intentions stem from the word “intend,” which by definition means to have a course of action as one’s purpose or objective. Essentially, an intention is a plan, which feels much more doable for me. One of my goals this year to be easier on myself, and to share more personal moments like these with all of you!

So in staying in line with my intentions for the new year, I created this video all about setting intentions. Give it a watch, and make sure you subscribe to my new YouTube Channel so you’re the first to know when a new video is live.

What are some intentions you are setting for the new year? Tell me in the comments below, I want to hear from you! Here’s to a beautiful, successful, and fun filled 2018!





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  • Gifs Dee & Gen

    Gen you is amazing Gen you are wonderful, I wish you 2018 full of happiness and success, much love for you!

  • Priya

    I think I really like the concept of intentions. Primarily beacuse I keep breaking my resolutions in a week or so , almost every year. So yeah, this year I intend to eat healthier, sleep earlier( so I dont go to work while being kinda mentally asleep) and hopefully to restablish contact with old friends with whom I lost touch in the last few years.
    Wishing a very happy new year to you and your family <3 Stay happy and blessed. And may 2018 bring you a lot of smiles and success.

  • Clara Monnerat

    Hello Gen!
    Love your articles! You are such an inspirational person. I hope 2018 will be a year filled with achievements and health for you! Odette, Tom and Shep are lucky to have a mother like you!
    May your blog continue to grow and inspire people.
    With love,

    Clara Monnerat

  • Madeleine

    I wish you and your familily an happy new year and good healthy. All your wishes realize !
    Me for 2018, I would like to live … I wish I loved life, live life to the fullest and realize a few dreams.
    Happy New Year 2018.
    Thoughts from France.

  • Sarah Bousfield

    I love this idea but it also made me think about something I noticed about this past year. I was thinking about how a year can sometimes lead back to a single cohesive idea or theme and I was reflecting on this past year and I kinda came to the realization that this was the year I came to terms with just how low my self-esteem has been. I work with kids so much and my job is to make them feel special and unique but I just kind of stopped believing that about myself this year and let my self doubt grow. So this year I guess my New Years intention is to build myself up and remind myself that it’s okay to feel down sometimes but to always reaffirm that I can still do anything and I am just as capable and important as the kids I teach these lessons to.

  • Stasha


    I am going through a rough 3 years of hell trying to get through just one day and your blog and posting really help me through. I just wanted you to know that you are a inspiration and I wish I could be as positive as you in especially in my more
    than I would like to admit dark times.

  • Susan

    I like the intentions take on the annual resolutions. Less stress/more positivity with the goals. My intentions are to be kinder to myself and let my past mistakes stay in the past. Stop dwelling on them and punishing myself for things that happened years ago. 2018 is the year of me. Work to make myself a happier and healthier person. Join groups to make friends and get out of my comfort zone. Eat better, move more and make my health (body and mind) a priority.
    Thanks for everything. Bless you and your family.

  • Kass

    I just posted something called “New Year, new me…. I don’t think so….”
    I speak about how I’m not going to force change on myself this year, about how it should be natural and gradual not pushed. I think one day Jared said something along the lines of “let it happen organically,” and that is exactly what I’m doing. A new year, an organic and stronger me.

  • Celeste

    Hey Gen!
    I hope the new year is full of health, happiness and success for your family and you. As for intentions, I intend to pass this one subject that been holding me back from starting university, get another tattoo and learn, as much as I can. Maybe make a few new friends along the way.
    Much love!
    Celeste Dsouza.

  • Jalene

    I like this idea of intentions! I’m not a huge resolutions person either. I also have 3 kids and a husband who travels a lot. I’ve been through the phase where I had to learn to let things go, realize I couldn’t do everything, ask for help, and be okay with it! You’ll get it figured out! I want to build a better relationship with my children (I butt heads with my 10 year old quite a lot.) Also, I started a new hobby and it is presenting itself as a good possible business opportunity. So, I want to try and gain enough control over my ADHD to actually focus on it, to learn, grow, develop my talent, and be successful with it.

  • Marlena

    I’m going to try and not cling to things that weren’t meant for me. Not everything works out all the time and there’s no reason to keep reliving the hurt over and over. I’ll grieve for a bit and then let it go. Hope y’all have a wonderful 2018!

  • Lyn

    My intentions for this year is try to get better in my mental health and learn to love myself.
    And Gen you are such a big inspiration to me, you are an awesome strong woman, thank you for everything. Love you and happy new year! <3

  • Elena

    I’m going to take care of me and get healthy.

  • Louise

    I’m going to do more sport, learn more English (because I’m French ??), and watching a tittle less TV but it’ very hard because I love Supernatural!!
    Love you

  • Ashley

    My intention is to be more curious. I think I’m so used to just trying to get through the day and my to do list, that I forget to pay attention to the things around me, to ask questions and then wait for the answers and to notice what inspires or intrigues me. Hopefully following my curiosity will lead to more mindfulness and creativity and passion.

  • Kelly

    I have made a few resolutions in my life and not managed to keep even one! I like your idea for New Year intentions. I am going to give it some thought (and maybe journal about it as well) and see what intentions I would like to try to set for this year. I know right now that one intention for this year that I would like to set for myself is to try to find better ways to deal when I get overwhelmed. Raising a family, husband, four kids and one dog (who is really like a fifth kid!), gets really stressful on top of going back to college! Happy new year to you and your family! ❤️

  • Autumn

    Thank you for the inspiration!! Well needed
    I’m not sure if you’ve ever had La Barbecue in Austin or not. But if you haven’t I think you’d like it.

  • Bobbie

    As a single mom of two young women (ages 13 & 19), obviously the sole breadwinner for 7 yrs now, AND a 1st grade teacher on top of all of that, I also refuse to do resolutions. They tend to make me feel worse when I don’t fulfill them. Mine are similar to yours~ stop beating myself up so much over what I can’t do all alone, because I’m notorious for mom-guilt toward myself. I also intend to let go of negative soul-ties this year- I’ve drifted into the “doormat” lane off and on for years and I need to show my daughters that THAT is not acceptable, by not being afraid to find and use my “strong woman voice”! Lastly I intend to excercise more as an aid to the antidepressants I’ve been having to take for a few years now- I will eventually come out on the winning side of depression and migraines- perimenopause has begun so I’ve got an uphill battle because it tends to worsen both, but I intend to fight in any way I can, so as to make it smooth transition into my next chapter in life. Happy New Year to you and yours! God bless!

  • Bernadette Rihana

    ‘Resolutions definitely set you up for failed because there’s this notion you have to stick to it 365 days out of the year and that is unrealistic. A better skincare routine (and more consistancy with it) is definitely an intention for me.

  • Jessica

    My intention for this year is to really focus on my business and to continue on my weight loss journey. I intend to put my self first more because if I don’t take care of me then I can not be the best for my family

  • Jami

    I totally agree, resolutions are fine but we all break them at some point. My intention this year is to take a step back and reevaluate what is truly important, reconsider some toxic relationships in my life and to just “lighten up” a little. Your blogs are great. They have given me alot to think about, keep them coming. Happy New Year to you and the entire family!! I wish you nothing but the best in the new year!

  • Kathy
    Happy New Year to you, too! ?
    My intentions are to get back to doing more yoga, more meditation, and just more “down” time with my family. I like your idea about being more forgiving of ourselves. I need to let go of trying to be the perfect wife, mother, sister, friend, and teacher. I want to finally write a children’s book and learn to paint better.

  • Jean Sorrell

    I really commend you for being able to admit that you are not always “super woman”, and that you you have crazy days like the rest of us! You are a beautiful lady, with three gorgeous little ones and a very busy husband, and many of us are fans of yours, as well as Jareds’. we admire you, and think the world of you even if, like most of us, you don’t wash your face every day! From the looks of it, you are doing one hell of a good job of it all! Love you, keep on keeping it real!

  • Rachel

    Hey Gen! I really love your vlog on setting intentions rather than resolutions. It allows room for set backs and rest days without the crushing guilt if you mess up and it lets you approach each day fresh. I started using a countdown date calculator not only for things I’m looking forward to, but also for goals I have set. It helps me to take a few minutes in the morning and acknowledge that the actions I take today will shape how well I achieve those goals on some future date. You’re a huge inspiration! Keep up the awesome work and take care!! ??

  • Sara

    My goal is to try & eliminate stress. Or at least manage it better. Walking at my local park, which is along a river, reading, and definitely listening to more music! Also spending time with my friends & family. We’ll see how it goes.

  • Laura

    We recently just started watching Supernatural (addicted to say the least, my four year old runs around yelling “SAM!” –in her best Dean impersonation.) Anyway, I stumbled across your instagram (maybe, maybe not creeping all the characters) You are so inspriational! It’s pushed me to realize I need to step my mom and life game up, that is my intention! Nursing school, family, career.. no more slacking and staying in my comfortable “get by zone.” I need to take advantage of every extra second I have. Pushing myself to be a better me every day. I have dreams and goals and I need to stop procrastinating to get there. 🙂

  • Mani

    Hi Gen,
    I really liked your article, and I think choosing “intention” over “resolution” was wise and inspirational. Wish you and your family happiest moments this year , and every coming year.
    My intentions are to take it easy when it comes to move and live in another city, and to make the best effort to happily change my life to a better one.

  • Rhonda

    My theme for 2018 is health before anything else. I’m turning 50 and I really feel that eating well and exercising daily is what will bring me through this year unscathed!

  • Amanda @CrunchyHippieLife

    Love this! I’m not setting resolutions either, but I just realized what I did do was set intentions! One of them is to build my blogging income to be able to blog full-time! And so it is. ❤️

  • Brittany sisson

    My intention is to be more in the now with my girls. With us being a military family, I try to tons of pictures and videos for family back home in Texas so they don’t miss out on the girls lives. The downfall of that is I’m constantly watching them from behind a camera and not being with them playing or learning or cuddling. Here’s to a new year!


  • Belinda Saunders

    My intention for this year is to enjoy master 6 and miss 1 & even if I feel like I am sitting around not doing enough; relaxing with my babes is a ok ?

  • Raquel

    Love this idea so much!

  • Viktoria Nilsson

    I just love your blog, youtube channel and reading your articles. Everything you write gives me so much inspiration. My intention for this year is to prioritize myself more and my health. I wish you a very happy and succesful year, thank you for everything you do!

  • Rose

    A few years ago, I had to shut down my business. I was heart broken about it, but the amout of business I was getting in my area just wasn’t enough to it keep going. My husband is now looking for work in another state, and with that, I’m hoping to re-establish my business. To quote Confucius, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life”, that inspires me to look to 2018 with renewed vigor.

  • Stefanie

    I’m so glad someone else believes in intentions as much as I do. 🙂 This year I finally took the plunge and started my candle business. The whole purpose of the business is to create candles that assist and help others in their intentions. It makes me feel good to know that I am helping others in their life journey, and helping them find whatever it is they need (peace, harmony, romance, money, you name it!). My personal intention is to try and have a better work life balance this year. I have two kids under 5, I work full time, I go to school full time for my doctorate, and now I started my own business. I want to do a better job of including my kids in as many areas of my life as possible, too. 🙂 My four year old loves to help me pour candles and come up with new formulas – that is priceless and precious time together!

  • Susan Castellow

    Starting my female owned renovation company in San Marcos. Scary and exciting but we owe it to our girls to lead the way.

  • jacqueline Harder

    Hoi Gen I’m always happy when you make new pictures or video it’s so beautiful and you have beautiful children is so lovely sweet

  • Elsemiek Tijhof


    My new year’s resolution/ intention is to be kinder to others. I just came back from 4 months in Ireland, I live in the Netherlands myself, and being home is harder than I thought. From living with 7 other students to live back with my parents brings some frustrations. My first instinct is to tell them off and get irritated by them telling me to do things their way while I’m desperate to develop my own way of life. Yet it is not their fault because they also have to raise my sister and brother and if I tell them off it will upset them because they just want their home neat in their own way. So I will try my best to keep that in mind. Be kind. That is my new year’s intention.

    Much love,

  • Emily Collins

    Happy New Year Gen! I love the idea of intentions…I have always refused to make New Year’s resolutions for the same reasons as you, and “intentions” seem like a great alternative! My intention for 2018 is to make taking care of ME a priority. I haven’t been doing such a good job of that recently. My other intention is to start a part-time private practice as a therapist, something I’m very excited about!

  • Sheridan Hayward

    Hey gen
    Wow i hace never thouggt about the new year like that. U have inspired me to change the way of thinking abput why am here and firstly i would lile to thank you for the from the bottom of my heart for all the amazing work u do and i just want to say if i become half tje person u are i will be one happy woman. So thankyou fpr always being there and helping me though the good amd bad times.

  • Brittany green

    Happy belated birthday gen I hope you enjoy your day you and Jared have a beautiful family I love your acting rolls as Ruby and Kris from wildfire I wish I can see more of you ❤️❤️??

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