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A Conversation About Food, Family & Sustainability with Candace Nelson

Conversations with friends are one of those simple, soul-nourishing activities I could do for hours and my recent conversation with Candace Nelson was further proof. You might know Candace as the founder of the tremendously successful Sprinkles Cupcakes (now in over 24 locations!) or her TV appearances on shows like Cupcake Wars and Sugar Rush. She’s also helped me make her ultimate vanilla cupcakes and delicious gluten-free granola bars during my marathon training. I sat down with Candace in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago to talk food, family and sustainability on her podcast “Live to Eat.”

She’s so much more than just the queen of cupcakes. She’s a dear friend and I loved our time chatting together. Let me know what you think!

You can also listen to my episode on her podcast, Live to Eat, on Apple, Podbean or wherever you listen to podcasts!

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  • Lily Wood

    This podcast was amazing! I’m not usually a fan, but it was super inspiring to hear y’all talk about ways to be more environmentally friendly and live a healthier lifestyle. I’m actually trying to start down the path myself so thanks for the encouragement (and the tips)!

  • britney

    loved listening to this podcast! truly enjoyed every single aspect of a healthy lifestyle and the different ways in being environmental friendly.

  • Liz

    Gen, you are so down to earth! Please start a podcast about literally anything – I’d listen to every episode. I loved hearing about your early life too, would love to learn more about you and how you became the person you are! Best wishes.

  • Jo

    Such an interesting interview!

  • Jessica Lozano

    Hi Gen,
    What a great podcast! Thank you for sharing! How cool and fun that you knew Demi Moore growing up!! I just finished reading her book and have always admired her and her roles. She really has an inspiring story despite having experienced so much trauma. It was great to hear your personal story. I love the idea of not having kids order off the “kid’s menu”. I’m going to implement that with my neice and nephew since they live with me right now 🙂 Trying to help them broaden their food choices. You are such a great mom and really give an array of great ideas to share for raising a family. I love the idea of helping children to have a conscious role in our world and with themselves. We CAN make a difference 🙂 Austin is definately a place I want to visit on vacation. Sounds like a wonderful place!

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