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Workout Gear for Every Sweat Session

If you’ve read Now & Gen for a while, you know that one of my favorite ways to blow off steam is breaking a sweat. But a workout doesn’t necessarily even have to mean hitting the gym: Carving out some time for physical activity can mean a brisk walk outside with my husband, a yoga class to clear my mind or even chasing around after the kids on our bikes.

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Mindful Movement: The Workouts I Swear By

Exercise is one of the things I always carve out time for, because I feel like a better person—for my husband, my kids and myself!—when I’m able to work out on the regular. Yes, I work out to keep my body in shape, but I also workout for my sanity. Being a mom of three kids under six, exercise has become an incredible stress release. One of the added stresses

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