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Buddy Up: 4 workout moves you can do with a friend

After I workout, I feel great. It’s the before part that can be a little tricky. You’d think the pressure of having to actually run 26.2 miles four weeks from now (…oh sh*t) would be enough to scare me out of bed and out on my training runs. But lately, I’ve just been feeling tapped. out.

Thank God for reinforcements. My coach Erik at Trail Roots met me to finish my mileage on Monday—making sure I kept my pace and was well hydrated—and it’s been truly inspiring to see all of you running your own routes on the Now & Gen 5K Challenge Running Club.

It’s reminded me that, like raising children, working toward a healthy goal can sometimes take a village. It’s important to have friends around who will stop you from flaking out. And I’ve always loved that exercising with a buddy let’s me selfishly squeeze in some social time too. So, I wanted to share one of my favorite partner workouts with all of you.

This routine comes from my dear friend Michelle Kuhnreich. We met in Vancouver and this inspiring lady has been kicking my butt for years with her A.S.S. Class. This workout is the perfect combo of toning, strength and cardio—and you can do it anywhere, no gym or equipment required. My favorite part is that you’ll get to strengthen your body and your bond, laughing and cheering each other on as you work to accomplish the moves.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!



Warm up with a 5-10 minute jog. Then do each move for 45-seconds and rest for 15-seconds. Repeat the workout four times. By the end, each partner will have completed the routine twice.

Move #1: Knee Slapper

Partner 1: Squat hold

Stand tall with your feet spread shoulder-width apart. Lower your body as if you’re about to sit in a chair. Shift your weight into your heels, keeping your booty back, core engaged, chest up, shoulders relaxed.

Partner 2: High knees

Standing with feet hip-width apart, drive your right knee up to tap your partner’s hand and quickly bring it back to the ground. Follow immediately by lifting your left knee up to meet your partner’s hand, continuing to alternate legs as quickly as you can. Keep your core engaged, landing lightly on your toes, shoulders relaxed.

Move #2: Ab Climber

Partner 1: Alternating Crossover Mountain Climber

Begin in high plank with your hands on your partner’s feet. (Your job is to be their anchor while they perform sit ups!) Make sure to shift your weight into your hands, shoulders on top of hands. Breathing out, bring your left knee to your right elbow. Switch and bring your right knee to your left elbow and continue alternating legs. For a cardio burst, pick up the pace. For more core, slow it down.

Partner 2: Sit ups

Begin lying on your back, knees bent and feet on the ground. Your partner is your anchor. This will help you perform the full sit up without using momentum – just a lot more abs! Reach your arms back as you go down, breathe out as you come up to perform the sit up. Always keep your lower back on the ground. To challenge yourself more, bring feet closer to your booty. Too intense? Move feet farther from your butt!

Move #3: Leaping Frog

Partner 1: Plank Hold

Place hands on the ground, shoulder directly on top of hands, slight bend in elbows with your head, shoulders and hips in alignment. Tuck your tailbone to activate your lower abs. Use your breath to tighten your belly. Look down at the ground, neck in line with spine—this keeps your neck and shoulder relaxed with good form. (If wrists begin to bother you, modify by doing a forearm plank instead.)

Partner 2: Hop Overs

Breathing out as you jump, hop over your partner’s calves. Land softly on your feet—not just your toes—to protect your joints, calves and knees. If you’re not comfortable hoping over (some people aren’t and that’s okay!) hop back and forth or perform jumping jacks.

Move #4: Double Booty Bridge

Partner 1 & 2:

Lie on your back, shoulders relaxed. Knees bent 90 degrees, feet off the ground. Place your feet with your partner’s so they are pressing into one another, making sure knees are bent 90 degrees, knees in line with your hips. Driving into your partner’s feet, squeeze your booty as you simultaneously lift your bums off the ground, keeping knees bent. Slowly lower back down to starting position. Core engaged, hamstrings and booties are working to stabilize and lift hips. That’s one rep! Repeat for 45 seconds.

YAY! You finished your first round, 3 more to go! REST for 60-90 seconds, then switch. Partner 1 becomes Partner 2!

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    Hi Gen! You are so inspiring! Thank you for your great posts and new ways and ideas to workout. I struggle with getting the motivation to workout and I have to remember how I’ll feel afterwards. I’ve got to get moving!! See you at the finish line!!!

  • LC

    Gen and Mich! You both are so inspiring. I love this workout. I haven’t found my workout buddy yet but when I do I’m diving into this routine!

  • NotMyRealName

    Will try this! Thank you for the inspo gen!

  • Lynn

    We got your back in the club. Thanks again for starting that. It’s been very motivating. Love the above workout. Did a few of those moves this morning at the gym during class. Lol. Hope your training goes great this week!

  • Kathleen Hoeck

    Is it best to have a buddy that’s close to your same height?

  • Stephanie

    Thank you Gen for the workout ideas! I workout with my sister so these are great ideas ?

  • Maggie

    I’ll try this with my best friend ASAP!! Thank you angel ?

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