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Creating a Tablecloth of Gratitude

No matter how planned the day is, Thanksgiving always feels so frantic. This year, I wanted to create a personal touch that could be a conversation starter and sweet contribution to our Thanksgiving and allow our family some time to reflect on the year. Since I love home decor and tablescapes centered around fall and family, I had the idea to make a gratitude tablecloth. It’s easy to lose sight

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9 Ways to Reduce Holiday Hosting Stress

In case you missed my confession last year, I’m known as The Grinch of Thanksgiving dinner. I love the actual holiday—having the whole family together and reflecting on what we’re grateful for. The rest of it, not so much. All of the planning, cleaning, and cooking (especially making sure the turkey and all the other dishes are done at the same time) stresses me out! I’m in awe of people who

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Fall Recipe: Pickled Apples and Pears


I’ve been trying to limit our food waste. So, when we recently had an abundance of apples and pears that I didn’t know what to do with, I reached out to my chef friend Brock Lane for ideas. His suggestion: PICKLE them. Say what? I’d never thought to pickle fruit, but I did it and I have to say, the results were delicious and gorgeous.

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How to Keep School Lunches Interesting

We’re a few months into the school year, and if you’re anything like me, packing lunches for the kids every day is getting O-L-D. I want to be that mom who packs something healthy, colorful, and exciting every day of the week, but it is so much harder than it looks! For school lunch inspiration and advice, I reached out to one of the best school lunch packers in the

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DIY: Feathered Halloween Masks

Confession: I’m a huge stan of Martha Stewart. I used to hoard all her magazines growing up and could spend hours flipping through the pages. She has this inner toughness mixed with femininity that I admire. Not to mention all those amazing crafts! I’ve always found crafting fun and relaxing, especially when the items you make, like these Halloween masks, are pretty and usable. My friend Virginia Davidson saw these

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My Favorite Cold-Weather Workout Gear

I’ve professed my love for working out in the outdoors here before, and that remains true even in the winter. When I go for a run or hike outside, even when it’s freezing cold, it feels less like a chore and more like an adventure. But I’ve learned the hard way that if you’re going to get your sweat on outside when the temps drop below 50, you need to have

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My 6 Makeup Bag Essentials

Wherever I go—from carpool to New York Fashion Week or adventuring in the Great Bear Rainforest—there are some makeup essentials I never leave home without. I’ve always loved playing with makeup, but I typically have about five minutes to get ready before one of my kids starts calling for me (or climbing on me like a jungle gym). So…makeup essentials to me are beauty products that help me look and

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