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How to De-Stress Your Thanksgiving

I have a confession: I’m sort of known as The Grinch of Thanksgiving dinner. I know, I know! I love the ritual of the entire family gathering around the table to show gratitude for all the good things in our lives. But actually preparing all the food is stressful and I’ve just never been a big fan of the traditional Thanksgiving foods. There, I said it.

Luckily, I know a pro who does love cooking Turkey Day dinner: Gaby Dalkin. She is the founder of my absolute favorite cooking blog What’s Gaby Cooking. Her recipes are approachable, and she has that easy-breezy California sensibility about cooking (good ingredients, not a whole lot of fuss) that I admire. I knew she’d have great advice since her cookbook (see it here) is full of creative ideas, so I asked her to share her chef secrets before the big day. Here, her four fail-proof tips to getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table with minimal stress.


The key to less cooking anxiety: More prep. “Anything that can be done ahead of time should be, including setting the table,” says Dalkin. “And keep in mind that almost all the veggies can be done earlier in the day and then simply reheated right before dinner while the turkey is resting.” Need ideas? These three sides can easily be prepped ahead of time:


The day before T-Day, cut and toast the bread, make your aromatic mixture and simply store it in the fridge. All you have to do on the day of is assemble and bake!

Mashed potatoes

Make them from start to finish the day before and store them in the fridge, but don’t add any herbs. On Thanksgiving morning, add a few tablespoons of cream to a slow cooker and then dump in your mashed potatoes. Stir everything together, letting them heat back up, then add some fresh herbs right before you serve.

Green beans

Blanch green beans on Thanksgiving morning, then immediately shock them in an ice bath to retain their gorgeous color. Then simply saute them with garlic, shallots and seasoning right before dinner.


In addition to prep, make an actual schedule that will keep you organized and on-track so more of your work is done before the big day rolls around. “My game plan starts the Sunday before with things like shopping and cleaning out the fridge, then outlines what I can do each day to ensure less stress (and cooking!) the day of,” says Dalkin.



Thanksgiving is not the day to try a new recipe for the first time. “Stick with side dishes you’re comfortable with so you feel confident going into the day,” says Dalkin.


“It’s all about a compound butter and a brine,” sayd Dalkin. “You can even take a shortcut and buy a pre-brined bird, and when it’s ready to roast, slather it in a compound butter which will infuse all sorts of flavor into the turkey—and invest in a meat thermometer so there’s no second guessing when you’re turkey is done.”

Happy cooking!


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    Hi Gen! I love this, thank you!! What beautiful pictures too! Wonderful beauties 🙂 Great reminders to cook ahead of time. I always forget and you’re right! This holiday is the most stressful for cooking. The 45 min before dinner of trying to get everything heated and ready at the same time is very challenging and stressful. I can’t even talk to my family that hour of getting things done lol or else I’ll snap lol. Luckily, my brother always helps and we are on the same page and just work together in harmony moving pots, carving and presenting dinner. One look and he knows “what can I do to help?” I love the fresh herbs as finishing touches! Thank you for the great tips and tricks! Jess

  • Alyson

    You forgot the most important tip! Divide the work by having your guests to bring items for dinner. Maybe just apps and wine, or a salad, a favorite veg dish, or a dessert. I’m the primary Thanksgiving cook, but my sons and their SO’s are bringing apps, salad, potatoes and sweet potatoes. I won’t let anyone do the pies or turkey but me, but pushing even a few things off my plate make things a lot easier!


    Hi Gen, Wonderful pictures! Great beauties 🙂 I love the fresh herbs as the finishing touch. I’m the same way lol. I can’t even talk to my family the last hour of trying to get dinner ready, it’s just too stressful. My brother and I usually host and we work together very well. Just one look and he knows what to do lol. I’m going to make that stuffing this weekend and try it out before T day. I’m also making a pumpkin pie from scratch this weekend. I have to alter the ingredients a bit to fit my needs. I’ll post the recipe if it turns out good lol. I wish you and your family a very Happy and Stress Free Thanksgiving. Jess

  • Sandra Maria da Costa

    They are delicious dishes Gen.

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