DIY Wrapping Paper

There are always a million things to do during the holidays. No matter how prepped I think I am, it feels as though an entire year of to-dos get crammed into these two weeks. That’s why I love finding activities that can check off a few boxes at the same time. This year, the kids and I decided to channel our inner Van Gogh and make DIY wrapping paper. I got my gift wrapping done and spent quality time with the kids, and they got to make a big mess and release some creative energy. It was a win-win for everybody!

The wrapping paper we made is far from Pinterest-perfect, but I love that it gives an added personal touch and detail to our gift giving. O and the boys had so much fun designing their own presents, and it’s an added bonus for the grandparents who love to receive these special works of art from the kids.

Want to give it a try? Don’t worry, this super easy DIY is basically impossible to screw up. Here’s how we did it:

What You’ll Need

  • roll of recycled Kraft paper
  • paints (we used Tempera paints and paint sticks)
  • paintbrushes
  • small bowls of water
  • paper towels
  • stencils and glitter (optional)

Step 1

Unroll the kraft paper on a long table, set out the paints, and let the kids go crazy! We painted Christmas trees, wrote our names, and did handprints. It was awesome.

Step 2

Leave the paper out to dry overnight.

Step 3

After the paper is dry, cut it to fit your presents and wrap as usual.

Step 4

Watch family members’ eyes light up when they receive these special gifts (and how proud your kids are to give them). Now that’s what the season is really all about. Happy holidays!




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  • Lovleen

    wow, what a simple yet wonderful idea. I wish to do the activity with my nephews and nieces (as I don’t have any kids yet). Your blogs are very inspiring. Lots of love to the whole family, happy holidays and Merry Christmas in advance 🙂

    (PS: It will really make my day if I get a response from you) 🙂


  • Alyson

    For someone like me, who likes pretty packages, but doesn’t enjoy fussy stuff, gift wrap made with brown paper is great! Gold paint on the brown paper is beautiful, as well. And some tulle or some red twine makes an easy-peasy ribbon.

  • Gaby

    That´s what kids (and grandkids) love to do before XMas! You got so lovely ideas,Gen! Wishing you and Jared and your beautiful family A very MERRY CHRISTMAS and A Happy, healthy and successful New Year – With lots of love from Germany! Take good care of yourself!

  • Andrea Steduto

    I did that too with my sons when they were younger. I additionally let them carve potatoes and used them as a stamp for the ornaments. My kids loved that.

  • Nobody

    I sent this idea to you on Instagram, but we use paper that is stuffed into boxes as filler.

    Throughout the year we get packages that are sometimes filled with paper instead of the plastic airbags. We save this, iron it out and use different techniques to decorate for holiday/birthday paper.

  • Andrea

    I did the same with my kids when they were little. Additonally we carved potoatoes into stamps and printed some ornaments on the paper.

  • Anna

    I love this idea and I wish I would’ve seen this earlier so creative!! Going to do this for bdays too my toddlers will love making wrapping paper!!

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