2.20: What’s On My Nightstand

Confession: I’m not a huge fan of Valentine’s Day. It feels so manufactured to me, probably because it is! But I do think the Hallmark holiday can be a good reminder to celebrate love. And you can tell from what’s on my nightstand this month that February is all about love—and I don’t just mean love with a partner. Loving yourself by indulging with self-care rituals and celebrating the love you give and receive as a caregiver are equally important.

The items on my bedside table this month, which run the gamut from a rejuvenating face mask to a ground-breaking book that examines the sex and emotional lives of women, are a mix of things that get me thinking about sex and self-love. Read on for the four items on my nightstand right now, plus an adorable sweatshirt that celebrates my biggest role of all: Mother.

What’s On My Nightstand

Moon Juice Sex Dust
Add this blend of herbs to your morning coffee or smoothie to boost your sex drive, reduce stress, balance hormones, and even increase your creativity. Maybe it’s a placebo, but just the thought of taking this gets me in the mood.

Necessaire The Sex Gel
You know that saying that men are like microwaves and women are like crock pots? Well, sometimes your crock pot needs a little extra, ahem, moisture. For those times, I love this water-based, fragrance-free lubricant made with organic aloe vera, which won’t irritate sensitive skin. And who doesn’t love a reason to add some extra “fun” to bring to the party?

Three Women
Author Lisa Taddeo spent eight years chronicling the sexual and emotional lives of three women in the United States. You learn about each woman’s upbringing around sex and how all three subsequently developed relationships based on their first sexual experiences. It was mind blowing how in a moment your entire life can be shifted. I couldn’t put it down!

Boketto Wellness Wildcare Bee Rosy Clay Mask
I love the natural ingredients in this mask, including rose clay, hibiscus, and yarrow, and the natural glow I get after I use it. I’m also a fan of the pretty packaging.

Mother sweatshirt
Being a mother changed me, and I think that should be celebrated on Valentine’s Day and every day! I love this cotton-blend sweatshirt that’s made with organic and recycled materials. It’s cute with jeans and comfy for bedtime.

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  • Marina

    My skin is so dry since we moved to USA (from U.K.), and it needs some TLC. My feet and hands especially, they feel like sandpaper at times. I must say I have a little OCD washing my hands. I would love to have soft, beautiful self-manicured hands. What’s your routine to look after your hands? ❤️🖖

  • Kelly

    Love that mask…I use it too, and those other items are awesome…hubby and I both enjoy 🙂 Glad you are feeling better…flu this year was NASTY – I’m still recovering! Rest up and the Self-love is important for busy mamas!

  • Amber

    Hey Gen,
    So Glad to hear your feeling better, sorry you had to miss the run. I was wondering how can I go about finding that book? For us who are single probably can’t use the other stuff other than the face mask lol or mother sweat shirt 😄. But the book spuds interesting. Take care of you and them babies God bless

    • Carrie

      You can get it on Amazon!

  • michaela kilbride

    WELCOME BACK GEN 🙂 I am really glad your feeling better and back waheyyyyyy. Love whats on your nightstand. I have started putting fresh flowers and a candle on mine and it has been a game changer for me. Thank you for inspiring me to look at my own nightstand and what I can do to make it a more positive uplifting place, love to you and your family xxx

  • Deb White

    I’m so glad you are back amongst the living Gen. Thank you for never being afraid to tackle the most intimate subjects in your blog. Stay fearless!

  • Ariel Homrighaus

    So glad you’re feeling better!
    I am loving this “Nightstand” series. So I just wanted to make a book reccomendation for you, “The Sun And Her Flowers” by Rupi Kaur. I think it would be a fitting addition to your “self love/ love” theme nightstand, if you haven’t already read it.
    Xo- Ariel

  • Kati

    I love that you don’t shy away from talking about subjects like this and are happy to sharing these sorts of gadgets and enhancements to add a little extra fun between you guys. A few years ago, towards Christmas, you recommended a certain gift of self-love for ladies (the one thing women want but are too shy to ask for) & sweet Jimini Cricket, those things are SUCH a gift. I’m not one who usually writes reviews online after buying things, but that one absolutely earned a fifty-leven out of five. Dear God. 😳😳😳 So, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! 😂
    Might have to see what that Moon Dust is like, if that rec was anything to go by – clearly you know what you’re talking about, girl.
    Happy (early) Valentines day to you and Jay, hope you get chance to enjoy something for the two of you together, even if it doesn’t mean candles, food, flowers and all that jazz. (And especially if it means finding time to try out some more fun products to enjoy when the kids aren’t around. 😁 But we’re gonna need some reviews/recs in another post though, just fyi. Y’know, for science. 😉)

    Very glad to hear you’re on the mend btw! Being ill SUCKS! Hope Odette is much better as well. Kati xx

  • Tami

    I’m going to check it ALL out!!!

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