Immersive Meditation with Singing Bowl Sound Baths

When I was pregnant with Odette, I was looking for a way to calm my nerves about baby number three. Life with two boys was already overwhelming and I was tired of the checklist constantly running through my mind — counting baby kicks, kids’ school activities, vet appointments, Jared’s work schedule, etc. Meditation has always been my failsafe when I’m struggling to feel grounded and find my center, but this time my regular solo and guided meditation practice just wasn’t cutting it. I knew I needed something deeper and richer to really quiet my mind and help me find myself again. I started doing a little searching and stumbled across Austin’s “singing bowl lady.” I was intrigued—and completely hooked after my first session.

Now that I’m preparing to run the Boston Marathon, I’ve found myself coming back to this meditation practice more and more. It releases stress and tension, helping me recenter and recharge when I’m feeling drained by the grueling training schedule.

The “singing bowl lady”, also known as Sandee Conroy, was kind enough to sit down with me to talk about sound therapy so I could share some of her wisdom with all of you. Learn how you can use the power of sound to get to what she calls “magic land” in the video and read more about my sound bath experience below!

Sound Baths: Deconstructed

A singing bowl is a traditional Tibetan bowl that is actually a type of bell. They’re played using a mallet to create what’s called a sound bath, producing a rich, deep tone that connects with the body and mind through vibration. Sandee Conroy uses quartz crystal singing bowls representing seven different chakras that resonate with our bodies internal crystalline structures.

What It Feels Like

It’s a deep, visceral meditation that creates a monotonously hypnotic rhythm that feels like you’re being washed in waves of water. Simply put: My first sound bath left me feeling like I’d been cleansed and rested to my core. The whole experience was incredibly meditative, with a sense of being submerged inside of a vibration, drifting through waves that my body happily yielded to. It released my mind and relieved my aches and pains—and I may have sneaked in a little nap too. (There may also have been some drool and pregnancy snoring, but who cares. My chakras were aligned.)

Unfortunately, we can’t always access a singing bowl lady when we’re feeling stressed or anxious. BUT, I have found some pretty great alternatives online. Several times a week I’ll listen to a YouTube video of a sound bath before bed. It resets my body and mind and I wake up the next morning feeling deeply rested. The best part? You can do it from anywhere and usually for free. Here are a couple of my favorite recorded singing bowl sessions.

Youtube Click Here
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  • Hailey Owens

    Thank you so much for this, Gen! I have a little singing bowl at home that I love. I can’t wait to try this sound bath tonight. Love you, girl. To the 🌙

  • Kim

    Gen Thanks for this post. I had one meditation class with my Cancer Support Group and I enjoyed it so much. I did forget about it though and this reminded me. I think I will look up a class. Thanks for the recommended YouTube post to use in the mean time.

  • Chantal

    I love my mediation sound videos on YouTube. I have a few favourites that play (sometimes throughout the night) to help centre and ground me. It must be a wonderful experience to actually be present in the vibrational field produced by the bowls. Very intense.

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