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7 Cozy Sweaters I’m Living in this Winter

Today I’m packing for a fun weekend away with Jared to celebrate our 10-year (!) anniversary. Some people love sunshine and beaches, but Jared knows that the way to my heart is a snowy mountain getaway. While everyone else is counting the days until spring, I’m all about curling up in front of a fire while wearing warm, cozy sweaters. It’s something I don’t get to do very often living in Austin! This weekend is going to be filled with snowboarding, skiing, and hot chocolate by the fire, and I am here for it.

Packing was pretty easy because I have 7 cozy sweaters I’m living in this winter, and I’m bringing all with us!

This pale blue Kohl’s sweater has quickly become a winter wardrobe staple. There are so many great things to say about it, the most important being that it’s reallllly comfortable. The material is super cozy and soft. And I love that the pretty pastel color makes it easy to wear into spring. 

This Maggie Marilyn sweater has been another go-to for me this winter. The cut is incredibly chic and hugs my body in all the right places. Navy is my favorite color and this blue is extra vibrant and flattering on any skin tone. The pop of bright green around the collar gives a fun edge to an otherwise classic style.

More cozy sweaters on my must-pack list:

Everlane Cashmere V-Neck Sweater

I live in v-necks like this. In the winter, I layer them over a chambray or a button-up shirt, and in the summer I pull one on as a cover-up over a swimsuit.

Amour Vert Luvinia Cardigan

I am a sucker for classic pieces with unexpected accents, like this cardigan from Amour Vert. I adore the bold trim at the base of the sleeve and the body of this sweater. It elevates the design and gives it an eye-catching detail that frames the sweater beautifully.

Sezane Georgia Jumper

I love the feminine stitching on this sweater. It’s also incredibly light and feels like complete luxury on my skin. It, too, can be layered up or down and would look great with a pair of slacks or shorts.

Madewell Windemere Sweater

This style of sweater breathes well as winter shifts into spring and can be easily layered so you can wear it any season. And I adore the yellow color—it’s so sunny and playful.

Madewell Everett Sweater

This is another brightly-colored sweater from Madewell that makes me happy. I feel like it would look gorgeous on any skin tone and the weave and design are really flattering. I wear it casual with some jeans or dress it up at night over a pair of great slacks.

What cozy sweaters are you loving this winter?



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  • Mariam

    I do love a good sweater. Thanks for the suggestions! Enjoy your getaway.

  • Adrienne Rogerson

    I found a lovely ATM cashmere sweater in a dark purple color. It’s crew neck and hits at the hips. Perfect for my 5’4”, curvy body type. And it was on sale at Nordstrom some I’m very happy with the price I paid. Hope to have it in my closet for years to come!

  • Erin

    I wish I liked sweaters! When I was younger, i adored turtlenecks and hoodies and sweaters so much. It was nice to feel so cozy. However, due I think to years of dance, color guard, and martial arts, I’ve come to somewhat wrinkle my nose at things with long sleeves. It makes me a little sad, but lots of other people continue to look great in them! My new love are the super soft plush blankets – I can wrap up in one with a book or video game but then if I need to do some housework or the like I can just fold it up and go about my day. Also congrats on your anniversary!

  • Kady Underwood

    Happy Anniversary to you and Jared! I hope your weekend is everything you two want it to be. Make some magic happen! 😉❤❤❤

  • Deb Mirek

    Gen….if you’re. Big sweater fan, why don’t you let us make you one? Jared already has two stripey beanies that I made. A sweater is just more knitting 😋. Let me know!


    Hi Gen! Happy Anniversary to you and Jared!! I hope you have a wonderful trip 🙂 Here’s a wonderful, cozy drink. Delicious hot and cold.
    1 Cup Almonds Milk, 3 tbsp Organic Pumpkin, 1 tbsp honey or to taste, pumpkin pie spice to taste. Enjoy!!

  • Sandi Milano

    Happy Anniversary!
    Like you, I live in a hot climate (Las Vegas) and you would think living here all my life I wouldn’t crave the cold weather. We can visit it on the mountain, but down here in the valley it just doesn’t get as cold. I live for cute sweaters and patiently wait for winter (especially when it’s 110 outside). This winter it didn’t get as cold so I didn’t get to wear many, but I love the choices you showed us. I must go shopping!


    Hi Gen
    I am a big fan of supernatural and yes here in Austin isn’t that cold here but yes happy anniversary to you and Jared I hope yall have fun out there in the snow stay safe and warm love yall

  • Genie Kennedy

    I live in my Shaker sweaters from late fall to Spring!!!
    Happy Anniversary to you & Jared!!!🥂🍾💕🤩

  • Christina Young

    Have an amazing time on yout weekend getaway!! Congratulations on your 10 year anniversary 🙂 .

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